The Legend of Futian - Chapter 2219 - Attacked Instead

Chapter 2219: Attacked Instead

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It looked like Ye Futian was in danger!

All the cultivators looked towards the battlefield. They could see Ye Futian’s spiritual soul already.

His physical body was at an unrivaled level, and he was practically invincible. In the battle earlier, he had proven to have fought with great ease. Even level-seven Perfect Great Path cultivators were unable to break through his defenses. But when that high-level cultivator from the Dark World made an attack, he targeted Ye Futian’s spiritual sol.

A cultivator’s spiritual soul was a lot weaker than the cultivator’s body, and very few cultivated the power of their spiritual soul. So once it was attacked, that cultivator would be in deep trouble because a spiritual soul was way more fragile than a physical body.

This Dark World cultivator dared to use such a vicious method of attack at this time, probably because he had the ability to attack a spiritual soul. Otherwise, given the incredible fighting prowess that Ye Futian displayed earlier, this man probably wouldn’t have dared to do anything rash.

After all, right now, he was trying to capture a soul. He was trying to lock down Ye Futian’s spiritual soul and take it away, which was an extremely ruthless move and was no longer within the definition of a friendly match. Once the spiritual soul left its body and was taken away, Ye Futian’s physical body would become nothing but an empty shell with no soul, and others could do whatever they wanted with it.

When they saw this happening, all the cultivators from Four Corner Village started moving towards where the fight was and was ready to head upwards to attack. But at the same time, Level-eight cultivators also began walking towards them and blocked their way. One of them said very loudly, “They were the ones who came up with this friendly match, so why are all of you going to interfere?”

It was obvious that none of these people would be kind to Ye Futian. Once they found an opportunity, they would happily bring Ye Futian down since that was their original intention for fighting in the first place. Now that this Dark World cultivator had made such a move, it was great news for them. That way, they wouldn’t offend Four Corner Village. Many of them had heard about how a mysterious man with a terrifying prowess was in Four Corner Village.

“Get lost!” roared Fang Gai angrily. A frightening Divine Light of Space shone brilliantly as he wanted to go right through the crowd. But those level-eight cultivators immediately unleashed a Great Path domain to separate him from the battlefield, stopping them from getting near and providing help.

In an instant, a terrifying clash broke out on this side, too.

On the other side, back within the battlefield, the soul chains forced Ye Futian’s spiritual soul to leave his body, and they were also able to eat away and hurt his soul. This made Ye Futian feel a deep chill inside him. That was a chill that came from his spiritual soul.

His heart turned cold, and a murderous thought shot out through his eyes. An attack on his spiritual soul was as good as an attempt to kill him.

Woong! The brilliance of Divine Light sparkled and covered Ye Futian’s body, giving him an otherworldly glow. Ye Futian’s spiritual soul seemed to have really left his physical body and was being pulled away by those dark chains.

Ye Futian’s physical body stood in the space without moving. His spiritual soul seemed to have become a physical body in itself, and a frightening illusion appeared, like a celestial shadow.

The eyes of the Dark World Renhuang grew icy as even more frightening dark chains headed for that celestial shadow. But at that moment, all those chains seemed to be covered in a layer of frost, which slowly encased the chains in ice. This iciness spread at a rapid pace, moving along the dark chains and headed straight for the gigantic illusion of the dark deity in the void.

Brr… That powerful deity-like body felt a chill that seeped into his bones, and the Dark World cultivator shuddered. He felt like his own spiritual soul was cold all over as if it had been attacked by the cold.


The terrible cold continued to climb upwards, following the soul chains and entering the illusion of the deity. After that, a terrifying heat was unleashed. Ye Futian’s spiritual soul glowed brilliantly and seemed to become the yin-yang symbol as the sun and moon intertwined. Both cold and hot were unleashed at the same time, causing both the Power of Yin and the Power of the Sun to rush into the body of the illusion of the deity.

