The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 1064 - Both Sides Have Interests  

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Chapter 1064: Both Sides Have Interests

Did Blake really lose part of his memories in China?

Samuel looked at Blake, who was sitting opposite him and asked with a sneer, “This time, your aunt did something wrong. Don’t disturb Miss Jiang’s rest in the future.”

There was a threat in his tone.

Blake had long been used to Samuel’s attitude. What really surprised him was that Samuel was actually ruthless enough to deal with Amy.

This was something he did not expect.

Samuel recalled what had happened recently and suddenly felt powerless.

He increased his investment in Fu Jiuxiao, but the agreed share was much less than before.

It was all caused by Amy.

Samuel did not say anything. He just raised his glass and slowly took a sip.

Angie sat beside Blake and said softly, “Aunt Amy made a big mistake. It was Mr. Fu and Miss Jiang who stopped pursuing it on account of you, but the compensation is still necessary.”

Blake already knew what had happened when he stayed in the hospital to treat his illness.

He did not know that Dr. Malcolm’s psychological treatment had caused his mental disorder. He only thought that the Black Crow Organization had poisoned his body and caused damage to it. That was why he hurried back to Country M.

“I got it! Arrange for someone to send you home!” Blake said.

Samuel slightly raised his eyes and looked at Angie’s sullen expression. He only sneered in his heart.

How could the heir he had groomed be a gentle person?

The reason why Blake chose to temporarily acknowledge the engagement was because of the power behind Angie. It had nothing to do with Angie.

What Angie wanted was simpler. It was just Blake.

There were benefits for both parties to exchange.

“Angie, you can go back first!” Samuel also spoke.

Angie’s eyes reddened. She was reluctant to part with Blake, but she was even more reluctant to part with the engagement that she had obtained with great difficulty. In the end, she stood up gloomily and was escorted away by the bodyguards.

Blake held his forehead in disbelief.

He understood Angie’s attitude better than anyone else.

Would he agree to the marriage?

What he really cared about was Qing Xin.

“Blake? You go and rest too. Remember what I said,” Samuel said.

Blake should not disturb Jiang Li.

Amy’s fault was something they had to bear together.

A hint of gloominess flashed across Blake’s eyes, but no special expression could be seen on his face. He acted more nonchalant. He just nodded sullenly and said, “I got it, uncle. I’ll go upstairs first.”

Samuel looked at Blake’s departing figure and smugly narrowed his eyes. He was quite satisfied.

He had already made an agreement with Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li not to mention ‘Yue Qing’ in front of Blake.

As long as Blake maintained his current situation, he would be very satisfied.

“Sir, President Fu is here,” the assistant reminded Samuel.

This day was the last day they had agreed to talk about cooperation.

Samuel had already arranged everything in the garden and was waiting for Fu Jiuxiao’s arrival.

When Fu Jiuxiao walked into the western-style garden, he could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth, feeling that it was ridiculous.

He held Jiang Li’s hand and was about to enter the door, but he was stopped by Angie.

“You guys…” Anqi’s gaze fell on Jiang Li’s side, and she pursed her lips tightly.

Jiang Li was really lucky.

She could survive in that situation safely.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Li asked coldly.

Although what happened to her had been planned by Amy and seemed to have nothing to do with Angie, when she saw Angie, she felt as if a thorn had pierced into her heart.

This made her have to be on guard against Angie.

Angie blushed in embarrassment and said in a low voice, “I’m sure Blake doesn’t remember what happened in China. Uncle Samuel only said that your cooperation in China was very good and that you two had a good relationship.”

“He admitted the engagement.”

Her last sentence was the main point.

Angie was reminding Jiang Li not to talk nonsense in front of Blake.

“Congratulations,” Jiang Li answered perfunctorily.

When she turned her head and saw the bodyguard who came out to welcome her, she didn’t talk to Angie anymore and slowly walked into the yard.

Angie only took a few steps and found that the car Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li were in was Samuel’s favorite car.

A wave of irritation rose in her heart. When she looked back at the couple, she was envious of their intimacy.

No rush!

She and Blake would have such a day too.

Jiang Li felt that after Angie left, she gradually frowned and said in annoyance, “This Angie is not right.”

Not only was she not right.

Angie seemed to be envious of her relationship with Fu Jiuxiao, but she was more guilty.

“Do you think that this incident is related to Angie?” Fu Jiuxiao’s voice was slightly deep, and it was obvious that he was full of killing intent.

He would not let go of anyone who wanted to murder Jiang Li.

Jiang Li reached out and gently pressed on the back of Fu Jiuxiao’s hand. She lightly shook her head and said, “Let’s deal with the cooperation with Samuel first.”

They were led to the dining table in the garden.

The surrounding scenery was like an oil painting.

The decorations on the dining table were even more elegant.

A hint of surprise flashed across Jiang Li’s eyes. She actually did not understand what Samuel meant.

Was Samuel’s usual taste like this?

It did not match his personal image at all.

This looked very romantic.

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