The Side Character's Hidden Boss! - Chapter 479 - Reconciliation

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Chapter 479: Reconciliation

Translator: Lonelytree

Now that the old master was determined to quit Flower Appraisal, he had no choice but to side with the second master. Young master, please don’t blame me for being ruthless!

Cheng Xiao returned to the dorm and looked at Mo Li. Mo Li was the key for her to get the old-timers to transfer their research results to the second master Quan.

However, Cheng Xiao realized she needed a second out. If Second Master Quan failed her, there was another person who could give her the desired future.

She sent Mo Li’s information to an email. Han Xu’s phone vibrated. He glanced at the phone and was shocked. He didn’t expect that Mo Li’s multiple survivals from death were related to another member of Flower Appraisal. Flower Appraisal was an organization started by his ancestors. It had two goals, one was to collect wealth and the other was to help the family accomplish goals that couldn’t be resolved the legal way. Han Xu only took over the organization recently.

Han Xu heard from the butler that currently Flower Appraisal had been split into two parties based on their stance, the new and the old. However, everything that happened to Mo Li was arranged by the newer party in Flower Appraisal so how was it related to the old-timers? Han Xu was confused.

On the other hand, Mo Li woke up early the next morning. According to the script, they were about to get a special guest that day. Zhu Huan was confused. Which normal person would volunteer to join this program?

The host introduced enthusiastically, “Let us put our hands together for our special guest today. He has been away from the screen for 3 months already but now he is back. Jiang Yan!”

When she heard that, Mo Li’s heart skipped a beat. Mo Zheng can walk already? Does this mean the surgery was successful?

Mo Zheng got off the bus and looked at Mo Li with a nervous expression on his face. But he quickly composed himself and looked at the camera. “Hello everyone. Long time no see. I’m Jiang Yan.”

During the break, Mo Zheng walked over with a towel, water, and a bottle of sunscreen to where Mo Li was sitting. Cheng Xiao and Zhu Huan left astutely.

Mo Zheng sat beside Mo Li. After some time, he said, “Dr. Lu is amazing.”


This was rare for the siblings who often argued. Mo Li didn’t know what to say when Mo Zheng praised Lu Xuan so she just went along with it.

When Mo Zheng stood up at home, everyone was shocked. Mo Yun told him to treat Mo Li better and Mo Zheng was confused. He noticed that everyone treated Qiao Qing coolly. He was stuck in the middle and didn’t know what to say.

The truth was revealed when he went to visit Lu Xuan. It was Mo Li who completed his surgery. Mo Yun also found Mo Zheng the evidence of Qiao Qing finding people to create problems during his surgery. The family decided to send the girl overseas.

However, for some reason, Mo Li never brought these up in front of Mo Zheng. Even now, Mo Li didn’t look like she was going to talk about it.

“Thank you.” When the production team called for them to continue filming, Mo Zheng stood up and said. Mo Li never wanted anything from Mo Zheng. She did what she did because he was family.

“Young Master, you’re not going in?” Ah Si looked at Quan Yu. They were standing at the entrance to the military camp.

Quan Yu glanced at Mo Li who was in the middle of filming. He sighed. Beijing was more complicated than Pearl River. If someone found out about their relationship, they would harm Mo Li.

“Let’s go home. I’ll call grandpa first.” Quan Yu glanced at Mo Li. After she finished with the recording, Quan Yu picked up his phone to call his grandfather. Quan Yu hadn’t been home for a week already. He had been too busy to look after his grandfather. He left Ah Zhong and Gong Zi to look after his grandfather.

Quan Yu was confused when the call didn’t go through. He immediately called Ah Zhong and Gong Zi. There was no answer either.

“Ah Si, triangulate their location. What are they doing?”

Quan Yu had a bad premonition in his heart. Elder Quan had weak knees so it could take him time to grab the phone but what about Ah Zhong and Gong Zi?

“Ah Si, we need to get home now!” Quan Yu couldn’t wait any longer. He felt something was wrong. His heart trembled and his hands shook. There was no reason for the calls to go unanswered.. His grandfather, Gong Zi and Ah Zhong might not hear it but the maids and servants definitely would.

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