The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife - Chapter 1062: Ignore after Receiving Help

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Chapter 1062: Ignore after Receiving Help

Butler Hu glared at him with regret, then he sneered, “Why are you in a hurry? Let’s not talk about whether they can participate in the first test with their spiritual root qualifications. Even if they pass this test, with just the cultivation of the Foundation Establishment stage, aren’t they just looking for death?”

Hu Minghui was taken aback, then he was a little excited: “Father, do you mean to do tricks in the assessment?”

“Hmph, is that necessary? The assessment is originally a competition between the weak and the strong. Even if we don’t do anything, they will just be bullied by others. Isn’t that better?”

When Hu Minghui heard the words, the gloom on his face disappeared. He said excitedly, “Father is really smart! Hmph, now I’m still afraid that Tong Bing will not be able to participate in the assessment. When he enters the assessment, without the help of those Gold Core Stage friends, let’s see what can he do!”


Hexi was playing with the inscribed jade slip at hand. This inscribed jade slip was now just a blank inscribed jade slip with the ranking order, but as the assessment progresses, all the information will be recorded in it.

After passing the spiritual root inspection, the student’s information would be recorded in the inscribed jade slip. After recording, the information in it could no longer be changed. In the end, 60% of the students’ scores were judged based on the information recorded in this inscribed jade slip.

Hexi was planning to perform spiritual root verification, then Wei Chengyuan and Tong Bing followed suit.

Wei Chengyuan wanted to put his arm around Hexi’s shoulder like a buddy, then he said, “Hey, little brother, why do you ignore me after receiving my help? I just helped your friend. Can’t you say a ‘thank you’? Aiya, it’s fine if you don’t thank me, but at least tell me your name.”

Hexi squinted and glared at Wei Chengyuan’s hand.

Wei Chengyuan’s action became stiff. He coughed twice and obediently retracted his hand.

Tong Bing, who was following Wei Chengyuan, blushed and whispered, “No… no! I’m not senior’s friend… no! I’m not worthy to be a senior’s friend. I was just hired by senior as his guide 2 days ago. When Hu Minghui attacked me, it was… senior who saved me!”

Seeing that he was about to cry, Hexi’s eyes trembled. She couldn’t help shaking her head before taking out a bottle of medicinal pills and giving it to him. “How are your injuries? “

This 17 years old boy looked so immature, making her think of Xiao Chi, so she naturally showed him a little more care.

Tong Bing was grateful. He took the medicinal pills with a shaking hand, and he kept saying thank you.

Only when he poured out medicinal pills to swallow, Wei Chengyuan suddenly reached out, snatched the bottle from his hand, put it on the tip of his nose and smelled it.

The next moment, he yelled, “Damn, the best meridian cleansing pill, you just a bottle to him!? Brother, how can you be so generous! I can only buy 3 after queuing up at the Qingxia Sect shop for half a month!”

Tong Bing’s face was flushed. He didn’t whether he should swallow the medicinal pills.

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