The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 2371 - Not a Wimp

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Chapter 2371: Not a Wimp

“It’s alright,” Lu Man said with a smile. “It isn’t my limelight this time, it’s for the team to improve.”

She didn’t speak of victory; even she felt it was nigh impossible.

That would also put more pressure on Hayer and Robert.

It’s already a great help having them.

Thus, they decided on the meeting time for the next day.

Both went over in the afternoon.

Wang Yanglin was arriving in the early noon to replace Wu Zilin.

It was just perfect for Wang Yanglin to join them at that timing.

As for Wu Zilin.

He could just dream of getting any guidance.

Though Lu Man would not stoop to his level, given his previous brainless actions, Lu Man wouldn’t let Wu Zilin enjoy any advantages.

How could Wu Zilin enjoy the fruits of her labor?

No way. Lu Man wasn’t that generous.


The next afternoon, Wang Yanglin came.

Everyone anticipated his arrival.

Thus, they all eagerly waited for him at the reporting place when he was about to arrive.

Wu Zilin came too, but he was only forced to. He had to return his student pass and whatnot and cancel his status as an exchange student before handing it over to Wang Yanglin.

Wang Yanglin arrived soon after.

He kept a low profile, only bringing his assistant.

The assistant was only here to help him communicate and settle issues back in China.

The assistant wouldn’t be staying at the school but in a hotel.

Wang Yanglin got a shock seeing everyone waiting for him.

He immediately put his hands together in apology. “Sorry for making you all wait here. My bad, I should’ve informed you when I was coming.”

Seeing this, everyone thought about how much better he was compared to Wu Zilin, being so famous yet remaining polite and courteous.

Wu Zilin was polite in the beginning too, and he seemed to display team spirit.

But that was because there was no one to compare him to.

With Wang Yanglin as a contrast, Wu Zilin’s pretensions from back then instantly became obvious.

As the one being replaced, Wu Zilin was lukewarm towards Wang Yanglin.

The latter could probably understand Wu Zilin’s mindset, and so he didn’t take it to heart.

Both went to settle their administration matters.

The one in charge was still Jose.

He looked down his nose at them.

When done, he even said, “This time’s the exception, only because the exchange is nearing the end. You couldn’t have kept switching out students at will. If you kept doing this, countless others can come and study. What then would have been the point of the exchange slots?”

Jose pursed his lips. How cunning of them to make use of this loophole.

Wang Yanglin raised his brow at him.

He instantly knew the exchange students’ circumstances.

“It’s because the exchange is ending soon and I won’t benefit much from coming here now, that’s why our school made this decision. That’s why, you can’t say we’re benefitting from taking advantage of loopholes. The school won’t have let me come here if it were so,” Wang Yanglin replied unabashedly.

Everyone behind was delighted upon hearing this.

Good for you, Wang Yanglin! Speaking his mind because he’s in the right, without batting an eyelid.

Had it been Wu Zilin, would he have said something about prioritizing harmony again?

Lu Man was glad too. Who’d have guessed that this Wang Yanglin would be to her liking? Not a wimp at all.

With this in their minds, everyone turned to look at Wu Zilin.

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