The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 488 - A Bet – 2

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Chapter 488: A Bet – 2

They had created quite a commotion. Some of the teachers went to look for Director Liu, while some stayed to control the situation.

Fu Zhi was holding Qian Wenrui’s hand, and the word “apologize” dropped on her like a bomb.

“In your dream!” Qian Wenrui shouted out loud after she had come around to her senses and flung her arm to free herself from Fu Zhi’s clutches.


She failed.

Qian Wenrui became speechless. It was never in her wildest dream that Fu Zhi would be so strong. Her face turned scarlet in anger as she snarled, “What do you mean by this, Fu Zhi? Are you going to beat your teacher?”

“You still consider yourself a teacher?” Song Fang couldn’t help himself and chime in.

“Of course I’m a teacher!” Qian Wenrui replied. Then, she looked at Fu Zhi and continued, “Let go of your hand! Don’t you want to stay in No.1 High School? How dare you beat your teacher?!”

“Ms. Qian, I’m sure that’s not what Fu Zhi means, so stop exaggerating things! And you too, Fu Zhi! Let go of Ms. Qian! You’re not supposed to beat a teacher in the school!” The English teacher from Class 1 hurriedly went forward and pulled both of them away as the students from Class 1 were coming to the office right now. He did not want the situation to become uncontrollable.

“If that’s not what she means, what does she mean?”

All Qian Wenrui just wanted to transfer Fu Zhi to Class 1, but Fu Zhi wanted her to apologize? How could she do that to her? Qian Wenrui could not accept it at all. She directly called the security room with her empty hand to let the security guards come over to maintain order.

After all, Qian Wenrui did not like Fu Zhi that much. If it were not because she needed Zhou Zihuai and Fu Zhi to help her get the excellent teacher title, she would not want to have anything to do with them at all. Fu Zhi refused to come to Class 1. Not only that, but she also attempted to threaten her. Qian Wenrui vowed to God that she would force the school authority to expel Fu Zhi from the school!


The security guards did not want to come at all when they heard that it was Fu Zhi. They had seen her heroic deeds at the basketball match the other day. Considering her strength, they were positive that it would be as easy as a piece of cake for her to punch through all of them. Therefore, they all made all sorts of excuses and refused to come. That said, they were still kind enough to inform the school doctor about the situation.

In the end, none of the security guards came, and the only person that arrived was the school doctor, who was carrying various types of first aid medical kits.

When he arrived, he found that there were too many students outside of the door. He took his sunglasses down and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Make way! Make way! I’ve contacted the coffin shop, and they are already on their way. Since I’m paid to be the school doctor, I have to do my job. Let me do the cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the corpse before I declare her death!”

Qian Wenrui, aka the corpse, heard his voice and was dumbfounded.

‘Are you here to save me or to kill me?’ She thought inwardly.

On the other hand, Fu Zhi held Qian Wenrui’s wrist even tighter and repeated, “I want you to apologize. Class 21 is not a bunch of good-for-nothings.”

Qian Wenrui opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, a sneer erupted from the crowd.

The students from Class 1 had arrived as well. A student from Class 1 let out a laugh and said to Xu Tongtong, who was standing next to her, “This is funny. What is that even supposed to mean? Ms. Qian is just stating the truth. Students from Class 21 are indeed a bunch of good-for-nothings.”

Xu Tongtong did not say anything. However, the class monitor beside her replied, “Lu Chuwan has been deferred from the school, so I don’t know why Fu Zhi is so against the decision of the school to transfer her to Class 1. Did she not know that staying in Class 21 will only affect her future? Ms. Qian just wants the best for her, so how can she be such an ingrate?”

“That’s right. Honestly, we all got accepted into No.1 High School due to our excellent grades, but how about Class 21? Most of them could study here because their parents donate to No.1 High School. The reason the government exercises a nine-year compulsory education system is that the government doesn’t want the bad students to influence the good students. I had bad experiences with bad students when I was studying in junior high school since all of us were put into one class, no matter how good you were or how bad you were. Whenever they asked a question, the teachers would need a lot of time to explain to them, and eventually, they didn’t have enough time to answer questions from me. I hope Class 21 can step aside and stop affecting us!”

All of the students in Class 1 had been adored by many people since they were top students with excellent academic performance. They had been looking down on bad students for no apparent reason, and they did not find any reason for them to be polite to them.