A bloodcurdling scream was heard as the deity instantly suffered a terrifying attack on its spiritual soul. Countless beams of Dark Divine Light shot out in an attempt to destroy Ye Futian’s brilliantly shining spiritual soul. But Ye Futian’s spiritual soul brought both the Divine Light of Yin and the Sun further up, swallowing all the Dark currents and destroying everything.

It was as if he was letting the other party take hold of his soul. Since he wanted his spiritual soul, then he could have it.

Boom… This time, it was the Dark World cultivator’s turn to suffer. He gave a low roar as the illusion of the deity continued to get destroyed. With a loud roar, his body flew upwards and tried to get away. He got rid of the soul chains and stopped trying to take Ye Futian’s spiritual soul.

However, the Divine Light of Yin and the Sun that Ye Futian’s spiritual soul had unleashed caused the illusion of the deity to continue shattering into tiny pieces. The other party immediately retreated to a faraway place, screaming along the way. Even his body seemed to become a little unreal.

“Oh my goodness…” All the other cultivators watching felt their hearts tremble at this sight. The Dark World cultivator nearly got killed instead?

They watched as Ye Futian’s spiritual soul floated back downwards and returned to his physical body. His body of the Great Path sparkled as Divine Light enveloped his body. He looked up to glance at the figure that had disappeared into the distance. This Dark World cultivator had tried to use his spiritual soul to attack him but had gotten attacked instead. Even though Ye Futian hadn’t managed to kill him, his spiritual soul had been very severely injured. If there was nobody powerful enough to help him or if he couldn’t get the precious spiritual soul elixir, he would take at least the next eight to ten years to recover from today.

He looked around at the crowd and said to all the cultivators surrounding him, “Does everyone still want to continue?”

Before this, several cultivators had attacked him at the same time, and everyone had been forced to retreat and were hurt. But some who hadn’t made any attack earlier. However, after seeing what happened in the battle earlier, all of them already understood that Level-seven Perfect Great Path Renhuangs couldn’t possibly defeat Ye Futian unless you were one of those geniuses.

He had defeated cultivators from the three major worlds without any exception. Even those Dark World cultivators’ sudden attack on Ye Futian’s spiritual soul had backfired and got attacked instead. One could say that this battle had been pretty straightforward and one-sided, barely even threatening Ye Futian.

That powerful cultivator from the Empty Divine Realm had already gone all out with such a domineering attack. He had been able to shatter the Divine Fist in the void and slam down on Ye Futian’s body, but even though he had hit Ye Futian, the impact of his hit had been broken, and he had not been able to hurt Ye Futian at all.

How was anyone supposed to continue fighting such a monster?

One man had been able to defeat some of the best from the three major worlds. If one wanted to defeat Ye Futian, they’d have to find a Level-eight Renhuang to do it.

“In that case, then this matter comes to a close here. If you want to get that treasure back, then go and look for the one who took it. Don’t implicate innocent parties,” said Ye Futian before going back down to where Fang Gai and the rest were.

The fight on their side also stopped. All the level-eight cultivators stared at Ye Futian, and they all looked a little unsettled. They couldn’t believe that the earlier attack hadn’t worked.

They had purposely blocked Fang Gai and the rest from helping Ye Futian so that the Dark World cultivator had a chance to take Ye Futian down. They didn’t expect this attempt to fail.

“Please don’t waste any more time. There are treasures in other places as well.” After Ye Futian left them with those words, he turned and left. His companions also followed behind him, marching off confidently and leaving this place.

This time, nobody tried to stop Ye Futian anymore. Everyone watched as Ye Futian walked off, and a look of deep thought could be seen in their eyes.

“I’m afraid this man will become a truly great character in the Divine Continent,” someone finally spoke up. All of them were the cream of the crop among their peers, but it had been a very long time since they saw a Renhuang as extraordinary as Ye Futian.

He was only at level six now. But in the future, he would probably become a super-powerful character. Of course, that was assuming he didn’t die before that!