The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 726 - Beat You to Death

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Chapter 726: Beat You to Death

Not only that, Bao Lunsheng wanted to have a son instead of a daughter. This woman’s mother-in-law was not a good person, so she must have doted on her grandson too much.

Her son was still young, so his influence was not great. However, what would happen in a few years?

Perhaps when this woman was old, her son might die of illness due to anger, or perhaps he might die because of his violent temper. This daughter had suffered since she was young, and she would die easily…

Xie Qiao was definitely not looking for trouble.

The woman’s eyes went blank for a moment. It was unknown what she had thought of, but there was confusion and fear in her eyes.

“A-Are you here to beg for food at my door or…” Only then did the woman look at her clothes carefully.

Although she was a Taoist master, the material of the Taoist robe was soft and smooth, and the shoes she wore were embroidered with cloud patterns. She should not be a scammer who would fast.

However, she ate the food that she had given her so happily.

“I can do something for you since you gave me food.” Xie Qiao smiled at the woman. “I have a few options. You can choose from them.

“First one, you will lose your husband after the divorce. This poor Taoist master will get someone to help you with the divorce. The two children will follow you. I’ll get you a job as well. No one will disturb you, your family and your in-law’s family.

“Second one, you will become a widow and inherit your husband’s family business. I will also get you a job. I will guarantee that you will not be bullied for five years. What happens after five years will be up to you.

“Third one, you will marry again after the divorce. If you don’t want the children… I will send them to the Taoist temple to cultivate.”

It was unknown if the Yuxu Temple still needed people.

After Xie Qiao finished speaking, she smirked at the woman.

The woman looked at her in shock. “Y-You…”

What did this Taoist master mean?

“What happened to my husband?” Could it be that something happened out there?

“He’s fine now, but this penniless master is here to tell you that I have taken a liking to this man of yours. I’m here to take his life,” Xie Qiao said with a straight face.

This time, she was here to be a vicious person.

After taking care of that ghoul, she would have to do things for her. She would have to kill him and pay with his life.

Three lives, there were so much grievances. After thinking about it, she thought she should pay with his life.

Of course, in her way, this person was not going to die immediately, but it was only a matter of time.

After Xie Qiao finished speaking, the woman was scared silly.

As they were talking, someone in the house shouted outside, “Do you have a death wish?! You’re slacking off and not doing your chores? Your husband is coming home soon, why don’t you hurry up and cook? If you starve my son, I’ll hit you!”

As soon as she said that, pain appeared on the woman’s face.

That was her mother-in-law. She could not ignore her mother-in-law’s words. If she was insensible, her mother-in-law would divorce her.

If she was chased out of the house, no one would care about her daughter. Her son would have to call someone else his mother.

Her mother-in-law clearly knew what kind of person Bao Lunsheng was, but she still got them married. Clearly, she did not care about her life…

Her life was really too tough. It was too tough!

“Taoist master, I know you’re trying to fool me, but… if I really have a choice, I’ll choose the first one. I want to stay far away from them. I don’t care about his family wealth, I just don’t want to have anything to do with him…” The woman rubbed her eyes and hurriedly rubbed her hands on her clothes. Then, she took the bowl of water from Xie Qiao’s hand and said to her mother-in-law, “Mother, there’s a Taoist master passing by. I’m just offering a bowl of water…”

“Taoist master?! When did you get into an affair with a wild man?! When your husband comes home, I’ll get him to death!” The voice from inside rang out again.

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