The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife - Chapter 248 - Scalded Fingers (2)

Chapter 248 Scalded Fingers (2)

Su Yaya replied with an “ok” and had her work hard and chat when they had time.


In the blink of an eye, three days passed quickly. Today, it was an auspicious day for agritourism in Qingya Garden was going to have its opening day. Su Yays woke up and applied exquisite makeup on herself, and then wore a beautiful dress. She was the owner of the agritourism and she had a career as well. She needed to dress like a boss. Having wishes come true and successful days looked probably like this!

Not only did her friends from the entertainment circle send her flower baskets, her relatives and friends in general also sent them too. Her friends sent her flower baskets because they had pretty good relationships. As for her relatives, she still accepted them generously.

Today, Su Yaya was in a really good mood. She took a stroll around the Hundred Plant Garden and snapped some pictures. On her way back to Qingya Garden, she took a few more pictures at the door of the agritourism full of flower baskets. She then took a few more after going inside and then even went to the equipment room where CS equipment was placed, taking a few more after putting on a helmet and holding a laser gun.

After she was done taking pictures, Su Yaya chose nine of the dozens of pictures that would best express her feelings and then uploaded it on Weibo.

Su Yaya: I opened agritourism. The scene is beautiful with comprehensive equipment. There is real time forest survival and CS, waiting for you to come and play. Squaredpicture.jpg.

Su Yaya picked each of the nine pictures after careful deliberation. There was a picture where the early sunshine penetrated the Hundred Plant Garden and into the forest, leaving a streak of gold. There was another one where she took a stroll on a path in the forest, breathing in the natural and clear air. There was one where flower baskets were packed in front of the door. Another one where Su Yaya smiled happily. There was also one that revealed the meticulous renovations of the agritourism and etc. Lastly, there was one where she wore a helmet raising a real laser gun.

Though Su Yaya quit the entertainment circle, she hadn’t left for a while. Her advertisements were still broadcasted on TV, and the huge banners of her picture in the city hadn’t been removed yet. She was still very popular. Plus, seeing how beautiful she was and how she had millions of fans, countless clicked into the post when they saw that she had refreshed her Weibo.

The fans were all shocked after checking out Weibo. Woah. Su Yaya was even more beautiful and she even became the owner of agritourism. Glancing at the scenes on the pictures, it looked magnificent like it came straight out of a painting. Then, they looked at the person in the picture. She was beautiful like a fairy descending to earth. Her face was soft and tender as if water could be squeezed out from a pinch. Her smile was sweet and beautiful. One was in a happy mood just looking at her and they wanted to laugh as well. She lived quite a carefree life!

The fans all started forwarding and commenting under Su Yaya’s Weibo, congratulating the goddess for opening her own business and hoping that it’d be popular and prosperous. The goddess was becoming more and more beautiful. They wanted her to earn lots! Not long later, the number of forwards and comments and likes had hit thousands.

Xu Chengkun was the first celebrity to forward Su Yaya’s post and even commented: I want to be the first one to go to such a beautiful agritourism. Everyone, let’s go and support her!

Next, Director Zhou also forwarded Su Yaya’s post, commenting: Imperial Concubine Shu, instead of acting, you decided to go open agritourism. You’re living quite a carefree and peaceful life, ah! Hahaha!