The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 1447 - Support and Entry

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Chapter 1447 Support and Entry

Year 800 of the Galaxy Calendar, 1st January.

Central Galaxy, New Era Planet.

A few months ago, in order to hold this celebration, the three Universal Civilizations started manually modifying this planet, turning the desolate and dying planet into a celebration planet. They named it ‘New Era Planet’ to commemorate their hundred years of experience, especially the victory of the World Tree War.

Looking down from space, there was a huge building that looked like a tower on the New Era planet. At the top was an open-air square platform. This was the venue of the celebration, and there were rows of floating seats around it.

Countless spaceships were hovering in the air, covering the sky. Countless galactic media outlets had arrived to broadcast the scene. This time, it was also a full broadcast of the various Star Fields. However, the number of viewers could not create a new record. Because of the war, many people had lost their lives. However, the viewership ratings had reached a new high, and almost every family stayed in front of the television to watch the broadcast.

Anti-gravity hovering cars rose from the ground and flew to the venue. The invited guests took their seats one after another. The representatives of the various civilizations, the military, the Beyond Grade As, and so on were all important people in the galactic society. As the guests entered and waited for the ceremony to start, the venue quickly became lively.

The Beyond Grade As beside him chatted casually, but Han Xiao did not participate in the conversation. He took out his communicator and looked at it. The galactic media had already started broadcasting, and the cameras swept across the venue. It seemed like they knew what the audience wanted to see, and they would pull it to his face from time to time, capturing every masculine detail.

“Tsk, always taking pictures of me. Am I that pleasing to the eye?”.

Han Xiao smacked his lips without any shame.

Kasuyi, who was sitting at the side, nudged his waist with his elbow and chuckled. “It’s a pity that you haven’t revived those Beyond Grade As who died in battle. They’re going to miss this celebration.”

“I did it on purpose. In a while, when we pay our respects to the dead, if we see those victims alive, it would spoil the atmosphere.” Han Xiao paused for a moment, and with a strange expression, he added, “Besides, you don’t want to see Dillon speak on such an occasion, right?”

“… That’s true.” Kasuyi shivered.

Han Xiao shook his head and stopped talking.

In the past half a year, his Supers Holy Land had stabilized, and he had a rare holiday. His mental state was pretty good, and he was enjoying himself.

Although the ceremony this time was just a formality for Han Xiao, it was quite meaningful for the galactic society. They wanted to comfort the wounds left by the galactic residents in the war so that they would have the courage to look forward to the future. After all, a normal person’s life required a sense of ceremony.

Not long after, the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations personally arrived. The venue gradually quietened down, and the audience watching the broadcast held their breath.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Marbruce slowly walked up to the podium. His expression was solemn as he scanned the audience.

“The universe is vast and boundless. Countless unknown civilizations are like stars in the sky, bringing life to this world that should have been dead. We are also one of them, living in a corner of the universe, constantly reproducing… In the past hundred years, we have experienced many hardships, internal conflicts, technological disasters, and foreign enemies…”

Marbruce explained everything in detail, including the Crimson Tide, the Flickering World, the Intelligent Plague, the World Tree War, and so on.

The past hundred years could be said to have been like a storm, and Black Star is a character that could not be avoided talking about. He had an extremely strong presence on the galactic stage as he was part of most galactic events. The past hundred years were like the history of Black Star’s rise.

Many players who were watching the broadcast listened with great interest. When they thought of Bun-Hit-Dog’s ‘Black Star Army’ series, they could not help but feel honored. It was as if they were there on scene the whole time. No matter how great Black Star’s achievements were, the image of Black Phantom still lingered in the minds of many of the hardcore players. With their support and witness, he grew up step by step like a child. “…We’ve survived through all the tough times in the past. Today, we’ve finally entered a peaceful New Era. This can’t do without the contributions and sacrifices of the pioneers. They used their lives to exchange for a stable new life for us…”

Marbruce’s expression was solemn. He took out a speech and slowly read it. “The 31st Galactic Alliance Army Fleet No. 31, the original ‘Iron Flag’ fleet of the Crimson Dynasty, blocked the World Tree Civilization. A total of 8.8 million people were wiped out.”

“Galactic Alliance Army Fleet No. 477, former Federation of Light ‘Glimmer’ fleet, met the World Tree Vanguard troops at the Flickering World’s defense frontline. They had 11.2 million people, and only 403 are left.”

“Galactic Alliance Army…”

Marbruce’s tone was solemn as he read the shocking death statistics.

As the numbers of the sacrificed troops appeared one after another, everyone present and the galactic residents in front of the screen became solemn.

Many people only knew that there were many casualties in this war, but they did not know the details. Only now did they get a clear idea.

Everyone mourned for a few minutes before Marbruce continued to speak. The atmosphere was solemn as he conferred the honors to the victims who died in battle. After all the sacrifices were conferred, it was time to reward the surviving war heroes. Only then did the atmosphere become more relaxed and lively.

One by one, the war contributors took to the stage, and the leaders of the three Universal Civilizations consecutively awarded honors. Most of them were military officers, and all the Beyond Grade As had a share. The previous Revivors who had transferred to the Supers Holy Land also received different Medals of Honor. Even the Super Star Cluster Alliance, which normally could only be bystanders, also received different medals.

