The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife - Chapter 251 - Did you break up? (2)

Chapter 251 Did you break up? (2)

Who knew that Su Xiaoxuan stopped her from leaving and continued to press, “How could he not have come back with you? Didn’t you say he’d come back with you? If you’re coming back, then bring your boyfriend home too. How can you come back alone?”

She made it seem like she couldn’t come home by herself.

Su Yaya chuckled, “Su Xiaoxuan, this is my home. I can come home alone if I want and when I want. It’s none of your business whether I come home alone or bring someone home!”

Su Xiaoxuan was stunned by her imposing manner. She glanced at Su Yaya’s incredibly beautiful face and forgot how to answer for a moment.

Su Yaya hmphed and brushed Su Xiaoxuan’s arm off of her, walking out. She didn’t even want to talk to her.

Su Xiaoxuan stood there stunned. Watching as Su Yaya’s figure disappeared in the corner, she felt unresigned. Who gave her the right to shout at her? She thought that she was amazing just because she earned money and opened agritourism? She got this from sleeping with Chen Xiuqi. She really thought that as a woman who sold her body was actually amazing?!

Wait. In the blink of a moment, Su Xiaoxuan suddenly thought of something. Su Yaya had posted on Weibo announcing that she decided to quit the entertainment circle and she was going to travel. She didn’t want people to miss her. Back then, people were wondering if she quit the entertainment circle in order to marry someone. After all, she had a great relationship with Chen Xiuqi. They had been showing affection online, making people envious of her.

But this wasn’t the truth. It was true that Su Yaya quit the entertainment circle but she didn’t marry anyone. In fact, she left from the capital to her hometown and opened a rather okay agritourism. Was there a problem?

Su Xiaoxuan frequently browsed the major forums online and was very familiar with the matters of the entertainment circle. She attempted thinking about this issue from that perspective. A female celebrity who had a future suddenly decided to quit the entertainment circle and returned home to open an agritourism. Meanwhile, the supporter that always protected her wasn’t by her side. What was the biggest possibility?

Most likely, she was dumped by her supporter and there was no one to protect her now. She was unable to stay in the entertainment circle so she had to quit it. She decided to look for another way out with the money she had, doing some business and becoming an owner. That or buying some properties. That was the best choice!

Most importantly, today was the opening day for Su Yaya’s agritourism. She posted this on Weibo and many followed along and forwarded it, except for Chen Xiuqi. If the two still had a great relationship like they did in the past, why didn’t Chen Xiuqi forward and wish her a prosperous business?

Therefore, with the above, Su Yaya was dumped by Chen Xiuqi just as she thought!

Thinking that she was dumped and forced to leave the entertainment circle and return to hometown to open an agritourism, Su Xiaoxuan was excited!

Su Yaya, you’re acting arrogant, huh? Continue, I dare you! People don’t know about your scandals, but I do! People don’t know that you were dumped by Chen Xiuqi. You didn’t come home to glamorously set up your business but instead, came home dejected and depressed to take refuge. I know too!

Hahaha, Su Yaya, your good days are over! Su Xiaoxuan thought excitedly inside her heart.

After figuring out what possibly happened, Su Xiaoxuan shook in excitement. She’d have Su Yaya lose her face in front of everyone today. Hehehe. Thinking of her being disliked by everyone, she had to hold in the urge of bursting into laughter.

Su Xiaoxuan immediately chased in the direction Su Yaya left and out to the lounge. At the door, Su Xiaoxuan caught up and stopped Su Yaya.

“Su Yaya, don’t go. I have something to ask you.”