The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2217 - Fighting Everyone Himself

Chapter 2217: Fighting Everyone Himself

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The other cultivators looked toward Ye Futian to see vines extending from an ancient tree surround the bodies of those Renhuangs in front of him, and nobody dared to do anything rash.

Even though the people under Ye Futian’s control weren’t from the same group as each other, nobody dared to do anything that might kill someone else. Everybody here had an extraordinary identity, and any deaths would result in a lot of trouble. Once a feud was created, nobody knew what sort of consequence would await them.

The Renhuangs were sealed in ice.

Everyone’s eyes were on Ye Futian. That cold air he had sent out wasn’t like the ordinary Will of Ice but seemed more like the Power of Yin instead. It was bitingly cold and was at subzero temperatures. Wisps of the Power of Yin had flowed out of Ye Futian and through the vines of the tree, which then spread into the bodies of the Renhuang that were under his control, sealing all of them in ice. Even if one had a powerful Will, there was no way of getting out of this.

Several cultivators, who had left the earlier battle, came towards Ye Futian from all directions and surrounded him. They took a step forward, and an alarming aura and might of the Great Path weighed heavily in the air. Their gazes were icy cold as they stared at Ye Futian and said, “Let them go.”

Clearly, some of the cultivators sealed in ice were on their team.

“As I said earlier, every feud is traced back to one person, just like how every debt belongs to a creditor. None of you came here alone, so if you want to get the treasure, then go look for the person who took the treasure,” said Ye Futian as he looked back at everyone else. After he finished saying that, the branches unraveled themselves and the Power of Yin receded. A loud blast was heard immediately after that as the Renhuangs struggled out of their frozen state.

“Otherwise, I won’t be so kind the next time,” continued Ye Futian.

The Renhuangs who struggled out of their frozen state trembled slightly all over because the coldness had seeped into their limbs and bones, even seeping into their souls. When they were sealed in ice earlier, they felt as though their life and even their thoughts were about to stop, as if they were truly going to become a corpse.

The Power of Yin was an absolute sort of iciness, so it could also freeze and seal souls. If Ye Futian let them go too late, they could suffer irreparable damage to their Great Path.

“You’re truly the only Renhuang who has been able to view Shenjia the Great Emperor’s divine body,” sounded an authoritative voice. A powerful old man was speaking as he stared at Ye Futian. The aura he emanated was terrifying, and he was a Level-eight. As he stared at Ye Futian, he observed that the boy had a full head of silver hair, a brilliant glow around his body, the air of the Demon God coming out from him, the illusion of the Peacock Demon God hanging high above him, as well as an incredible amount of Divine Light circulating within his body.

Such a constitution could be considered invincible. It was rare to see anybody of the same level.

On top of that, he could also see at least three different mighty powers that he had inherited. There was the power from the Peacock Demon God, the Power of Yin, and the terrifying body of the Great Path created from looking at Shenjia the Great Emperor. All these powers he inherited seemed to have turned him into a human-shaped monster, and he was way more terrifying than all the other Perfect Great Path Renhuangs.

During the short fight earlier, all of them had already noticed this. Never mind the Level-six Perfect Great Path cultivators – even those at Level-seven were unable to withstand his storm-like attacks. This body of the Great Path was certainly invincible to those at the same level as him. If he launched an attack, none of them would be able to defend themselves against him.

The very powerful Level-seven cultivator who fought Ye Futian before this had been very aggressive. However, he still ended up being sent flying by Ye Futian’s violent attack before Ye Futian turned to deal with all the other people behind him.

It seemed like this young man with white hair wasn’t only going to become the most extraordinary person in the Shangqing continent. Still, he would probably have a place among the best and most legendary characters of the Divine Continent.

“I would like to know the extent of your prowess.” Just then, a middle-aged Level-seven Renhuang took a step forward and looked at Ye Futian as he stood above him. He didn’t say that he wanted to fight because of Chen Yi. Instead, he said he wanted to know Ye Futian’s true fighting abilities.

He wanted to know how powerful this logic-defying Renhuang that appeared from nowhere in Shangqing Continent really was.

