The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 571 - Let The Captain Of The 8th Division Fight With Fu Zhi

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Chapter 571: Let The Captain Of The 8th Division Fight With Fu Zhi

Shen Cizhou fell silent for a moment. Then, he gave Fu Zhi a hug. He did not have a brother, so he could not understand the kinship between Fu Zhi and Ye Jiu. He just thought of comforting her because he felt she was sad.

Fu Zhi lifted her hand to wipe the tears off her eye as she said in a sobbing voice, “I didn’t blame him. In fact, he did nothing wrong. The International Crime Unit is right. Experimentation is all about sacrifice, and it’s through their sacrifice that I get a healthy body.

“I’m not sad that he’s leaving. I’m just worried that he’ll have a bad time in a place I don’t know, but even if he’s with me, I don’t have the skills to save him either. He quietly coughed up blood in his room several times, and each time he had to go to wash the sheets and clothes behind my back. He’s obviously not feeling well, yet he still has to take care of my feelings, but I can’t do anything to help him. Have I been letting them down from the beginning?”

“Nope, you didn’t let them down,” Shen Cizhou said as he patted Fu Zhi’s head. His blazer was wet with her tears as he sighed, “They will never be disappointed in you.”

Lowering his head, he pinched her cheek that was overrun by tears and continued, “This is because you’re Fu Zhi. For them, you’re their sister, their family, so how can they be disappointed in you?

“Just like you’ve never been disappointed in them as well.”

“Okay,” Fu Zhi could not say anything anymore. Her chest was heaving up and down vigorously, and her entire body was shaking profusely.

It was as if she had just come back from a near-death experience.

Shen Cizhou patted Fu Zhi’s shoulder gently as he swept a glance at Ye Jiu. “I’m sure you know the way to save them. It’s just that you need some time. However, if you give up, nobody can save them anymore. So you have to pull yourself together first.”

“Okay,’ Fu Zhi took a deep breath and wiped the tears off her face. When she lifted her head up again after a short while, she had already stopped crying.

She looked towards the group of people outside of the room. She could see the people from the International Crime Unit, but Aurora and her people were nowhere to be found.

“Country M has come to claim Aurora and her people. Fu Yuan has no other choice but to let them go.” Shen Cizhou said.

Fu Zhi nodded. Well, she had expected this. After all, Country M had put in a lot of effort and time in developing Aurora. Now that she had been damaged, it was without saying that they would come and claim her.

Fu Zhi took the glove off and exited the room.

The captains from the International Crime Unit were reporting to the headquarters. When they saw Fu Zhi, their hearts skipped a beat, and then they heard Fu Zhi saying, “Lock them up.”

“How dare you, Fu Zhi?! You don’t have the right to detain us!” The captain of the 5th division snapped.

“You’re suspected of illegal trading, abduction of an intellectually challenged young man, and colluding with Aurora to harm the personal safety of Shen Cizhou. We have all the evidence with us, so we have every reason and right to hold you all in custody. As a law enforcer, I’m sure you know many of the criminal laws you have broken, captain. I’m truly disappointed in you.”

Fu Zhi threw the glove into a dustbin, turned around, and barked out her order, “Take them away!”

The captains did not expect Fu Zhi would be so hard to deal with. They looked around them, and their expressions were ugly.

“Are you sure you want to make the International Crime Unit your enemy? Do you have any idea how many elites we have in our organization?”

“So?” Fu Zhi scoffed, “It’s none of my business.”

The face of the captain of the 5th division turned black as the bottom of a pot when he heard what Fu Zhi had said. He rolled his sleeves up and charged towards Fu Zhi.

As the saying went, if you want to catch a snake, you’d have to go for its head.

He knew this very well.

As he pounced towards Fu Zhi, a figure wearing the same silver mask as him appeared out of nowhere.

It was the captain of the 4th division. He hugged his waist tightly and shouted, “Calm down, brother! It would only make the situation even worse if you attack her right now!”

“Let go of me! Which side are you on?” The captain of the 5th division shouted, but the captain of the 4th division refused to budge. He wrapped his arms tightly around his waist and pushed him backward.

“No! I’m not letting you go! Have you forgotten how she beat Matthew up?!”

The captain of the 5th division froze.

Sensing his hesitancy, the captain of the 4th division pressed on, “Do you want to end up like Matthew? She beat him up just because he snatched her slushie away, but we nearly killed her brother!”

The captain of the 5th division stopped struggling.

‘You’re right!’

“So you have to stay calm, dude. We’ve gone through thick and thin together for so many years, and if you die young after provoking her, I will be the next one to be tortured! You have to hold on for me, brother!”

The captain of the 5th division did not know what to say.

Fu Yuan was speechless as well. He waved his hand and they were taken away.

After all of them were gone, he pointed at the room and said, “You won’t be able to explain to your foster parents if you bring Ye Jiu back to Iris Time Villa, right? Why don’t you leave him at my place, first? I’ve sent a message to Fu Zhao, and he’s coming to Myanmar right now.”

Fu Zhi thought for a while and nodded.

Then, Fu Yuan continued, “How about the people from the International Crime Unit? What do you want to do to them?”

“They did something wrong, so they have to pay the price. Tell their boss. If he wants to get them back, he has to pay me five million yuan for each of the members. I accept all sorts of payment methods, but installment is not allowed.”

