The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

Chapter 416: Out of Closed Door Meditation

Chapter 416: Out of Closed Door Meditation

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It was not easy to comprehend the Law of Time. Moreover, the Law of Time would be useful only when Minghe's Indestructible Demon Body achieved perfection, . Thus, he was not in a hurry. Now, his priority was to recover the power of the Real Body of Rakshasa. Although Indestructible Demon Body had been recast, its power was far away from that at the Peak.

But with the Law of Time, it would not take too much time for him to return to its Peak. Although it consumed a lot of supernatural powers when using the Law of Time, he still had the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation. Depending on the formation, even if he did not consume supernatural powers, it could speed up by 10 times, which would multiply his cultivation time by 10. After all, Minghe needed time more than anything else.

Looking at everything in Zixiao Palace, Minghe waved his sleeves and collected them all. Then, he took the sapling of Star Tree of Origin and Twelve Earthly Branches Formation out of the palace and put them in the main hall. As for Zixiao Palace, he gave it directly to Heaven and Earth Taoist. Compared with Minghe, Heaven and Earth Taoist would make better use of the treasure.

Sitting cross-legged in the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation, Minghe began to practice. With Air of the Divine Law, endless Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth surged into and flowed throughout his body, and finally transformed into his power. That was to say, Minghe's power recovered a little with each passing quarter. However, the Eternal Heart was an exception.

Now, Minghe's priority was to recover the power of the Indestructible Demon Body. As for the power of Eternal Heart, Minghe could not recover it to the Peak for the time being. He demanded plenty of Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth and Air of the Divine Law. Moreover, Minghe's three Divine Laws were not effective enough to help it to recover the power. Therefore, its power only recovered a little over the past several tens of thousands of years.

Although the Eternal Heart was powerful enough and had recovered a little more strength, which was good news for Minghe, the powerful strength also meant a heavy burden. If a man of the Fate Realm used the strength beyond the Fate Realm, it might cause great damage to the body, Original Spirit, and Origin, even if the strength was from Minghe himself. Unless there was no other way, Minghe would not use the power of the Eternal Heart.

Furthermore, the secrets of the Eternal Heart could not be discovered by others. Once found, Minghe might be noticed by people with ulterior motives. Although the power of the Eternal Heart was strong enough, it might be used up. Furthermore, in the Land of Central Region, no tactical formation or Magic Weapon could release the power beyond that of the Fate Realm. All the forces had profound backgrounds, so nobody knew their cards.

Since he was uncertain, Minghe naturally could not be overconfident. Although he had killed Hongjun now, he could not relax. After all, Hongjun was only one person in the Deva-loka, and there were a lot of people like him. Moreover, in the Central Region, there were innumerable experts, and Minghe was far from invincible.

On the trip to the Starry Sky Region, Minghe was fruitful, so he also needed some time to digest these things. Most importantly, he comprehended the Law of Time and knew something about the other two laws, when he stayed in the Twelve Earthly Branches Formation. It was believed that he might reach Late Stage of the Fate Realm before long.


Minghe knew nothing about the outside world during Closed Door Meditation. At the moment, the situation changed again in the Central Region. Hongjun's deliberate plotting caused nearly 1,000 experts to die, which led to a big storm. Among them, there were many Inner Disciples or Core Disciples of heavenly forces. Naturally, it would attract the attention of all forces.

As a result, the Starry Sky Region suddenly enlivened. All forces sent their disciples to pry into information. Unfortunately, they were doomed to be futile. Nobody would have guessed that Minghe had already killed Hongjun, who was the chief culprit to cause so many experts of the Fate Realm to die. All traces had been obliterated as Minghe left, so they would never discover the truth.

Although this incident created a big impact, everything would be erased as time passed. Gradually, people would forget it. However, as a land of countless Fated Chances opened, the incident would be thoroughly forgotten. Compared with the message about a group of the dead, the limitless Fated Chance was more attractive.


Millions of years had passed quickly, but the mountain where Minghe's Immortal's Cave located had not changed at all. During the period, except Taoist Hongquan, who he met in the Yun Ling Academy of the Eastern Region, almost nobody went there. However, Minghe had been in a state of Closed Door Meditation, so he did not see any visitors and could not be contacted. Therefore, Taoist Hongquan could only return without accomplishing anything.

During this time, Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth and Air of the Divine Law of the Mountain Yunling flooded into Tao-seeking Palace like rivers into the sea, without any sound. Like a bottomless vortex, Tao-seeking Palace swallowed all the Air around without pausing. Naturally, the scene attracted some people's attention.

On a peaceful mountain, a manor stood on a hillside. Taoist Hongquan sat upright on a stone bench, and his old acquaintance Taoist Jiangwu sat opposite him. Although they were from two different sects, they had a great relationship. Even if they came to the Mountain Yunling, they maintained their stable relationship, and frequently contacted each other to discuss the Great Way.

At the moment, Hongquan and Jiangwu were playing chess. Jiangwu said, "Brother Hong, Minghe had been in the state of Closed Door Meditation for so long. What do you think he is doing? Is he practicing or comprehending the Law of Weapons? The Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth arbitrarily flew into his residence for millions of years without a pause. It's really impossible to guess what he is doing."

Hongquan held a white chess and laid it down, and said, "Brother Jiang, Minghe is very mysterious. And he is an excellent talent, whether it is in refining weapons or practicing. Although he broke through to the Fate Realm not too long ago, it's easy for him to break through to Middle Stage of the Fate Realm. At that moment, he will be our equal."

Now, Hongquan and Jiangwu had reached the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm. Although they were ever at the Early Stage, they reached the Fate Realm tens of thousands of years earlier than Minghe. At present, they came to the Mountain Yunling, so it would not be a big problem for them to break through to the Middle Stage. However, they just did not know that Minghe had already reached the Middle Stage.

Jiangwu picked up a black chess piece. When he was going to place it down, he felt a strong flow rising into the sky. He immediately turned his head and sighed with emotion, "Enviably, some fellow Taoist has broken through to the Late Stage of the Fate Realm. Although I've reached the Middle Stage of the Fate Realm, I still need tens of millions of years' cultivation to realize this."

Upon hearing Jiangwu's words, Hongquan also nodded. When he saw the source of the strong flow, he was suddenly stunned. After a long time, he said flatly, "It seems that... Minghe's Immortal's Cave is in... that... direction." With this, Hongquan and Jiangwu both fell silent.

Obviously, Minghe's sudden breakthrough shocked them very much. Minghe just broke through to the Fate Realm not long ago, so they never expected that he would break through to the Late Stage of the Fate Realm so quickly. Ironically, the man who they never took seriously, was ahead of them.


In Tao-seeking Palace, Minghe appeased his strong vital force and opened his eyes slowly. After millions of years' Closed Door Meditation, he finally fully recovered and improved by leaps and bounds. Especially, when the Original Spirit reached the Late Stage of the Fate Realm, it was a happy surprise. After a short duration of enlightenment, he enhanced a lot in the Divine Law. At present, the man he used to be could not be compared with who he was now.

Originally, Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings had been close to the Late Stage of the Fate Realm. It was reasonable that they broke through after long-term cultivation. To Minghe's surprise, he comprehended the Law of Time much easier than he had expected. His comprehension also greatly increased his strength. After all, one plus one plus another one would probably be greater than three.