The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex - Chapter 1438 - She Was Doing The Experiment

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Chapter 1438 - She Was Doing The Experiment

Anyone who heard someone say their parents were bad would be shocked.

Mo Ling was the same.

At the moment, he only felt as if the ceiling above his head was shaking as he walked.

He had to admit that this girl was so strange.

What she said was also inexplicable.

Mo Ling still remembered that when he met the parents of the girl in the morning. They, about sixty, seemed kind and polite to him. Moreover, according to his intuition, they must love their child very much.

He couldn't understand why the girl just said that her parents were bad people.

The girl looked at Mo Ling and suddenly showed a bitter smile.

"Oh... You don't believe it. Well, I knew you wouldn't believe it." The girl seemed to be saying to herself, and then she gave out two sighs.

At this time, in addition to feeling strange, Mo Ling was also very confused.

What he was more puzzled about was the girl's behavior.

Even if she thought that her parents were bad people, why did she tell him rather than the police, and why should she go to Mingchun road that night?

There seemed to be a series of questions around.

"Why do you say that?" Mo Ling looked at the girl with great confusion, as if intending to look for something from her expression.

The girl smiled faintly, that kind of helpless smile, not like what Mo Ling saw when he came in. At that time, the girl gave him the feeling of a naive and lovely child.

"They..." The girl sighed, as if wanting to say something, but she didn't finish that, "forget it, I won't tell you about it."

Mo Ling, "They love you so much."

Mo Ling didn't believe that the couple were bad, but felt that the girl had misunderstood her parents. The girl seemed to have some mental problems.

The girl smiled bitterly, "Maybe."

She gave an ambiguous answer.

Mo Ling could leave at this time. After all, this girl was just a stranger to him, but not knowing why, he felt there was something secret about the girl, so he wanted to know about that.

"By the way, your name is Ling Fei, isn't it?"

The girl nodded, "Yes, it's fate, isn't it. There is a 'Ling' in our names, so it's destined that our fate will be tied together."

Mo Ling became speechless for a while. Why, the girl always talked nonsense.

"Why did you go to Mingchuan road in the middle of the night?" Mo Ling asked again. This question continued to puzzle the girl's parents; so it did to him.

A girl appeared on the road leading to the suburbs in the midnight and was even hit by a car.

Even if the girl wanted to hail a taxi, she should not be on that road where there was no taxi passing.

Ling Fei chuckled. This time she laughed out, but the strange smile disappeared immediately.

"Tell you about it, Mo Ling. I'm there to do an experiment."

Mo Ling, "Experiment, what experiment?"

Mo Ling was shocked again. In a word, this girl just made him feel strange.

The girl took a deep breath, looking up at the ceiling for more than ten seconds, as if hesitating whether to say it.

After a while, she looked at Mo Ling again. This time her voice became lower. She lowered her voice and said, "It's said that Mingchun road is a haunted road. On the fourteenth day of every lunar month, there will be dead people passing on that road."

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