The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife - Chapter 247 - Scalded Fingers (1)

Chapter 247 Scalded Fingers (1)

It was unclear whether Su Yaya had come home to Mother and Father Su’s care, but she lived a happy and content day every day. She completely relaxed and got to sleep and wake up naturally. Her days were incredibly relaxing and carefree; she was happy like a blooming flower.

Agritourism was about to be open for business and they had cleaned up Qingya Garden as well. Mother and Father Su even ordered flower baskets for agritourism as well as some fireworks, saying that they’ll ignite it later to make things lively.

Su Yaya messaged Zhou Peiyun, Duan Xiaoyu, Xu Chengkun, and Director Zhou. She told them that her agritourism was going to be in business tomorrow and invited them to come and play if they had time tomorrow. If they couldn’t make it, she demanded them to bring flower baskets.

Xu Chengkun received the news and immediately called over. “When you told me that you were going to do something, you meant opening agritourism? Is the business good? Do you get a lot of customers? Is the environment good?”

Su Yaya and Xu Chengkun were quite close friends. She smiled and asked, “What? You’re worried that I’ll fail at my investment and lose money?”

“Yeah.” Xu Chengkun chuckled in a low voice.

Su Yaya immediately pshed. “You think that I didn’t know to observe beforehand? I didn’t just blindly invest in this. My agritourism is set in a vacation area. You don’t need to worry about customers at all. Even if there are slightly less people on usual days, it’d be made up for during the weekends. I have other projects too like realtime forest survival and whatnot. These can attract many customers too. I get a huge income every month. In short, I won’t be losing any money.”

“You sound pretty professional. You can even participate in real time forest survival? You’re also expanding into training programs whatnot? That means you have quite comprehensive equipment. Now, I am pretty moved. I’ll definitely come and play when I have time.” Xu Chengkun said.

Su Yaya asked, “Can you come tomorrow?”

Xu Chengkun replied, “I might not be able to. I’m shooting a drama in a foreign area.”

Su Yaya immediately said, “Although you can’t come tomorrow, I expect a flower basket still. While you’re at it, help me promote my business on Weibo. You promised me.”

Xu Chengkun laughed. “Understood. I’ll definitely send you a huge flower basket.”

“That sounds about right.” Su Yaya was satisfied.

Then, the two chatted a bit before hanging up.

Then, Zhou Peiyun, Duan Xiaoyu, Director Zhou and the rest all replied to Su Yaya. They told her that they’ll definitely send her flower baskets. Su Yaya was really happy and replied with a gif saying “thank you boss.”

After Duan Xiaoyu received the gif, she replied, “Sister Yaya, you’re my boss. You alway will be.”

Su Yaya laughed. Duan Xiaoyu was sent to work with another artist. It was a handsome guy that was beginning to get popular. He didn’t have a bad attitude, but he had a lot of requirements. Every day, he had Duan Xiaoyu buy this, buy that or hold this, hold that. While he was filming, he wanted Duan Xiaoyu to stay close as well in case he couldn’t find her after he was done with his heart. In short, he kept on commanding Duan Xiaoyu around, angering her to the point where she complained to Su Yaya many times online.

Su Yaya couldn’t help her either, only advising her to persist. After all, society was really realistic. Either endure or be harsh. Since Duan Xiaoyu was unwilling to part with her job as an assistant, she could only tolerate this temporarily. When she becomes powerful and a manager in the future, she wouldn’t need to live watching people’s expressions nor would she had to tolerate them.

Duan Xiaoyu messaged her saying that she wouldn’t be able to make it to the opening day of Su Yaya’s agritourism either. However, she’d definitely send a flower basket. When she was done with her work and on vacation, she’d come to visit her.