The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 570 - Saving Ye Jiu

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Chapter 570: Saving Ye Jiu

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The man in front of them was wearing a white shirt and a black hat. He was now standing against the light, and nobody could see his face clearly.

He pointed the gun at Aurora, who was going to extract Ye Jiu’s heart.

“I warn you,” the man hissed, “Lower down your f*cking claw.”

Aurora raised her head. A series of codes flashed across her blue eyes as she began to gauge the situation.

‘He has a gun. Danger level: high.’

Aurora knew she should not belittle the man in front of her. She expressionlessly took the scalpel from the tray and threw it towards him in the next second..

The scalpel glinted coldly under the light as it slashed through the air.

Shen Cizhou squinted his eyes and jumped towards one side. The scalpel swoosh past him and stabbed right into the mirror behind him.

Just when Shen Cizhou had evaded the hit and turned his head around, the woman was already in front of him.

Her eyes under her golden mask gleamed coldly, and Shen Cizhou’s heart skipped a beat.

‘She’s strong!’

This was the first thought that appeared in Shen Cizhou’s mind. He could not see through the movement of the woman in front of him. Even though he had a gun with him, he did not dare to pull the trigger if he was not 100% sure he could hit her.

The instrument beside Ye Jiu showed that his heart was progressively failing. Shen Cizhou reckoned that he had to act fast, or else, it would be too late.

Without giving Aurora any time to respond, he pulled a dagger out of his pocket and darted towards her like an arrow released from the bowstring.

The doctor beside Aurora was nervous as if he had ants in his pant.s

Aurora’s body and abilities were optimized through layers of the system and must not be damaged in the slightest. After all, it was expensive to rebuild her if she was destroyed.

Shen Cizhou’s attacks were ruthless, and Aurora seemed to be on the losing side. The doctor was worried about her, so he went out to call for help.

Honestly, the doctor’s worry was uncalled for.

Although it seemed as if Shen Cizhou had the upper hand, in reality, it was just that Aurora just did not want to hurt him.

After all, she was forbidden from harming humans unless the most critical circumstance.

She thought Shen Cizhou would give up very soon, but she did not expect that the man in front of her would be so hellbent on killing her.

The moment the dagger in his hand approached Aurora’s neck, Aurora quickly raised her hand, and something that looked like a laser was shot out from her palm, snapping the dagger into two pieces.

‘What the? Did she just shoot a laser from her palm? What is she? Terminator?!’

No matter how good he was at fighting, there was no way he could defeat something that could shoot laser from her body.

Shen Cizhou was dumbfounded. This was something out of his expectation. Not wanting to die at a young age, he quickly rolled to the side and brought his hand up. “Hold up! Hold up! I surrender!”

Aurora looked at him expressionlessly.

“My system recognizes you as a threat, so you have to be eliminated.”

Then, without giving Shen Cizhou any time to respond, she raised her hand and pointed it at him.

“D*mn it!” Shen Cizhou turned around and attempted to run away.

However, it was too late.

Aurora had already locked on to his back, and the moment she shot it out, a shadow appeared and pounced Shen Cizhou to the side.

Fu Zhi and Shen Cizhou rolled on the floor for a few rounds before finally came to a stop.

Everyone on the deck was stunned.

“Fu Zhi?!”

“Ms. Fu, are you alright?”

Everyone rushed up to Fu Zhi and began checking on her condition, but she paid them no mind. She rose to her feet and met Aurora’s gaze.

Aurora cocked her head and muttered, “Fu Zhi?”

She sized her up with a sort of sympathetic gaze and commented, “My fathers have told me about you, and they all said that you’re beautiful. Indeed, they’re right, but unfortunately, just like normal people, you have to go through the process of death as well. Your father is too incompetent to bestow you with eternal life, resulting in you not being qualified to compare with me.”

Fu Zhi ignored her. She turned to Shen Cizhou and asked, “Where is my brother?”

“He’s on the operating table inside the room. It seems like they have injected something into them, and he is in a bad condition now.”

Besides, the room was not sterile since the door was opened.

Fu Zhi walked towards the room.

The captain from the 4th division wanted to stop her, but he was blocked by a group of soldiers

The tension in the atmosphere was intense.

The captain of the 4th division hastily added, “You can’t go in! He’s signed a contract with us, and he has given his consent for us to claim his dead body should anything happen to him. His sacrifice is beneficial for the sake of mankind, and more importantly, for the development and progress of human medical history!”

He tried to reason with Fu Zhi, “We’re now in the middle of the operation and you should be able to see how mature the technology of Country M is. They are capable of fixing the loopholes caused by DNA splicing technology. Besides, he’s already been injected with a special drug and there’s nothing you can do now. Do you want Ye Jiu’s sacrifice to come to naught? Also, you’re up against Aurora. She’s way stronger than you, and there’s no way you can get Ye Jiu back from her. You have to think twice, Ms. Fu!”

