The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1051 - Winner in Life

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Chapter 1051 Winner in Life

Xie Pinghuai looked a little pitiful at the moment.

He did not really hate his teacher.

He knew what was good for him. Xiao Yurong cared more about him than his own father. He punished him by getting him to copy books and asked him about his studies. It was all for his own good. He knew that.

He had indeed made progress recently and received a lot of praise. However, compared to others, he was still not good enough. He always made his teacher sigh.

Hearing that irritating teacher sigh, he felt uneasy. He always felt that he was too stupid and was not the same kind of person as his teacher.

Her foolish younger brother did not have the ability to understand Xiao Yurong’s words. At this point… Xie Qiao really could not help him.

“You can copy another two years of books and you will understand by then. The road to knowledge is always hard at the beginning,” Xie Qiao lied.

The truth was… it would always be hard.

With a strict and demanding teacher like Xiao Yurong, it would be impossible for him to turn over a new leaf in his life.

However, her foolish little brother had such a good life!

When he was a bandit, he was still young, and the family was busy beating up barbarians. No one cared about him. He was free to go up and down the mountains and rivers. He was very carefree. When he grew up, his father became an official and he became a young master. He was doted on by Ms. Lu. After Ms. Lu left, Aunt Lin doted on him. When he was about to walk on the right path, he even had such a good teacher…

In that case, he was really a winner in life…

In comparison, she and her eldest brother had a much harder time.

Xie Qiao looked at him with envy. Xie Pinghuai could not tell. He only felt that his senior aunty was kind and gentle, as if he was his aunt!

Xie Qiao stayed there for a while. Ding Mao, Zhou Sijin, and the others waited for the others to stop staring at them. Then, they braced themselves and went to Xie Qiao.

She was sitting there quietly.

There were many people who were curious about her, but most of them knew their manners and would not disturb her.

Xie Qiao tested Xie Pinghuai. She had a thorough idea of his current progress.

It was just that he was not diligent, but his mind was still quite active. With Xiao Yurong urging him, his progress was actually very big. It could not be compared to Chu Jian, who was already a high scholar.

Xie Pinghuai started late, so there was no need to compare with him.

In her opinion, he should be able to take the examination next year.

Seeing that he had made great progress, Xie Qiao was even more gentle to him.

After approximately two hours, he saw people whispering to each other not far away. She did not know what they were talking about.

Xie Qiao looked around and saw the ghouls of a few scholars floating toward a place. They were muttering to each other. From the sound of their voices, it seemed that… someone had died?

“Senior Aunty, what’s wrong? Test me again. I can answer such simple questions!” He had written many of them more than a hundred times. How could he not know it?!

Xie Qiao stood up. “Someone died. Let’s go and take a look.”

“Someone killed someone?” Xie Pinghuai was instantly energized. He even took out a knife from his pocket. “Senior Aunty, don’t worry. I’m very capable! If a murderer dares to come near us, this young master will finish him off with a knife!”

Xie Qiao rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t show your emotions.”

Xie Pinghuai smiled awkwardly when he heard that. He looked left and right before scratching his head. He sheepishly put away the knife and looked serious. However, his gaze was still a little uncertain, it was obvious that he was still mischievous.

It was already good enough that he could keep his expression. He could take his time.

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