The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 1942 - Pulling Tricks

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Chapter 1942: Pulling Tricks

After that, he then lowered his voice and said, “I think you can guess the reason too. Just now, Zheng Xuexin had a face-off with me and admitted defeat. But if I’m not around, he won’t have such a good temper. You bear with it for a while.”

“No worries.” Shi Feng smiled and said, “I just need to bear with his temper for a while. It’s better than letting those three girls get taken advantage of by him.”

Shi Feng knew that if he went over alone, he would definitely have to suffer quite a bit.

But he took the initiative to volunteer and help Lu Dongliu solve this problem.

Lu Dongliu naturally knew that he would be in a difficult position.

Shi Feng was resolving Lu Dongliu’s problem for him, so Lu Dongliu would definitely remember this favor.

In the future, if there was some other opportunity, he would consider him more favorably.

This kind of connection and social interaction was all dependent on opportunities.

Since the opportunity came, he would just grab it.

Indeed, Lu Dongliu patted his shoulder and said, “I owe you a favor this time. Thank you so much.”

“You’re being too polite with me. This is something I should do.” Shi Feng smiled and the conversation ended.

Shi Xiaoya was then in charge of finishing Shi Feng’s job.

When Shi Feng was done putting on makeup for Zheng Xuexin, Shi Xiaoya was also done on her end. She quickly went over to thank Shi Feng.

“It’s nothing.” Shi Feng was quite loyal and said, “I am a man. No matter what, I won’t be taken advantage of. I will definitely have to help out for such things.”

Even he cursed Zheng Xuexin in his heart for being such a scumbag.

Liu Enxiao stared at them coldly and scoffed.

What Lu Dongliu felt strange about—that was, why the staff would arrange for Shi Xiaoya to go and put on makeup for Zheng Xuexin—that was precisely Liu Enxiao’s doing.

Shi Xiaoya had indeed been unlucky and picked Zheng Xuexin.

The staff had wanted to switch Shi Xiaoya out.

But Liu Enxiao transferred a red packet to that staff and asked him to pretend as if he did not know about that.

The other party was also afraid that Han Zhuoling might pursue the matter, but Liu Enxiao said that she would not put him in a difficult position.

As long as Shi Xiaoya did not ask him to swap her out, he could just pretend as if he did not know about it.

That staff thought about it and felt that it seemed like a good way to avoid responsibility.

If they really wanted to pursue the matter, he could also escape unscathed.

Hence, he agreed.


The filming ended after a whole day.

They were about to go back when Liu Enxiao saw that Zheng Xuexin’s gaze kept following Shi Xiaoya, so she slowly walked closer to Zheng Xuexin and said, “Teacher Zheng.”

Liu Enxiao’s looks were ordinary. She was just a normal passer-by and was the kind that would not be outstanding if they put her amid a crowd.

Hence, when Zheng Xuexin saw Liu Enxiao, he really did not have any thoughts.

He was lustful, but he was not desperate to the point that any one of the opposite sex would suffice.

Towards people whom Zheng Xuexin was not interested in, he would be able to maintain his gentlemanly image.

“You are Xiao Liu, right? You’re also a makeup artist?” Zheng Xuexin asked.

One had to admit, when it came to socializing, Zheng Xuexin still had his charms.

It was just like now, he even had an impression of Liu Enxiao, who had a very weak presence.

The moment he spoke, he recognized Liu Enxiao immediately. For people like Liu Enxiao, who had a weak presence, this tactic was very effective.

Even though Liu Enxiao knew what kind of a person Zheng Xuexin was, to be recognized by him still made her feel flattered.

“I didn’t think that Teacher Zheng would actually remember a small fry like me.” Liu Enxiao appeared really flattered.

Zheng Xuexin laughed and said, “Look what you’re saying. You’re not that inconspicuous. As you are one of the people that the production team cannot lack, I will definitely remember you.”

Liu Enxiao smiled, and then looked as if she was about to say something but was hesitating.

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