“Ye Jiu is just a failed subject,” the captain of the 5th division chimed in, “Think about your other brothers. If we sacrifice Ye Jiu, they could live. Besides, we can create more brothers for you after we’ve successfully cracked and fixed the defects in DNA splicing technology! We can even clone another Ye Jiu for you! So—”

“So this is what you guys said to him? This is how you make him listen to you?!” Fu Zhi hissed as her eyes went bloodshot.

“Was he the one who wanted to come into this world? Is it his fault that he was created under the label of a failure? Why should he be made to sacrifice to save others?”

The captain of the 5th division pressed on, “We’re the ones who created him. It’s us who gave him life, so of course we can take it back whenever we want. Besides, he’s already dying, and it’s time for him to give back to the community? You should not interfere with the progress of medical technology for your own selfish reasons!”

“You guys are the ones who gave him life…” Fu Zhi chuckled, “It’s true that you guys are the ones who created Ye Jiu and me, I don’t doubt that. However, have you guys ever asked if we want to be created?! If you truly want to push the boundaries of medical technology, why don’t you offer yourself instead? So stop giving me those high-sounding reasons. If my brother is fine, that’s all. If something happens to him, I’ll make sure every single one of you in the International Crime Unit dies with him!”

Fu Zhi took a glance at Fu Yuan as well as the chief of the special department of China and order, “Keep an eye on them. They’re not going anywhere until my brother is okay!”

“What do you mean by that, Fu Zhi?!”

“Fu Zhi, do you want to make your country an enemy of the International Crime Unit?”

“Fu Zhi, you can’t do this to us!”

“We’re from the royal family of Country M. You have no power to control us. Are you trying to go against our country?”

Although everyone in the International Crime Unit as well as the people of Aurora were dissatisfied with Fu Zhi, ender the circumstance where Fu Zhi had a team of soldiers with her, there was nothing they could do about her.

Aurora looked at Fu Zhi and said, “I gave him a blood-clotting agent, a drug that dissolves the absorption of oxygen by the blood, so he won’t survive.”

There was a hint of manic light in Aurora’s eyes, “You shouldn’t save him. It doesn’t fit the bigger picture. Didn’t your father install other resource packages into your head aside from the “intimacy package”?”

“Shut your d*mn mouth!” Fu Zhi shouted as she turned around and grabbed Aurora by her neck.

“There’s no way you can kill me.”

“Is that so?” She pulled a silver needle out of her pocket and aimed it towards Aurora’s chest.

Aurora’s pupils constricted and she jumped backward.

Fu Zhi followed after, and while Aurora guarded her chest with her hands, Fu Zhi smashed her fist at her face, causing her mask to fall off and her nose to become dented.

Aurora was stunned.

“Go back and ask your father where did he steal the mechanical heart in your heart from!” Fu Zhi said, “Humans would still be humans without robots, but a robot without humans is nothing but a pile of scrap metal. They can keep you alive on this heart, and I can crush it. Go back to your country and don’t try to come after my brother again.”

After that, she gripped at the silver needle and stabbed it into Aurora’s heart through the slit of her fingers, causing Aurora to fall backward like a robot in disrepair and light began to left her blue eyes.

“How dare you!” Aurora’s underling’s face was livid with rage. He broke himself free and dashed towards Aurora.

Fu Zhi then walked into the room and closed the door.

She approached Ye Jiu and took a look at him. Although she had expected this, her face still went pale when she saw his condition.

Her hand began to shake profusely, but she commanded herself to calm down.

Outside of the room, a team of professional doctors had arrived and they all came into the room.

“Ms. Fu, why don’t you let me do it?” A doctor suggested. He was shocked when he saw Fu Zhi’s hand was shaking.

He was a medical student who studied with Fu Zhi for three years before being transferred abroad to work for the international army.

As a former student of Fu Zhi, he knew how good Fu Zhi’s operating skills were.

The first lesson Fu Zhi taught them was that they had to keep a calm mind no matter in what kind of circumstances.

She had never empathized with the so-called separation of life and death.

Although she had saved many lives with her superb surgery skills, there were times she had failed in her surgeries, but there was never a time when she was as vulnerable as she was today, and her voice was choked with suppressed sobs.

The man took over the job and said, “You’re in no condition to perform the surgery right now, Ms. Fu. Why don’t you guide me from the side?”

“Get ready with the artery clamp and forceps,” Fu Zhi said as she took a deep breath to calm herself down, “I will do it.”

The doctor did not know what to say but nodded in assent. At such times, words of comfort were useless. All he could do was stay by her side and assist her in the surgery. Generally speaking, this kind of surgery was risky, especially that Ye Jiu was injected with the blood-clotting agent.

The surgery lasted for 30 minutes.

When the dark cloud subsided and the sun began to come out, a beep rang out.

Ye Jiu’s condition had been stabilized.

“We did it!” The doctor shouted, “Right now, we just need to observe him and wait for him to wake up.”

The scalpel fell from Fu Zhi’s hand.

Her face was ashen pale, and she could barely stand up straight.

“Fu Zhi!” Shen Cizhou dashed into the room. “Pull yourself together! You haven’t paid me yet this month!”

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