The Long-awaited Mr Han - Chapter 2533 - So Useless

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Chapter 2533: So Useless

But it was true that Yan Zhiqing was pretty.

And she grew even prettier as she got older.

When she was 18 years old, although she was pretty, she looked a little young. And because she had a willful personality, she got many points deducted.

But as she grew older, became mature, and was not so willful anymore, she grew to look even more alluring as well.

Of course, as for her personality…

Wei Wucai did not think it got any better.

With that hot temper of hers, she would jump up at the slightest thing.

Luo Qingxian did not expect that it was as if her shyness and coyness just then all went to the eyes of a blind man. Wei Wucai did not feel anything at all.

She heard Wei Wucai say, “Did you all order food just now?”

“Not yet,” Luo Qingxian said. “We planned to order together after you came, but I didn’t expect…”

Wei Wucai could tell that Luo Qingxian was trying hard to change the topic to the blind date.

Wei Wucai did not take the hint and picked up the menu, passing it over to her as he said, “Miss Luo, feel free to order what you want to eat.”

“I don’t eat much usually,” Luo Qingxian said. “But I’m not picky with food either. I can eat sour, sweet, and spicy food. You can just order based on your tastes.”

Since she said that, Wei Wucai casually ordered some dishes.

Luo Qingxian: “…”

She was just being casually polite and testing if the other party was considerate enough.

Usually, under such circumstances, even if the man ordered the dishes, he should ask for her opinion before ordering each dish.

She did not expect that Wei Wucai would really take it that she was very easygoing.

Luo Qingxian felt a little unhappy. While they waited for the dishes to be served, Luo Qingxian asked, “Previously, I didn’t really hear much about what you do, Mr. Wei. What position do you hold at Wei Feng?”

“I didn’t enter Wei Feng,” Wei Wucai said. “Our Wei Family is different. In the Wei Family, besides the main household, only a few people can work in the company. I don’t have the right to.”

He was just pacifying Luo Qingxian by saying that.

The eight great families would all send their descendants to Mount Lan Compound while they were young to learn some basic self-defense.

After all, they had extraordinary backgrounds, so gangsters would surely harbor ill designs towards them.

Kidnapping and threats, these dangers were ever-present around them.

So the eight great families would send their children to Mount Lan Compound to train from a young age. That way, they could at least have some basic self-defense abilities.

After all, even if they had bodyguards with them, accidents could still happen.

Bodyguards also had moments when they would fail.

What if the people beside them got bribed?

You might as well rely on yourself rather than on others.

As for the children who went to Mount Lan Compound, aside from the appointed successors to the family master for each family, if Mount Lan Compound spots some others whom they felt had talent and potential, they could make a suggestion to the family and ask if they could let the child stay behind.

If the family agreed, that child would continue receiving training at Mount Lan Compound.

This was what had happened to Wei Wucai.

But could just anyone be scouted by Mount Lan Compound?

It was very, very rare.

The people who could enter Mount Lan Compound were all very impressive people.

But Luo Qingxian did not know that, so she felt a little disappointed when she heard that.

“Then what is your work now? Do you run your own company?” Luo Qingxian asked further expectantly.

Wei Wucai smiled plainly and said, “No. I’m not the type to start my own company. I work for someone else. As for what I do, it’s pretty similar to being a detective, doing some investigations.”

He was indeed working in the intelligence department at Mount Lan Compound, so he was not lying either.

Luo Qingxian grumbled to herself. Wei Wucai was so good-looking, but why was he so useless?

He did not even have a proper job.

She did indeed feel earlier that the most important part was the person’s looks, that even if his job was average, she would just provide for him.

But saying it was one thing. Of course she would hope for her husband to be both handsome and rich.

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