Fu Zhi paused for a moment. She seemed to have thought of something and she asked, “I remember there are about 20 people in one team, right?”

“Yes, other than the captain and the vice-captain, there are about 20 members in one division.”

In other words, they had to pay a huge amount of money if they wanted to get all of them back.

The International Crime Unit was not a charity organization. Fu Yuan continued, “the price of the captains are the same as the price of those ordinary members under their hands?”

Fu Zhi replied, “All lives are equal.”

Fu Yuan did not know what to say.

“If they have to pay you five million yuan to get one person back, they might be able to ransom a few of them only. What are you going to do with the rest?”

Fu Zhi threw a look at Fu Yuan, and Fu Yuan had no idea why but he had a feeling that she was looking at him as if she was looking at an idiot.

Then, before he could say anything, Fu Zhi said, “Have you ever heard of bundle sells?”

Fu Yuan was speechless.

Fu Zhi then added, “Anyway, tell their boss that I’ll increase the price for another one million if they are late for one day. I’ll give them five days maximum. If the boss doesn’t want them anymore, I’ll send them else way to earn money to back their freedom back.”

Fu Yuan looked at Fu Zhi as if he was looking at a business tycoon.

Meanwhile, at a research institute in Country M.

The door was opened up and a file of men wearing white clothes came in. Each of them had a stern expression on their face.

The news of Aurora being defeated by Fu Zhi soon spread between the research institute in Country M.

They were now looking at the report they received from the head of the research institute.

“A broken nose, a damaged mechanical heart, and the combat package that we installed on her today have gone awry as well,” the head of the research institute said as he pointed at an instrument not far away.

It was a container that could hold a grown man. There was a blue liquid flowing inside that glowed faintly. Aurora was inside the container right now. Her eyes were tightly shut, but she seemed to be vaguely conscious of the things happening around her. She knew her fathers were here, so she stretched her arms at them, hoping that they could comfort her.

“There must be some mistakes in our prediction. Aurora’s parameters are way lower than Fu Zhi’s parameters in her heyday,” the head of the research institute did not notice Aurora’s action and he sighed, “She has become a pile of wasted metals.”

A mumble spread across the gathered researchers as they looked at each other.

Very soon, somebody asked, “Can we get Fu Zhi here so that we can study her brain and see what kind of resource package they have put into her head? After all, Fu Zhi is considered a rather successful specimen in their country.”

“Did Aurora not find out anything from Ye Jiu today?”

“We have to rebuild Aurora. If she can’t defeat Fu Zhi, it means that our technology is not as advanced as them!”

“Let’s rebuild Aurora. An android that can’t defeat Fu Zhi is useless!”

They all could not accept the fact that Aurora could not defeat Fu Zhi even though the latter was just a normal human being.

The head of the research institute then chimed in, “I’m sure Fu Zhi already knows that the mechanical heart in Aurora’s chest is the same as the research done by the Fu Corporation’s research institute. Therefore, we have to improvise it.

“Besides, it’s not practical to get Fu Zhi here, but I’ll keep in touch with Ye Jiu and try to make him cooperate with our research. Right now, all we have to do is upgrade Aurora’s system. After all, we don’t have much time left.”

Unlike the group of researchers, the people of the International Crime Unit were anxious as if they were ants on a hot griddle.

There was no light in the basement, and the only light source they had was a laptop.

After they had keyed in the password and their respective fingerprints, they entered the meeting room of the International Crime Unit.

Due to the urgency of the situation, both captains clicked on the “emergency invitation” button in the meeting room.

The use of the “emergency invitation” button was to gather up the rest of the captains for an emergency meeting.

One after another captain soon entered the meeting room.

The captain-commander did not come, but the captain of the 2nd division knew what his colleagues had gotten into.

He had talked to Fu Yuan. Everything went well until Fu Yuan told him about the amount of ransom.

Perhaps he knew they would not be able to afford it, he said, “The captains for the 1st and 8th divisions aren’t here yet, but let’s not wait for them.”

“Yes,” said the captain of the 4th division, “I don’t know what is going with the captain of the 8th division. Whenever we’re facing an issue, she would definitely not offer any help. It’s as if she’s not part of us! I’m so unlucky to have a colleague like her!”

Jiang Ningbei then chimed in, “You should be grateful that she doesn’t come. If she comes, you guys are going to be in big trouble.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about her,” the captain of the 2nd division interrupted, “She is not coming. Let’s discuss how you guys are going to escape from there.

“First, we need to know where you guys are so that we can send someone to extract you. At the same time, we need to find someone to draw Fu Zhi’s attention.”

The captain of the 4th division then asked, “Who is going to be the one to attract Fu Zhi’s attention?”

For a moment, everyone fell silent.

They might’ve already volunteered themselves in the past, but after seeing the recording of Fu Zhi beating Matthew up, they had changed their mind.

The captain of the 4th division pressed on, “What are you guys still hesitating about?”

Someone said, “Of course we have to think twice. We don’t want to get beaten to death by Fu Zhi before we can save you guys.”

“I can’t do it. I became the captain of the 3rd division due to my witness.”

“I’m a hacker, so I can’t do it as well.”

Just when everyone was talking, someone came into the meeting room, and they were stunned.

It was the captain of the 8th division!

Something popped into the head of the captain of the 3rd division and he said, “Nice timing! Why don’t you go and fight with Fu Zhi, captain of the 8th division?”

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