The three Universal Civilizations had expressed their sincerity. They did not talk about factions today, only about merits.

Lagi actually wanted to express himself freely, but when he felt Han Xiao’s gaze on him from where the latter sat, he obediently followed the speech prepared for him.

This segment lasted for a long time, and it was finally Han Xiao’s turn.

Marbruce coughed and said brightly, “In the World Tree War, Black Star made too many contributions and provided us with a large amount of intelligence. In the end, he turned the tables and gave us the opportunity to end the war in advance. His contributions are irreplaceable. All the members of the Galaxy Civilization General Council unanimously decided to award Black Star the Galaxy Medal!”

Pa pa pa!

Everyone applauded loudly. Black Star’s reputation in the Lawful Faction was already off the charts, and almost everyone was sincerely congratulating him.

When dealing with the Intelligent Plague, Black Star had already received a Galaxy Medal, and now he had received a second Galaxy Medal. The Galaxy Medal was the highest honor in the galactic society, and it would not be given a second time. However, Black Star was the only person who had received it twice, and he had already created history. However, they were not surprised at all. Black Star deserved this honor. Other than the Galaxy Medal, there was no other award that could match his contribution.

Amidst the applause, Han Xiao stood up calmly and walked onto the stage.

“Thank you for your contribution to the galactic society,” Marbruce said sincerely.

On the other hand, Louis and the Pope patted Han Xiao’s arms to show their closeness. Han Xiao would not refuse to give them face in such a situation. He nodded and received the Galaxy Medal from the three Universal Civilizations’ leaders.

According to the usual practice, the person who was awarded the award had to give a speech. Han Xiao had prepared a speech long ago, and it was all just for show.

He walked to the podium and was about to speak when he suddenly paused.

Countless lights flashed in front of his eyes, and countless galactic residents were looking at him from behind the screen. The guests around him quietened down and stretched their necks. The faces of the different races were filled with the same anticipation and hope. They held their breaths and waited for him to give a long speech.

Seeing this, Han Xiao was a little dazed. He looked down at the medal on his chest and subconsciously rubbed it.

He hesitated for a few seconds and gave up on the long speech. He shook his head and said in a solemn voice.

“…I hope that there will be no more wars in this universe. I hope for universal peace.”

The venue hesitated for a moment, waiting for Han Xiao to continue. However, Han Xiao nodded at the crowd after he finished speaking. Seeing this, the people present all applauded.

The process was carried out step by step. After Marbruce’s impassioned speech about ‘looking to the future’, the ceremony finally ended smoothly.

The entire galactic society was jubilant. It was as if their souls had been baptized, and they were filled with new motivation for the future. A few days later, in the conference room of the three Universal Civilizations.

“The Star Alliance is still the same as before. According to the spies that were instigated by Black Star, the upper echelons of the Star Alliance believe in their intelligence and are very excited.”

“However, we still have to be careful in case the Star Alliance sends out new spies. If that happens, we’ll be exposed.” “That’s right. Black Star has already informed us. He said that he will disappear for a period of time to revive a batch of Beyond Grade As in the Sanctum. We have to be careful during this period. Don’t let the Star Alliance see through our trick.”

The three of them discussed softly. Black Star would not be able to helm the Supers Holy Land for the time being if he went to the Sanctum, but the three of them did not have any other thoughts about him. They were only worried that the Star Alliance would see through their plan if Black Star was not around.

“After more than half a year of recuperation, the army has recovered a little, but the loss of Supers is quite severe. There’s no way to compete with the Supers Holy Land. Sigh…”

“However, Black Star said a few days ago that he was willing to develop the Sanctum with us in the future. I wonder if he’s lying.”

The three of them were confused.

Now that Black Star had the upper hand and his position was stable, there was no need for him to share the information about the Sanctum with them. They did not know what Black Star was planning.

“I don’t think so,” Marbruce said hesitantly. “The Sanctum Revival is an important trump card of Black Star’s, so how can he share it with us? If he really did that, he definitely has a bigger plan.”

Louis shook his head. “Let’s not talk about him for now. It’s more important to deal with the Star Alliance. Although they have fallen into our trap, we can’t hide it forever. The more time passes, the more suspicious they will be. When do you think it’s better to take action?”

The Pope pondered for a moment before saying, “The galactic society can’t take another round of war. If we act rashly, the praise we have now might turn into criticism… I think we should at least wait for the galactic society to stabilize for three to five years before we act. Anyway, time is on our side, so there’s no need to rush. Let’s wait until we recover.” The three of them discussed plans on when to start a new war.

Half a month later, somewhere in the Supers Holy Land.

Han Xiao floated in the universe without anyone around him.

He had already spoken to the three Universal Civilizations and the Supers Holy Land. He would enter the Sanctum today and begin his plan to increase his authority.

In the inner space, the World Tree moved slightly, materializing a Sanctum Key and quickly burning it. The next moment, a ray of light shot out from his palm and turned into the light door of the Sanctum in the universe before him.

“I hope this plan works…” Han Xiao calmed himself down and flew in. His body was gradually engulfed by the light.

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