“I would like to know too. I want to know the prowess of a cultivator who was the only one who managed to comprehend the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor.” Yet another man stepped forward. He was also a frightening Level-seven.

Blind Tie and the rest came over to where Ye Futian was. They watched as one powerful cultivator after another stepped forward. Several powerful Renhuangs were all interested in sparring with Ye Futian.

For cultivators from top factions of power, they were already the kings and leaders of the region they were from, and very few opponents could match them in power. Any high-level Perfect Great Path Renhuang would be considered the cream of the crop in whichever region they were from. For example, the four legendary characters from Donghua Domain, Ning Hua, Zong Chan, and the rest were all at this level.

People like them also wanted to spar with others at their level too. Ye Futian could be considered someone invincible in his region as well, and was a powerful Renhuang who could even fight those from other regions as well. Such a character was hard to come by. He was truly a genius among geniuses and would be someone who would make the name of the Divine Continent be heard far and wide in the near future. And so, they all wanted to have a go.

Of course, some thought that if they could take Ye Futian down at the same time, that would be even better.

Ye Futian looked at the people around him. Every single person who had stepped forward had a terrifying aura around them. They were all cultivators at the same level as Zong Chan back then, so they could be considered people who were nearly at the top of the cultivation world.

“Sure,” replied Ye Futian as he looked at all of them. “If a Level-eight does not want to fight, then the rest of you can try together. But if all of you lose the fight, then that will be the end of today’s matter.”


All of them were speechless after hearing what Ye Futian said. He said that they could try together?

A Level-eight was definitely not going to try. If it was a real battle of life and death, then your level didn’t really matter. But if it was merely a friendly match to spar and understand Ye Futian’s true capabilities, then it wasn’t ethical for someone who was two levels higher to participate. The difference between the two levels would automatically make it unfair even before fighting, and it really wouldn’t be considered sparring anymore.

As for a Level-seven, Ye Futian had already displayed incredible prowess earlier by defeating a Level-seven soundly earlier. So all the Level-sevens wanted to give it a shot.

But this young fellow was actually telling all of them to try together. Those words were a little too arrogant.

In the high skies, one of them had jet black eyes and seemed to have a dark aura around him. He stared rather deeply at Ye Futian and had gathered with the other Level-seven cultivators. From his point of view, Ye Futian’s value had gone way beyond the value of that treasure that Chen Yi had run off with.

If he could take Ye Futian down and strip him of all the inherited powers he had, that would be worth way more than one measly treasure.

With that in mind, a strange glint gleamed in his eyes, and he started to get a little excited now.

“In that case, let them fight then.” The few Level-eight cultivators stepped back to move out from the fighting arena. Ye Futian took a step forward and stood in the vast starry space. In front of him, several powerful cultivators were releasing terrifying auras that weighed heavily on Ye Futian.

Blind Tie and the rest were standing at a lower area and looked warily at the fighting arena. Even though the other cultivators claimed that it was just a sparring session, they still had to beware of someone suddenly making a fatal move. Human hearts were hard to predict, and these were cultivators from various factions of power, so nobody knew what each other was really thinking about.


Just then, a frightening and incredible illusion appeared behind one of the Renhuangs. A glorious sun appeared, dyeing the stars red. The vast space looked like it had been covered with flames as the divine light of that endless sun, turning into several divine swords of the sun.

His eyes had also transformed into the sun and shot out terrifying divine flames. With one thought, the divine sunlight shone down, and the devastating divine fire of the sun burned everything in its path to a crisp as it threatened to devour Ye Futian’s body.

Everyone could feel that intense heatwave in the air, and everywhere that the divine sunlight touched seemed to be on fire as they all turned into the color of flames. The illusion of the Peacock Demon God behind Ye Futian gave off a gorgeous light, sending out several beams of demonic lightning which contained the Power of Yin. It clashed head-on with those divine swords of sunlight.

In that instant, a frightening collision exploded in the space. Two forces had crashed into one another among the stars, and one side had been destroyed and dissipated. The countless divine swords of sunlight had actually been unable to reach Ye Futian at all. The other powerful cultivators felt their pupils constrict slightly as they stared at Ye Futian. Their bodies also exploded with a mighty might of the Great Path and started to conjure up a terrifying attack!