The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed - Chapter 1065 - A Good Partnership  

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Chapter 1065: A Good Partnership

Jiang Li’s attention was attracted by the desserts on the table. She could not help but take a step forward and reveal a loving expression.


No matter how tough a person was, they would still like beautiful things.

However, most people would choose to remain reserved out of politeness, but Jiang Li would not.

Jiang Li naturally picked up a piece of dessert and took a bite. She complimented generously, “The taste is very good. It’s very sweet but not greasy.”

Samuel chuckled. “Thank you, Miss Jiang, for your compliment. It would be even better if it was accompanied by coffee or fruit tea.”

“Please, have a seat.”

Samuel sat down first.

After he was Fu Jiuxiao and Jiang Li.

Samuel looked at the two of them, his expression was slightly frozen. Suddenly, he suspected that his intimidation was not enough.

After all, this manor was his territory.

When Fu Jiuxiao came in, it could be said that he did not feel any pressure. He was quite casual, and Jiang Li was even more so.

Were they not afraid that they would be in danger?

Various speculations emerged in Samuel’s heart. He even thought that Fu Jiuxiao was outside the manor, and there was another ambush.

“Mr. Samuel, should we talk now?” Fu Jiuxiao asked.

Samuel came back to his senses and said with an embarrassed smile, “Sure, let’s talk while we eat.”

Jiang Li did not say a word the entire time. Instead, she looked at her surroundings as if she was enjoying them.

Samuel and Fu Jiuxiao’s conversation was interspersed in the afternoon tea. From time to time, there would be some things that could not be settled, but in the end, there was still a new agreement.

“You just need to ensure that my people won’t be obstructed and made difficult after entering Country M. That’s enough,” Fu Jiuxiao said.

Samuel’s hoarse voice reminded him, “I won’t provide any other help.”

For example, manpower.

For example, guns.

He planned to let Fu Jiuxiao lead this confrontation with the Black Crow Organization, and he was prepared to do nothing but wait for the final outcome.

If it was an ordinary person, they would not agree, right?


Fu Jiuxiao agreed.

Not only did Fu Jiuxiao agree, but he also suggested a few hiding places and arrangements after the personnel arrived.

Samuel was very confused, and he did not understand Fu Jiuxiao’s determination.

Did he really not need Samuel’s help?

Fu Jiuxiao was very determined.

Of course, the cooperation in Jing City could continue, and the agreement with Samuel was also effective. However, the person in charge had to be changed.

It could not be Blake anymore.

Samuel also had the same intention. If Blake arrived in Jing City, it would be easy for him to meet the boy he liked.

He was very unwilling.

“Don’t worry, I will arrange for good people!” Seeing that everything was settled, Samuel’s attitude was also relaxed.

Their topic turned to the Black Crow Organization, exchanging information with each other.

Jiang Li did not say a word throughout the whole process. From time to time, she sized up the bodyguard standing in front of her and revealed a smile.

If she was not mistaken, this bodyguard was staring at her, right?

How interesting.

Fu Jiuxiao also saw the look in the bodyguard’s eyes. He was especially dissatisfied as he put his arm around Jiang Li’s shoulder, declaring his sovereignty.

The matter was settled.

It was late.

Fu Jiuxiao accompanied Jiang Li back to the temporary residence, ready to pack up and rush back to China.

After they left, Samuel asked in a deep voice, “How many people have they arranged?”

The bodyguard replied, “None.”


Fu Jiuxiao did not arrange for people in advance?

They were calm and composed, which made Samuel mistakenly think that Fu Jiuxiao was prepared.

Samuel sneered, but he was a little annoyed. Young people nowadays were becoming more and more calculative.

He turned to look at the bodyguard who had been staring at Jiang Li and asked mockingly, “Why? Do you think that you are dissatisfied with Miss Jiang’s survival?”

The bodyguard quickly lowered his head and said, “No.”.

“You are my bodyguards. You just need to focus on your work.” Samuel flung his handkerchief and got up to leave the table.

How many of these bodyguards wanted to test Jiang Li’s skills? Did they think their master would not be able to tell?

Jiang Li sneezed and narrowed her eyes. She leaned into Fu Jiuxiao’s arms and murmured, “The afternoon tea tastes good.”

“We can prepare it when we go home.” Fu Jiuxiao put his hand on Jiang Li’s shoulder and coaxed her gently.

Jiang Li pursed her lips and smiled. After kissing Fu Jiuxiao, she talked about her observation of the manor.

Amy should not be locked up in this place.

Fu Jiuxiao’s eyes dimmed, and then he smiled disdainfully. “Samuel wants to protect Amy? Then he should just hide her and never let her appear.”

As long as they found Amy, they would never let this woman go.

Jiang Li contacted Elder Mo and asked the driver to turn around and pick Elder Mo up from a local specialty restaurant. They returned to their residence together.

Elder Mo had a regretful expression on his face. He felt that if he stayed in Country M, he could take a look around.

He said to Jiang Li, “You two young people, Listen carefully. I will travel to Country M occasionally.”

Jiang Li’s heart skipped a beat. She smiled and replied, “Master, as long as you think that this disciple of yours can practice by herself, of course, you can go abroad for a walk.”

Elder Mo snorted. “The best way to practice is to practice. When you are familiar with those moves, I will teach you the other moves.”

“Thank you, master!” Jiang Li replied with a sigh.

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