The Mightiest Little Peasant - Chapter 875 - The Grand Nanping Development

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Chapter 875: The Grand Nanping Development

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Tang Hao stood on a mountain peak and looked in the direction of Nanping.

Then, he turned around and looked into the depths of the mountain forest.

It was a desolate mountain range.

Nanping town was developed along the fringe of the mountain forest.

The valley that had been occupied by the gold-scaled alpha tyrannosaur was only considered to be the periphery of the mountain range. There were many more powerful beasts deeper in the mountains.

‘Nanping Town can be bigger and closer to the valley,’ Tang Hao thought.

“Right. Why don’t we start a large-scale development?”

Tang Hao’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was feasible. After returning to Nanping, he began to draft a proposal. The next morning, he went to Maple City and arrived at the City Lord’s estate.

“Hello! Welcome!”

Hearing it was him, the chief steward of the City Lord’s estate immediately came out and greeted him politely.

The two had interacted with each other before. The chief steward had once sent Tang Hao gifts on behalf of the City Lord of Maple City, and he had personally gone to Ritian Pavilion to place orders.

Tang Hao sat down and sipped some tea. “What brings you here today, Storekeeper Tang?” The chief steward asked.

Tang Hao smiled and said, “I have something very important to discuss with you today, Chief Steward Liu. Do you have time today?”

“Yes, yes! I always have time for Storekeeper Tang!” Chief Steward Liu said with a smile. He sounded as though he wanted to get on Tang Hao’s good side.

As far as he knew, Tang Ritian was a famous genius who could hold his ground against a level two pill maker. His talent was outstanding, and his future prospects were boundless.

He might be the chief steward of the City Lord, but he was nothing compared to a future pill maker.

The City Lord had also told him to forge a strong relationship with Tang Hao.

“I’ll get to the point then!” Tang Hao said.

“Tell me!”

“Chief Steward Liu, what do you think about the development of Nanping Town?”

Chief Steward Liu was stunned. “Nanping Town? Development?”

“Yes! Do you have a development plan?”


Chief Steward Liu was completely dumbfounded.

Did Nanping Town need a development plan?

He had never considered that before. Generally, small towns like Nanping were allowed to develop on their own. Maple City was only in charge of collecting taxes.

Nanping was located next to a mountain range and was rich in resources. It was densely populated and the economy was thriving. Maple City was satisfied with the amount of tax they collected every year, and they had never thought of changing anything.

Tang Hao smiled and said, “That’s not the way to do things, Chief Steward Liu! It’s too wasteful!”

“Too… wasteful?” Chief Steward Liu was even more confused.

“That’s right! Take a look at this map, Chief Steward Liu. Do you see anything?” As he said that, Tang Hao took out a map and spread it out.

Chief Steward Liu looked at it and shook his head in confusion. “There’s nothing special about it?”

“Hah! Look at Nanping Town. It’s a little far from the mountains and forests here, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” Chief Steward Liu nodded and asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s too far. Besides, there are no resources in the peripheral forests. Don’t you think this place is better?”

Tang Hao moved his finger and pointed somewhere deeper in the forest. Then, he drew a circle that included the valley. “This place is a prime location!

“In the past, we couldn’t develop this area because of the gold-scaled tyrannosaurs. Now that the beasts are killed, this is our opportunity!

“Look, if we develop this place and expand the town here, we’ll gain a lot of space, and we can collect a lot more taxes. Moreover, it’s closer to the mountain range, and we can mine the resources there more easily.”

Chief Steward Liu’s eyes widened. He was speechless.

‘That’s a big circle. Nanping won’t be a town anymore. It’ll be a city.’

“That’s… almost bigger than Maple City!” He exclaimed.

“Hey, that’s not important. The key is to develop this place and make more money,” Tang Hao lied.

Chief Steward Liu’s eyes lit up when he heard the word “money.”

He furrowed his brows and pondered for a moment. “It sounds like a good plan, but do we have enough people to carry it out?”

A prosperous city required a big population.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Chief Steward Liu. Nanping Town is full of people right now, and there’s no room for new inhabitants. It needs to expand urgently.

“When the time comes, we can attract more people with preferential policies and more publicity. People would come if they know that there is a mountain range with abundant resources.

“When more people move in, the money will also come rolling in!”

Chief Steward Liu gulped. He was convinced.

The plan was very bold, but it was quite feasible.

He also knew that the mountain range had abundant resources. If Maple City were to invest in Nanping Town’s development, it would definitely make a profit.

If he succeeded, it would also be a great achievement!

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. He stood up abruptly and paced back and forth.

“OK, let’s do it! We have to give this plan a name…”

“Let’s call it the Grand Nanping Development!”

“OK!” Chief Steward Liu laughed and said, “Wow, I couldn’t tell that you’re such a good businessman, Storekeeper Tang. You’re amazing!”

Then, he said profoundly, “Storekeeper Tang, if you want any plot of land, you can tell me!”

Chief Steward Liu knew very well that Storekeeper Tang must have wanted some benefits. Otherwise, he would not have proposed the development plan.

“This one, this one, and this one!”

Tang Hao pointed at several places, including the valley.

“The soil around the valley is fertile, and the qi is abundant. I plan to develop a plantation for medicinal herbs. As for the plot of land in the valley, I plan to expand my storefront and build a bigger Ritian Pavilion there.”

“OK! No problem!”

Chief Steward Liu readily agreed.

Then, he gathered a lot of people and began to discuss the detailed development plan.

Soon, the grand development plan was officially announced.

After the announcement was posted, the development campaign was officially launched.

Countless people in the city heard the news and rushed to Nanping, ready to seize the opportunity.

The development plan was to build another city. It would be advantageous to occupy a prime location as early as possible.

Nanping Town became more and more lively because of the plan. Every day, a large group of people would enter the forest, cut down trees, and hunt wild beasts to clean up the area.

Builders came over and started to construct houses and buildings.

They were all cultivators, and they worked very fast. In a week, the outline of a city had already taken shape.

Many buildings rose from the ground up, and all the major merchants fought to occupy a spot.

In another ten days, everything had changed.

Nanping was originally a small town, but it had been transformed into a city.

In the city center was a brand new Ritian Pavilion.

According to the development plan, the valley was right outside the city. Tang Hao got people to build buildings and cultivate plantations in the valley. Then, he erected a monument at the valley entrance. On it was written “Ritian Valley.”

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