The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1042 - Divorced

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Chapter 1042 Divorced

“Well? Agree?” Xia Xibei asked as she looked at Xia Jun.

Xia Jun’s face was wonderfully livid.

Xia Qingxun and Chang Qianzi looked at each other but didn’t say anything.

They knew that Xia Xibei was angry. It was also justified. Who wouldn’t be angry when encountering something like this?

If it happened to them, they would want to kill the perpetrators!

Xia Xibei’s approach was already very kind.

If Xia Jun didn’t agree, no one knew what he would encounter later.

Chang Qianzi looked at her daughter lovingly, wondering how much she had suffered to become so decisive.

In her opinion, decisive was not a good word, because it meant Xia Xibei had suffered a lot to react this way.

Thinking about Xia Xibei’s adoptive parents, she felt even more heartbroken.

This child has suffered too much.

Xia Jun did not feel that Xia Xibei had suffered! He only felt that she was too cruel and terrible!

However, if he did not agree, the result would be horrific.

After hesitating for a while, he finally gritted his teeth and nodded, “Yes! I agree!”

When they heard him relent, Xia Qingxun and Chang Qianzi let out a sigh of relief.

Xia Qingxun hugged his mother and patted her shoulder in silent comfort.

Chang Qianzi hugged her son and said directly to Xia Jun, “Since you’ve decided, let’s divorce today!”

Xia Jun looked up incredulously. How could she be so quick? Couldn’t she have waited two more days?

This was too heartless!

Could it be that Xia Xibei inherited her cruelty from her?

No matter what, the marriage had to end, so both parties called their lawyers.

After hearing the couple’s request, the lawyers were stunned.

It was not that they hadn’t come across this kind of business before. There were many clients who had discussed the division of property at home before divorcing, but it was not often that you saw a division like theirs!

Moreover, the two people seemed to be fine before. They were the model couple that everyone envied, so how come they suddenly wanted to divorce?

Although the lawyers were all kinds of curious, they wore professional smiles and showed their best professionalism, so that there was no fault to be found.

The two children were adults, so there was no so-called custody battle, only the division of property, and the formalities were quickly handled.

Although the subsequent division of property still took a little time, the two had signed various documents and got the divorce certificate.

After getting the divorce certificate, Xia Jun’s whole body seemed to be stripped of its bones, and he had lost his spirit. His shoulders collapsed, and it instantly aged him more than ten years.

Too many things had happened today, and he could not hold up.

On the contrary, Chang Qianzi’s whole body was relaxed.

She originally thought that she would live with Xia Jun for the rest of her life.

She didn’t expect that the divorce would come so suddenly.

However, after the divorce, she felt that life seemed to be quite good!

Moreover, with her children by her side, there was no difference from her old life.

Anyway, Xia Jun used to go out and fool around, but she never knew about it.

Now that she was away from Xia Jun, she was in a better mood.

“Mom, I’ll take you to the beauty club to relax.” Xia Xibei took Chang Qianzi’s hand and wiggled her eyebrows, “Wash off all the dirt. We need to treat ourselves!”

Xia Qingxun took out a card and said, “Yes, you can spend as much as you want. Use my card!”

Chang Qianzi was amused, “You guys!”

Xia Jun stood not far away. Looking at the three people being so happy, his mood was difficult to describe.

After a while, he turned around and left.

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