The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife - Chapter 1857 - Content With This Life (1)

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Chapter 1857: Content With This Life (1)

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After late autumn, it was the beginning of winter. Following the continuous autumn rain, the weather became colder and colder. The cold wind also became a little chilly. When he woke up in the morning, he could still see a thin layer of frost on the steps in the backyard.

City Z was not a city that would snow. It was very rare for it to snow in such a cold season. At least for Mu Yuchen, he had lived for more than 30 years and had not seen many snowfalls.

He woke up early this morning and did not expect to see some traces of it.


Mu Yuchen had just hung up the phone when his son, Mu Zirui, suddenly called out from behind him.

Mu Yuchen put his phone away and turned around subconsciously. He saw his eldest son, Mu Zirui standing behind him—

He had already changed into a neat white suit and looked like a polite little gentleman.

“Why are you up so early? You don’t have school, you can sleep for an hour or two more.”

Mu Yuchen’s deep voice had the warmth of a loving father. As he spoke, he reached out his hand to Mu Zirui. Mu Zirui walked over as well, and Mu Yuchen patted his head lovingly.

“I can’t sleep anymore, father. Will Great Grandfather get better? Xiao Rui went to see him just now. He’s so thin… Xiao Rui poured him some water to drink. Aunty said Great Grandfather’s hands don’t have the strength…”

Mu Zirui blinked as he looked at his father. The gloom in his eyes was clear.

“Mmm, he’ll get better. Where’s Wei’er?”

Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened as he replied.

“She’s still sleeping… Father… I saw Aunty crying just now…”

Mu Zirui said softly.

“She’s just worried about Great Grandfather. It’s fine. Take good care of your sister, Wei’er, and brother. Father and Mother will be a little busy in the next few days, okay?”

Mu Yuchen said in a deep voice.

Mu Zirui looked at Mu Yuchen for a while, then nodded obediently. “I understand, Father. Father, you look very sad… Mother said that when you’re unhappy, you’ll be alone and not speak.”

“Father’s fine. Since you’re up early, hurry up and have breakfast.”


Mu Zirui still looked at Mu Yuchen hesitantly.

“Be good. Go have breakfast first. After breakfast, come to Father’s study room. Didn’t you say you like to dismantle firearms and equipment last time? Father got someone to bring you a handbook with diagrams.” Mu Yuchen said softly.

When he heard this, Mu Zirui’s eyes suddenly lit up. He immediately grabbed Mu Yuchen’s sleeve and said in surprise. “Really? Father! Is it the same model we saw last time?”

Mu Yuchen nodded calmly. “Of course, if you like it, I’ll get someone to bring it for you. Alright, let’s go eat breakfast.”

As Mu Yuchen said this, he gently patted his head again. This time, Mu Zirui left the rooftop happily.

The surroundings quieted down again. Only the rustling of the wind and rain could be heard. Mu Yuchen took a deep breath and stood silently as he looked gloomily at the swaying wind and rain outside—

“Bro, why don’t we go down and have breakfast together? Where’s sis-in-law?”Ah Mo asked.

A moment later, Ah Mo’s voice came over. When Mu Yuchen came back to his senses, Ah Mo had already come to his side and stopped walking.

“I’m not hungry. She’s been a little tired these past two days. Let her sleep a little more. What’s wrong? Can she take it?”

Mu Yuchen sized up Ah Mo as well. It was not difficult to see a hint of exhaustion on his face.

They had been taking turns guarding Mu Yinan for the past few days, yet Mu Yinan’s condition was getting worse and worse. Mu Lingshi felt guilty because of this, so Ah Mo naturally felt bad too.

“Is Lingshi alright?”

“Don’t worry, Bro. Everything’s fine. It’s just…”

Ah Mo paused. As a father now, he was much more mature than a few years ago. Not only was he Mu Lingshi’s strong arm, he was also Mu Yuchen’s hidden sharp sword.

“I understand Lingshi’s thoughts too. Grandfather and Grandmother’s matter has always been a thorn in her heart. These things originally didn’t concern us, but the ones involved are the people we care about.”

Mu Yuchen’s low voice rang out as his deep gaze quietly fell on Ah Mo’s face, “Be more tenacious and enlighten her more. You can’t blame her for these things, and don’t blame Uncle Gu anymore. Some things follow fate. Even if the things that happened were not pleasant, we can only accept it now. Remember, you two living a good life is a consolation to them.”

“Big Brother, we… Yesterday, Ah Shi and Gu Qihao talked on the phone. The father and daughter had a very unpleasant conversation. It was not easy for the father and daughter relationship to ease up, and now…”

As Ah Mo spoke, his eyes darkened.

“Don’t think too much. It looks like Grandfather won’t be able to survive this time. You have to be mentally prepared. As for Doctor Zhong…”


Ah Mo’s throat was filled with bitterness. He suddenly did not know what to say.

“Alright, come to my study room. Even so, we can’t let things fall behind. Qi Lei has been handling the projects in City B recently. I’m afraid he won’t be able to handle it either. If things get better in the next two days, I might have to make a trip to the company. There’s something I need to discuss with you.”

Mu Yuchen took a deep breath and did not let the gloomy atmosphere last for too long. As he spoke, he turned around and walked into the room with his hands behind his back.

After a pause, Ah Mo followed.

Mu Yinan’s situation was quite bad, Mu Lingshi wanted to feed him some porridge in the morning, but he could not bring himself to eat. In the afternoon, he only ate two mouthfuls of porridge, it was Mu Tangchuan who fed him.

The old man’s breathing was very weak, and he spoke with great difficulty. His voice was very soft.

Mu Tangchuan was also a proud person, but when he saw his old father like this, he could not help but tear up.

At that moment, Mu Tangchuan was sitting by the bed and guarding it. The room was very warm. Mu Tangchuan held Mu Yinan’s hand and looked at Mu Yinan who was breathing weakly on the bed.

Mu Yinan woke up at some point. Looking at his son, he said weakly, “I’m fine. You should rest too. You must be tired from all this.”

“It’s okay, Father. You should rest well. You’ll be better in a few days. The children are looking forward to your recovery.”

Mu Tangchuan tried his best to force a smile.

“I can’t get better… I know… I won’t be able to get through this. You’re already so old now. After I leave, you have to take care of your child well… actually, I’ve been very proud of my life. I had you two with your mother… my grandsons are all good and I even witnessed the birth of my great-grandsons…”

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