The Side Character's Hidden Boss! - Chapter 480 - Quan Ji’s death

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Chapter 480: Quan Ji’s death

Translator: Lonelytree

Quan Yu kept calling on the way back. He was worried that someone would eavesdrop on Elder Quan’s phone so he bought him a modified phone. Only Quan Yu and his second uncle, Quan Feng knew the number. The phone was on 24 hours, and it was normally inside the pocket of Elder Quan’s wheelchair. Elder Quan would never not pick up the calls from this phone.

Just as Quan Yu was about to hang up, the call connected. There was a burst of noise like people were arguing. Quan Yu wanted to scream but was afraid it would cause the person to harm his grandfather.

“Who are you? Why are you in the Quan family home?” Elder Quan’s voice came from the phone. Hearing that, Ah Si stepped on the pedal and rushed through several red lights.

Elder Quan coughed and shouted. There was static on the other end. The other person still hadn’t spoken. Then there was the sound of fighting and things falling. Elder Quan hissed, “Xiao Yu will never forgive you! I have no idea you people want me to die so soon!”

Then there was a horrible sound. Ah Si who had a good hearing, heard terrifying laughter.

“I’m not the only bright one in the Quan Family. You think you have hidden well. I’m already half-dead already, do you think I’ll be afraid of you?”

Quan Yu’s car flew out. The static continued on the phone. Elder Quan was hit by a stun baton and he coughed violently. “When Xiao Yu is back, you’ll be dead.”

Elder Quan was not afraid. Quan Yu was incensed, he was not afraid of losing his family business, but he couldn’t allow himself to lose his beloved grandfather. He really wanted to know who was so courageous to do something like this!

Quan Yu’s eyes were sharp and cold. Ah Si drove as fast as possible. Soon they arrived at the villa. Elder Quan heard the brakes and revealed a smug smile. “He’s back, you’re done for!”

The man was fearless as he pushed the old man down the stairs. The old man tried his best to shield himself but he was too old. He rolled down the stairs. He landed on the floor and tried to crawl towards the front door. The man behind him locked the door, picked up the dying Elder Quan, and slammed his head heavily on the ground.

Soon the old man died and stopped struggling.

Quan Yu and Ah Si reached the front door but the door was locked. All the windows were locked too. The Quan family house was like a dungeon. No one could leave and no one could enter.

“Damn it!” Quan Yu howled. His most important family was inside the house. If the intruder was his enemy, they wouldn’t be kind to his grandfather. Quan Yu’s eyes reddened at this point.

“Young master, we can climb through the 3rd-floor windows!” Ah Si looked up at an open window. “Young Master, I’ll go in and open the front door. Wait for me!”

Then Ah Si climbed up the pipe to the 3rd-floor window. He slipped in.

Ah Si rushed down to open the door for Quan Yu. Both of them saw the corpse of Elder Quan.

“Old Master!” Ah Si’s eyes were wide with anger. It was his fault. If he had driven faster, perhaps such a thing would not have happened.

When he saw his grandfather lying there, Quan Yu was unable to breathe.

Quan Yu felt incredibly dazed. He was unable to stand up properly. He opened his mouth to tell Ah Si something but the darkness enveloped him.

When Quan Yu woke up, Mo Li and Ah Si stood beside him. Quan Yu felt his heart pain.

“Don’t move. When you were unconscious, I completed your heart surgery. You need to rest. With regards to your grandfather… I’m sorry.” Mo Li wanted to say something more but looking at Quan Yu, she didn’t know what to say.

“I’ve inspected your grandfather’s injuries.” Mo Li whispered. Although she did not have permission from Quan Li, she still carried out an autopsy. The fatal injury was on the old man’s head, and there were serious injuries to his skull. “I also found drugs in his system. It depleted him of his strength.”

When he found out Quan Yu had woken up, Quan Feng rushed over.. He held Quan Ji’s photo and cried.

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