A student then pointed at Fu Zhi and said, “Come with us, Fu Zhi. We’re the same kind of people. We have our dream and goal to achieve, unlike them. They don’t have a fixed goal, they don’t have a dream, and they’re just a bunch of low-intelligence creatures. You have nothing in common with them, so come to Class 1.”

The students from Class 21 were stunned.


Song Fang was the first person to react and he delivered a kick at the student.

“Who the f*ck told you that we don’t have a goal and we don’t have a dream, huh? We’re a bunch of low-intelligence creatures? Do you know who I am? I’m known as the Death Sentinel of Yu City and I’m now going to show you what I’ve got!” He shouted out loud, and just when he was going to pounce at the student again, Wang Yu and another fat student came up and held him.

“Stop holding me! Fu Zhi is my dad! Let me fight with him! I can do this!”

“That is not the main problem now!” Wang Yu shouted, his voice punctuated with sobs, “The main problem is I think he’s got a good f*cking point!”

They were bad students. That was a fact, and there was nothing they could do about it. As long as Fu Zhi stayed in their class, they did not care what they said at all.

Song Fang froze when he heard what Wang Yu had said. He looked at Fu Zhi with his mouth pouted, wriggled his body as the fat student held him, and said, “Daddy, he insulted me. I don’t want to live anymore. I want to jump to my death!”

“Why, Brother Fang? Why can’t you just let it go?” Wang Yu continued and Song Fang’s eyes lit up, for he could continue his show.

He wriggled his whole body nonstop, and then… The fat student released him from his clutches. Song Fang dropped to the floor and walked a few steps towards the window.

For a moment, nobody spoke. No one told him to calm down, while Lu Yumo’s eyes were glowing so bright it was as if he was daring him to jump.

Glancing across his friends and other students, Song Fang cried sadly, “… No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible!”

With that, he took a few steps back and put the fat student’s hands around his waist again. Then, he turned his head to the fat student and said, attempting to finish his show, “Since you stop me, I will not jump down from here.”

The fat student did not know what to say.

‘Did I stop you?’ The fat student thought inwardly. However, he soon stopped thinking about it and said to himself, ‘Whatever. You’re the boss.’

A lot of students from Class 1 clicked their tongues in disapproval.

Song Fang felt he had embarrassed himself enough and he wanted to run away.

However, before he could do so, Fu Zhi called him.

He turned his head back to look at Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi had already released Qian Wenrui’s hand, and her expression was dark.

At the same time, Director Liu had arrived at the scene as well. He had to terminate his video call and come over here, for he worried that Fu Zhi might really do something to Qian Wenrui. After all, Fu Zhi was one of the most bad-tempered girls he had ever seen.

Qian Wenrui’s eyes lit up when she saw Director Liu. Just when she wanted to complain about Fu Zhi, Director Liu went straight up to Fu Zhi and comforted her, “Look at yourself! Look at yourself! There’s no need to get so hot and bothered. Look at your brother Lu Yumo. His sole reason for staying alive is to eat and sleep. Look at how happy he is, so why do you have to get so angry?”

Lu Yumo did not know why Director Liu wanted to include him in the matter, but he did not care about it. He just continued to sip on the cup of cola in his hand while throwing peanuts into his mouth as he enjoyed the show in front of him.

“Xiao Liu, I suggest you stay out of this,” Fu Zhi said euphemistically, “There isn’t much hair left on your head, and I don’t want you to go bald because of me.”

Director Liu was dumbfounded.

Then, Fu Zhi turned her gaze towards the students of Class 1 and Qian Wenrui. She glanced across them one by one before saying, “A person’s grades don’t define his or her manner. There is a distinct difference between lazy and stupid. I don’t think my friends are inferior to your students. As a teacher, I hope you can process your words in your mind first before spitting them out through your mouth.”

Xiao Liu, who was reprimanded by Fu Zhi for having not enough hair a second ago, fell silent once again.

Qian Wenrui looked at Fu Zhi and chuckled when she heard what she had said, “Lazy? So you’re saying that the reason students in Class 21 don’t get good grades is that they’re lazy? And then they can get good grades as well if they want to study?”

‘Is she out of her mind?’

Not only students from Class 1, but other students from other classes were laughing at Fu Zhi as well.

It’s like a five-year-old kid participating in an adult taekwondo tournament. Even if it was very obvious that he could not win, he still said that he was going to win the match.

They all were laughing, and Fu Zhi was laughing as well.

