The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny-Chapter 1050 - Twisted Reasoning

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Chapter 1050 Twisted Reasoning

When Xie Pinggang first arrived in the capital, someone said something unpleasant. He could not help but beat that person up. Due to that matter, he could not go to the Royal Academy to “make money”. That was secondary. The most important thing was that from then on, his rudeness made scholars loathe him.

To put it more seriously, even in the imperial court, those civil officials would be prejudiced because of this matter.

“If you put it that way, it seems to make sense.” Xie Pinghuai nodded. “Back then, I clearly went to the brothel with a few people, but those people pretended to be good to me, but behind my back, they actually let the procuress humiliate me, making me a laughingstock…”

Later on, he also fought with those people a few times, and on a few occasions, he also made them cry for their parents, so it could be considered as revenge. However… Only when he beat them up was he happy.

After that, they would pretend to be pitiful, and everyone would call him a bandit. “Senior Aunty, how can I be different from my eldest brother?” Xie Pinghuai sat down obediently and asked with his head stretched out.

“Don’t show your emotions, restrain your desires, be tactful and reject people nicely. If you persist for a long time, it will definitely be effective,” Xie Qiao said.

He did not understand.

Happiness was happiness, and anger was anger. He could not even express it?! “Do you think that your teacher likes you more or Chu Jian more?” Xie Qiao asked.

“Of course it’s Chu Jian. That kid is too obsequious. After seeing my teacher, he was still smiling. Sometimes when my teacher punishes him, he actually happily agrees and kneels willingly!” Xie Pinghuai sighed.

He was different. If his teacher punishes him, he could not be happy because he figured he would have to work hard again.

“But do you think Chu Jian likes being punished?” Xie Qiao raised her eyebrows and asked.

“Of course not,” Xie Pinghuai said without hesitation.

“That’s it. He doesn’t like it, but he shows courtesy. This is his ability. If you can control your emotions better than him, even if your talent is not as good as his, your teacher will definitely like you more.” Xie Qiao felt that her twisted reasoning was not bad.

She taught her stupid brother to be a scheming person.

Although Chu Jian was ambitious, he was indeed a sensible scholar. It was not that he could tolerate Xiao Yurong’s honor and courtesy. It was that he learned the way of Confucius and Mencius and had filial piety in his heart.

However, no matter how much she talked to Xie Pinghuai about these principles, he never paid attention to them.

She could not teach him. Even though he was much more restrained now, he was still less sensible than an ordinary person.

If he could understand a little of what she said and not make others think that he was a fool that was easy to fool, it would be enough.

“That’s why Senior Aunty was also angry just now. You only acted like you weren’t angry. They could not see it either. On the contrary, they were afraid of you?” Xie Pinghuai asked.

Xie Qiao nodded helplessly.

In reality, she was indeed not angry at all.

She was not angry because she was not in good health. She had learned to adjust her emotions and would not be upset over such a small matter.

“Then I will learn from you in the future.” Xie Pinghuai felt that his senior aunty in front of him was much more powerful than his teacher. “Senior Aunty, you are the most reasonable one and you don’t like to scold me. You speak gently and it makes me feel comfortable!”

“Is Xiao Yurong so annoying to you?” Xie Qiao was also helpless.

Her foolish younger brother did not know the price of disrespecting his teacher.

It was also because Xiao Yurong had tolerated him many times that he was allowed to continue learning from him. If it were other teachers, they would have kicked him out of the academy long ago.

“Teacher loves to lecture me. His words are too profound and I can’t understand him. If I ask him, he will make me copy books in order to make me remember those allusions. If I don’t ask him, he will punish me even more severely the next time…” Xie Pinghuai felt that it was difficult for him too!

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