The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1041 - How to Divide the Property

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Chapter 1041 How to Divide the Property

“But you were there!” Xia Jun replied with a stiff neck. “You were there, so you will definitely be found!”

Looking at his fervent denial, Xia Xibei couldn’t hold back a loud laugh.


She laughed and slapped her thighs, losing her usual elegant image, not at all like the beautiful actress on the screen.

“What are you laughing at?”

Xia Jun stared at her with an ugly expression, breathing heavily.

Xia Xibei was still laughing, but did not answer him.

Xia Qingxun couldn’t stand it anymore and explained, “Even if there was a picture of her, so what? If things blow up, she can still sue


Xia Qingxun really did not understand when Xia Jun got so stupid.

He used to be fine, and although he didn’t love them much, his IQ was still quite normal.

How did he become like this? Spouting nonsense and making a mess!

Couldn’t he think about what was best for him?

If this went on, did he think anything good would come from this?

Xia Qingxun did not know that this was also the effect of the drugs.

After taking that kind of drug, in addition to the physical effect, one’s IQ was also affected.

Xia Jun was somewhat intelligent before, but after this trauma and the residual effects of the drug, he had quickly become the “moron” that everyone despised.

However, Xia Jun was not completely brainless.

After the problem was pointed out by Xia Qingxun, he finally came to his senses.

No matter how this thing developed, they were still in the wrong!

If the matter was exposed, Xia Xibei could still sue them!

Moreover, Xia Xibei must have evidence on hand. In that case, everyone would condemn them.

In addition to being condemned, they would also be punished by the law.

If she was an ordinary person and this kind of thing had happened, there would be a private settlement and then the whole thing would be swept under the rug, nothing coming out of it.

However, Xia Xibei was a star!

If a big star encountered this kind of thing and was betrayed by her own father…

There was no question. Xia Jun realized what kind of outcome it would be.

When the time came, it would definitely be a huge scandal!

If things got too big, he would never be able to get a good deal!

Then, he couldn’t get a divorce if he wanted to.

Xia Xibei stopped laughing and looked at Xia Jun while hugging her chest, “How about it? Can you get a divorce now?”

Xia Jun hesitated for a moment and finally gritted his teeth. “Yes, but how will the property be divided?”

“I don’t…”

Chang Qianzi stood up and wanted to say she didn’t want anything but was pulled back by Xia Xibei.

“The company is my brother’s, and as for the other assets, you and mom will share them equally.”

Why didn’t Chang Qianzi want any assets?

Chang Qianzi had been married to Xia Jun for so many years, had given birth to two children, and had run the household for so long, and she didn’t want anything?! She’d be stupid if she didn’t!

Moreover, Chang Qianzi was already very respectful in not taking more, and had even left him a house!

Xia Xibei thought it was fair, but Xia Jun jumped to his feet.

“No way!” He was furious. “I own the company!”

Other assets were fine, as there were not many, but how could the company be taken away from him?!

“Huh,” Xia Xibei mocked him. “The company is my brother’s, what’s it to you? Didn’t you leave the company long ago?”

Without waiting for Xia Jun to blow up, she added, “If you don’t agree, I’ll send a few photos out first. Don’t worry, no one will ever find out about me.”

Even if he told the police that she did it, it was useless. They couldn’t find out!

Did they think Tang Luo was useless?

Listening to Xia Xibei’s unapologetic threat, Xia Jun was stunned.

This damn girl was too cruel and vicious!

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