The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 395: The Retaliation Of Grumpy Fu – 1

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Chapter 395: The Retaliation Of Grumpy Fu – 1

Fear coursed through every fiber of Sun Yongge. His body was trembling, and his eyes turned red around the rims.

It was only now that he realized he had walked into Ma Mingquan’s trap.

‘So does that mean I’m a traitor? But didn’t Goddess Ouyang Ya say these questions were set by the elders of the Ouyang Family and the teachers of Hang Yuan? Did she lie to us? But... Why?”

Sun Yongge couldn’t help but hug himself to stop his body from shaking. At the same time, a sudden, frenzied scream erupted in the gymnasium.

“Retribution! This is retribution!”

“It turns out that you guys are the real thieves! What else do you have to say?”

“Ahh! Sister Zhi is the best! She knows everything in heaven above and the earth underneath! How dare you guys mess with her!”

“What did they say just now? The simplest questions in their paper? Ha ha... Oh my, I just can’t. They didn’t even notice the mistake in those questions, yet they had the guts to use them to test us? In my opinion, it’s you guys who don’t deserve to have this exchange meeting with us!”

The hall was filled with thunderous applause and cheers. A few parents patted their kids and asked, “Who is Sister Zhi?”

“Fu Zhi! The champion of the international Physics competition! The greatest brainwasher in the world! There are also rumors going around the city that she’s the one who nursed Ma Mingquan’s father back to health. His father was crippled, but he can walk and run like a normal person now!”

The student was getting so pumped up that he whistled and pointed at Fu Zhi. “Mom, she will be your future daughter-in-law. What do you think? She’s great, right?!”

The mother of the student replied, “Come on. Here’s a mirror. Look at yourself and think about what you just said. It’s good to have a dream, but there’s a fine line between having a dream and daydreaming.”

Then, the mother looked at Fu Zhi.

‘She’s so tiny, and with her bunny bag, calling her adorable would be an understatement. Hold on a second... Why does she look so familiar to me?’

The mother of the student pulled out her phone and scrolled through her WeChat to look for an article about a young girl in a certain FZ Research Institute who had a miserable background but did extremely well in her studies.

She compared the profile of the girl with Fu Zhi. After ascertaining that Fu Zhi was the girl mentioned in the article, she pressed her son’s head and told the woman not far from her, “Sister Ma! Sister Ma! Look, isn’t she the girl you wanted to adopt?”

After hearing what the mother said, the woman called Sister Ma switched on the torchlight of her phone and waved her arm while shouting with all her might, “Ahh!! Zhizhi! Mommy loves you! Don’t fret, Zhizhi! I will always be by your side!”

The mother of the student did not know what to say.

Listening to the shouting and whistling that got intense with every passing minute, Director Liu raised his arms and pretended to calm the audience down. “Alright, alright. Settle down, you guys.”

In reality, he was saying in his heart, ‘More! More! Let’s go high together!’

Sun Yongge was trembling vigorously and nearly fell to the floor.

The staff member standing beside him hastily went up to him and held him up. “Thank you for everything you did for No.1 High School. Every teacher in No.1 High School will never forget your great kindness! Are you not feeling well? Come on, let me help you to a chair to get some rest!”

Sun Yongge was speechless.

‘Please! Stop talking! I can’t bear it anymore!’

The students were chanting Fu Zhi’s name again and again.

On the stage, Ouyang Ya clenched her fist so tightly that her fingers started turning white.

Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that she would get ruined by one of her own. Besides, she had not expected that Fu Zhi would really know about those three Chemistry questions either.

She set her jaw tight. Although she knew it was her fault for trying to make things difficult for the students of No.1 High School with three high-level questions, she still felt frustrated as she was shouted at and scolded by so many people in public. She looked at Director Liu and snarled, “Is this how you guys welcome guests?”

‘What’s wrong with us? At least we didn’t shamelessly use the questions of a project funded by the government to make things difficult for a group of high school students like you guys did! If we did not happen to have Fu Zhi on our side, who knows what you guys would have said about our school!’ As Director Liu thought inwardly, he looked at Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi pointed at the ceiling and said, “Look, director. The sky is so blue!”

“Wow, you’re right! Not only is it blue, but it’s also glowing green!”

Ouyang Ya was stumped.

‘You call that a sky? That’s your f*cking ceiling!’

The faces of Ouyang Ya and her group were ugly. None of them had expected something like this.

They had come to No.1 High School with the intention of humiliating them, and God knew how many preparations they had made in order to achieve that goal. Everything had gone well initially, but just as they had been on the verge of crushing No.1 High School, the tide had turned.

On the other side of the gymnasium, Fu Zhi was leaning against Ye Jiu. After roughly five minutes, she picked up the microphone and prepared to deliver the final blow that would crush Hang Yuan.

In an apathetic voice, she commanded, “Quiet.”

Surprisingly, the audience, which had refused to quiet down even though the teachers from both schools had asked them to, fell silent instantly.

Ouyang Ya heaved a sigh of relief.

There were many reporters in the gymnasium, and if Fu Zhi did not step up to take control of the situation, she was going to take her group and leave.

Ouyang Ya picked up a microphone. Just as she was about to explain the three questions, Fu Zhi cleared her throat and said again, “Although the students from Hang Yuan High School are shameless and lack decorum...”

She paused for a moment before adding, “As the old saying goes, those who come to visit are guests. We, the students of No.1 High School, thanks to the sincere guidance of our teachers, do not have a petty mind, and each and every one of us is an individual with a sharp sense of integrity. Although they’ve treated us unkindly, we will not treat them the same way.

“Furthermore, why did Hang Yuan steal the questions to test us? It’s because they have realized that No.1 High School is a well-known learning institution and one of the best high schools in the country! They are well aware that they can’t defeat us in a fair and square match, so they could only opt for some petty tricks to make up for their incompetence, as well as to spare themselves the indignity. They have already fallen so far, so guys, let’s stop cheering and laughing at them. Don’t forget that our teachers have taught us to be good people!”

“That’s right! That’s what we’ve taught them! Fu Zhi, you’re the pride of No.1 High School!” The teachers of No.1 High School nodded in unison when they heard what Fu Zhi had said.

The gloom that had been weighing down heavily on their hearts in the past few days finally dissipated.

Ouyang Ya’s face was livid with rage.

“Fu Zhi, just because we gave you an inch, it doesn’t mean that you can take a whole yard. Don’t you think you’ve crossed the line?” Wu Zhiheng said through gritted teeth. He just wanted to go up to Fu Zhi and tear her face into pieces.

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