Xiao Liu, who was standing nearest to Fu Zhi, had no idea why but he suddenly felt a chill rush down his spine and his skin pebbled into goosebumps. He wanted to say something, but the words were stuck in his throat. Besides, there was also a voice in his heart telling him that everything Fu Zhi was doing right now was for the best of Class 21.

Just as the thought took shape in his mind, Song Fang came forward and clutched at Fu Zhi’s sleeve, “Well, let’s just ignore her. We can always put her in a gunny bag later. You don’t have to stay here and get humiliated by her.”

Fu Zhi did not know why but like Xu Wei, Song Fang always felt that she was a pushover. Besides that, if it were not for her, Qian Wenrui would not target the students from Class 2. As for those people from Class 1, they indeed were good in their studies and it was something that they should take pride in, but was it really necessary to use “good grades” as a reason to look down on underachievers like students in Class 21 and said they did not deserve to be in the same school as them?

Fu Zhi did not think so.

“How about this? Let’s make a bet,” Qian Wenrui suggested, “The average score of Class 21 has always been at the bottom. In this final exam, as long as your class can get the top three in three subjects, I will apologize to you that I shouldn’t say you are bad.”

Every teacher in the office frowned.

Class 21 could not even score the language paper, which was the easiest subject, so how were they supposed to score for other subjects?

Song Fang and Wang Yu looked at each other and their faces were pale.

They were good at basketball, but they were extremely bad at studies.

Qian Wenrui lifted her chin and continued, “What do you think, Fu Zhi? Aren’t you going to stand up for your friends and prove that they could also get good grades despite they are bad at studies? So are you up for the challenge or not?”

Everyone fell silent, while Song Fang and his gang set their jaws tight.

A dark glint crossed Fu Zhi’s eyes as she scoffed. She did not reply to Qian Wenrui, but looked at Song Fang instead, “I can’t buy you a unicorn because I can’t afford one, so how about we change to something else? You said to me before that you want to get perfect scores in your examination, right? How about we do it this time?”

She was talking in such a normal and casual manner as if she was telling them the weather was good today.

However, the people around her could not stay calm anymore.

Song Fang let out a “huh” as he could not believe what he had just heard. Everything was happening so fast that he panicked and he could not reply to Fu Zhi instantly.

Then, the class monitor of Class 1 chimed in, “That’s impossible. No.1 High School’s examination is one of the hardest among other schools in our country, and not even me have the confidence to get a perfect score.”

“That’s why I’m not asking you,” Fu Zhi said as she continued to look at Song Fang, “What do you think? All you need to do is just say yes, and I will help you. No one will dare to say anything to you.”

Everyone turned to Song Fang.

It was already a difficult task to get top three in three subjects, and Fu Zhi was telling Song Fang that she could help him get perfect scores in the final examination, which was just around the corner? Had Fu Zhi gone out of her mind?

Song Fang’s palm was filled with sweat. He had a hunch that he knew what Fu Zhi was going to do, but he did not have too much faith in himself and he was worried that he might let Fu Zhi down in the end. Therefore, after he thought for a while, he stammered, “I want to, but I think we don’t have to do every subject. I’m already very happy if I can get a perfect score for one subject.”

Then, F u Zhi said, “Our teachers and friends are here. You don’t have to be so modest. How about you set a small goal first?”

‘Like making a billion yuan?’

Song Fang did not say it out loud and Fu Zhi gave him an assuring gaze. “It’s okay. Just say it out loud.”

“… Sis, Sister Zhi, are you really sure I can do it?” Song Fang said, his voice filled with sobs.

“Of course you can. Just say it. No matter how many subjects you want to have a perfect score in, I will fulfill your wish.”

Song Fang was stunned.

“Really? I… I don’t think I can…”

“Can you stop being a p*ssy? Gosh, you’re really getting on my nerves,” Ye Jiu chimed in.

Song Fang did not know what to say. He lifted his head up to look at Fu Zhi and he froze. There was nothing but determination in her eyes, and it was only then he realized how ridiculous he was.

Who was Fu Zhi? She was their leader. Had she ever gone back on her words before? No!

With that thought in mind, Song Fang then said, “How about 3 subjects? Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. What do you think?”

“Let’s do one more Physics,” Fu Zhi said before turning around to look at Qian Wenrui. “Just you wait. The average score of Class 21 would be higher than Class 1 this time. You have my words.”

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