The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 727 - Black and Empty

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Chapter 727: Black and Empty

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Xie Qiao listened to the sounds from inside. Looking at the remaining biscuit in her hand, she put them into the bamboo basket.

After taking a few steps, she brushed past Bao Lunsheng.

Xie Qiao turned her head and glanced at Bao Lunsheng’s back. Her eyes were cold.

Something fell out of her sleeve, and then she walked away as if she had not noticed it.

Behind her, Bao Lunsheng stopped in his tracks and saw a small golden Pixiu that the Taoist master had dropped on the ground!

He hurriedly took it in his hand and bit it with his teeth. Then, he was overjoyed. He had clearly seen who had dropped this item, but he immediately left with the item and returned home.

Xie Qiao went along the way and directly went to report the case.

Coincidentally, the official had seen her before, so he immediately followed her to the Bao Residence.

“It’s him. He stole my thing.” When Xie Qiao brought the men into the Bao Residence, as Xie Qiao thought, Bao Lunsheng was going to hit his wife.

The woman on the ground held her head. The two children huddled at the corner of the table, not daring to move. Meanwhile, the mother-in-law was sitting there, eating her meal with an expressionless face.

When she saw the officers, her expression became a little panicked.

“Steal her thing?! I didn’t!” Bao Lunsheng immediately shouted.

“This penniless master lost a golden Pixiu. This thing…” Xie Qiao stared at his embrace. “He has it. We’ll know after we search him.”

“Where did this stinking master come from?! This thing is obviously mine. How did it become yours?” Bao Lunsheng naturally did not admit that.

“Then may I ask what is carved on it?” Xie Qiao calmly asked.

With that said, Bao Lunsheng had nothing more to say.

The officers immediately took action and indeed found the Pixiu. Xie Qiao then said, “Officers, two words “water” and “moon” are written on it. It is the name of the Taoist temple this penniless master cultivates in.”

The officers were very straightforward. Since they had caught this thief, of course they had to bring him back to the administrative office and lock him up.

They immediately took action and were about to tie Bao Lunsheng up.

“I picked this up! I didn’t steal it, I didn’t steal it!” He looked flustered.

Xie Qiao did not need to say anything else. Bao Lunsheng’s reaction just now was enough.

She had initially planned to ask her eldest brother for help, but she was afraid that Bao Lunsheng would hit his wife soon. If he hit her too hard and killed her, then she would regret it. So, she first made a small charge against him. She would think about what to do after he was locked up in the prison.

The man was quickly taken away. Xie Qiao was not in a hurry to leave. Instead, she glanced at the old lady and smirked sinisterly. “Old Lady, why are there two newborn girls riding on your head? Eh? Other than the girls, there’s… My, my. Look at that belly. It’s black and empty. It’s so scary…”

Xie Qiao took off after she spoke.

It was as if she had seen a spirit.

The old woman, on the other hand, was petrified.

Instantly, she had goosebumps. Her entire person was in a bad state. She looked left and right, and she was so scared that she trembled!

Two newborn girls? And that black hole… belly?! Was that not… Ms. Wang and the two short-lived girls?!

There were two children in the Bao family and an injured woman. Xie Qiao could not let the dark energy in the Bao family be too strong, so she only said a few words to scare them.

Old people were most likely afraid of death. The longer they lived, the more they would think about it.

Thinking about the bad and good deeds she had done in this life, perhaps she would feel guilty?

“You’re short-lived… You’re not blessed, why do you blame me?! Y-You should go to the midwife, right?! She’s the one who cut you! Girls…. I had no choice. My family is so poor, I can’t support the two of you! If I keep you, how will my son get a wife?!”

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