The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 788 - Touched Someone's Cheese    

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Chapter 788: Touched Someone’s Cheese

Su Yayan frowned as she listened to her brother’s complaints.

She did know about this Medicine Association.

As the name suggested, the Medicine Association was an association that was in charge of the right to use various drugs. However, in fact, not all the right to use drugs was in their hands.

Logically speaking, the best choice for her to hand over those medicinal herbs should be the Medicine Association.

However, she had never considered this association at all. Instead, she handed it over to the research institute.

Firstly, it was because her grandfather was more familiar with the research institute and wanted to seek asylum. The research institute was obviously more suitable than the Medicine Association.

Secondly, she had also heard of this Medicine Association. In her previous life, this association had a few internal disputes because of interests. On the surface, it was calm, but in fact, there were constant disputes. The reputation was not very good.

If you gave them those Chinese herbs, they would be lucky not to let them bite off a piece of their flesh, let alone seek shelter.

Huo Chenhuan had already gotten someone to monitor all kinds of public opinion about Su Yayan on the Internet. As soon as these people jumped out, the people below spontaneously ran to investigate.

While the siblings were discussing, Yu Ziyan and the others had already sent the information they had found to Huo Chenhuan.

“The Medicine Association developed anti-cancer drugs a week ago that caused a sensation in the industry.”

Su Yayan narrowed his eyes and sneered. “No wonder. It looks like we touched someone’s cheese.”

As soon as they developed anti-cancer drugs, the research institute announced the promotion of Chinese medicine. It was impossible not to have any impact on the Medicine Association, which had always had full control over the medicine.

However, this matter could have been a win-win situation for both parties, but the Medicine Association had clearly never considered this point. Instead, they directly sent the Chinese medicine ingredients to the research institute.

Did they really think that they could do whatever they wanted after having the right to speak for so long?

“Ha!” Su Yayan sneered. No matter how good something was, as long as it was related to finances, it would become utilitarian and sharp.

Take medicine for example. It should have been used to save lives, but in the end, it became a tool for businessmen to pursue fame and fortune.

“The Medicine Association is famous, and these old guys have some reputation in the industry. I’m afraid this won’t be easy to handle. What are you going to do?”

“What preparations are you talking about? You don’t have to do anything at all.”

“You’re not going to do anything? Isn’t that…” Su Yuxuan looked at his sister and almost thought that she had been stupid for three years after getting pregnant. After being agitated, she simply gave up on herself.

“What’s there to be anxious about? Promoting Chinese medicine is only the first step. If we can’t even achieve this step, it’s impossible to promote more complicated pharmacology and Chinese medicine. Don’t worry, there will be someone more anxious than us.”

Su Yayan was right. There were indeed people who were even more anxious than them. They were the old seniors who had attended Su Yayan’s lecture at University A.

Unlike those who relied on the Medicine Association to straighten their backs and were immediately thrown out at such a time, these old seniors were different. Although they were all in the Medicine Association, most of them had their independent research laboratory.

They had a cooperative relationship with the Medicine Association, and the Medicine Association even relied more on them. After all, how could the Medicine Association be considered a Medicine Association without some big shots backing it up?

And it was these big shots who almost stomped their feet in anger when they heard the students talk about these things online.

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