The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife - Chapter 1061: Recommendation Letter

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Chapter 1061: Recommendation Letter

Then he sneered and said, “Since you insist, do as you please! But in any case, this Tong Bing does not have a letter of recommendation. He definitely can’t participate in this assessment!”

“You nonsense! I obviously have a recommendation letter!” Tong Bing looked at Hexi with tears, and he said in a trembling voice, “Mister, I really have a recommendation letter. I handed it to Butler Hu. They are clearing slandering me…”

Hexi frowned, before she could speak, a smile came from the man beside her, “Recommendation letter is just a formality. It is easy to get. Don’t cry young man, brother can give you one!”

As soon as the man said this, all eyes immediately fell on him.

By hearing the teasing tone, Hexi knew that it was Wei Chengyuan who just talked to her.

Seeing Hexi looking over, Wei Chengyuan blinked at her like he was her acquaintance, making Hexi twitch his mouth.

Wei Chengyuan took 2 steps forward and threw out a piece of paper, “Here, this is the recommendation letter. Just fill in your name on it by yourself. Let Butler Hu verify this letter. This time, he can’t really say that you don’t have a recommendation letter right!”

Tong Bing took the recommendation letter in a daze. He glanced at it, then his eyes suddenly widened in horror.

He kept looking up at Wei Chengyuan, then looked down at the recommendation letter in his hand. His body trembled slightly.

Butler Hu looked at Wei Chengyuan with surprise and uncertainty on his face.

This man looked very strange, but his manner showed like he was someone important. More importantly, Butler Hu couldn’t see through this person’s cultivation level.

Tong Bing tremblingly wrote his name on the recommendation letter, then he handed it to Butler Hu.

Hu Minghui’s angry eyes burst into flames, and he wished he could tear Tong Bing apart now. Seeing him handing over the recommendation letter, he immediately rushed over and grabbed it in his hand. He sneered, “Hmph! You really think the doctor’s recommendation letter is so easy to get? I want to see if it’s authentic…”

Suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly; his eyes almost popped out.

Seeing that his son’s expression, Butler Hu hurriedly took the recommendation letter in shock, “9th rank doctor! This is… the recommendation letter of the 9th rank doctor, Master Mo Xingchen?! How is this possible?!”

Wei Chengyuan put his arms around his chest and chuckled softly, “What? Miracle Healer Academy has regulations that we can’t take the recommendation letter of the 9th rank doctor to participate in the entrance examination?”

“No-! No! No!” Butler Hu shook his head quickly and nodded toward Wei Chengyuan, “I didn’t expect you to be a disciple of Master Mo. Sorry for being disrespectful.”

Wei Chengyuan smiled and looked at Butler Hu quietly.

Butler Hu didn’t dare to say more. He hurried back to take the inscribed jade slip and handed it to Tong Bing, Hexi and Wei Chengyuan.

The farce was over completely, but everyone looked at Wei Chengyuan with suspicion.

This time, there was no shortage of disciples and children of the major families and sect, but no one recognized this Wei Chengyuan.

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