The Surgeon’s Studio - Chapter 792 - Gave Up Helplessly

Chapter 792: Gave Up Helplessly

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Zheng Ren understood the whole process and the details of the announcement.

Therefore, after seeing the radiographic films, Zheng Ren’s first impression was that he had advanced pancreatic cancer with liver metastases.

However, it was not ruled out that it was a neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas.

Hearing Professor Yang’s words, Zheng Ren nodded and said, “Take a closer look. If it’s an endocrine tumor of the pancreas, there might be a way.”

The patient’s family seemed to have lost their ability to make their own judgments. They stood by the side with a particularly ugly expression.

The local diagnosis was of the advanced stage of pancreatic cancer. He came to Imperial Capital with the intention of giving it a try. However, the professor’s first thought when he heard this was also of the advanced stage of pancreatic cancer. At this moment, the patient’s family was thinking of giving up the treatment.

As for the endocrine tumor of the pancreas, was it not still a tumor no matter what?

What was the difference?

Zheng Ren replaced the CT scan of his upper abdomen and inserted the nuclear MRI radiographic films into it.

The enhancement seemed to provide more information.

Although Zheng Ren had the ability to reconstruct, more radiographic films could provide more details, which was also helpful for reconstruction. However, reconstruction was only morphological and could not provide pathological evidence. It was not particularly helpful for the diagnosis of the patient in front of him.

From the perspective of the changes in hemodynamics, Zheng Ren tried hard to differentiate between malignant tumors of the pancreas and endocrine tumors of the pancreas.

“Have you checked the immunostaining of pheochromogen A?” Zheng Ren asked.


“Let’s check it out. The arterial phase on the radiographic films is problematic. It is still more likely to be an endocrine tumor of the pancreas,” Zheng Ren said. “If possible, do an endoscopy and take a biopsy of the pathological tissue.”

“Okay.” Professor Yang nodded.

Zheng Ren’s initial judgment was enough. At this time, no one could determine the stage, so the next step of treatment could not be discussed.

If it was the G3 stage, Professor Yang would advise the patient’s family to give up. But if it was the G1 or G2 stage, it could be treated completely.

“By the way, Chief Zheng, if surgery can be done, do you have any ideas on your side?”

“We can do radiofrequency ablation,” Zheng Ren said.

“It’s good that you can do it.” Professor Yang smiled.

The surgery could remove the space occupied by the pancreas. However, it was very difficult to remove the space occupied by the liver in the General Surgery Department. The best way was to receive interventional treatment.

It was good that Chief Zheng could do it and dared to do it. This meant that the patient’s survival period would be extended.

After putting the radiographic films together, Professor Yang’s movements became slower and slower. He could feel the shift in the patient’s family.

However, he still handed the bag of radiographic films to the patient’s family and said, “Come as soon as possible. Do a biopsy. The pathology will determine the nature of the patient’s lesion. It may not be pancreatic cancer. If it isn’t, after treatment, the patient’s survival period can reach about ten years.”

“Oh, okay, okay. Thank you, thank you.” The patient’s family said a few polite words, bowed, and left.

Seeing the patient’s family member disappear, Professor Yang shook his head.

He then sighed.

Zheng Ren was also an senior doctor. From the details of the family member’s words and actions, he could also determine the probability of what would happen.

The patient’s family member did not have the intention to strongly request for surgery or treatment. He only came to ask for confirmation so that he would have a better reason to give up on treatment.

However, Zheng Ren and Professor Yang gave a plausible conclusion and wanted to do another check-up.

Both of them noticed that there was a kind of disappointment hidden under the patient’s family’s polite tone.

There was even…some anger?

In fact, the degree of malignancy of neuroendocrine tumors was far less than that of pancreatic cancer. Although there was distal metastasis, it was only a characteristic of neuroendocrine tumors.

If it was confirmed and could be treated with surgery, Zheng Ren was confident that the patient’s life expectancy would be raised to more than ten years.

According to the latest wikileaks, Jobs’ death was due to both neuroendocrine tumors and AIDS. After all, he was a hippie when he was young, so it was not surprising that he had AIDS.

But looking at the mood of the patient’s family, they probably gave up after going back.

Whether it was for family or financial reasons, these had nothing to do with the doctor. In terms of illness alone, it would really be a pity if he gave up.

However, the doctor could only give advice to the patient’s family members. As for whether to treat him or not, the doctor could not make the decision.

Professor Yang patted Zheng Ren’s shoulder and quickly adjusted his mood; he smiled and said, “Little Zheng, the recovery of the patients with liver hydatid disease after surgery is particularly good. All the test values are gradually recovering. Your surgical skill is really not bad. When I find another patient, will you teach me?”

“Brother Yang, you’re too polite.” Zheng Ren smiled and said, “If there is, we can discuss it.”

Professor Yang was a little happy that he agreed to it.

There were two different concepts in the field of autologous liver transplantation. There was someone who taught it and there was no one who taught it.

In the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery of 912, the chief had performed autologous liver transplantation, but the number was not large. Professor Yang had also seen the chief perform on the stage. His skills…were really not as good as Zheng Ren’s.

In fact, he was very curious. How did Zheng Ren manage to perform that surgery at his age?

There was also a precedent for general surgeons to engage in interventional procedures. At least half of the TIPS surgeries were performed by general surgeons and interventional surgeons together.

However, Chief Zheng had both his hands, and both his hands were skilled. This was quite amazing.

The patient’s family members left, and Zheng Ren finished looking at the radiographic films. He then took his leave. Professor Yang walked Zheng Ren to the door and watched him leave.

Zheng Ren walked to the elevator and felt a little regretful.

This illness could still be treated. It was indeed a pity to give up. However, there was no other way. Zheng Ren sighed.

Su Yun had not returned yet, so Zheng Ren was not in a hurry. He returned to the ward and took a look at the postoperative patient.

Chang Yue and Little Oliver were not so busy anymore. With Professor Shen, there were three people doing the preoperative work. Zheng Ren’s team could be considered strong.

Professor Rudolf Wagner was busy sorting out the statistical data.

The Nobel Prize judges and the relevant data of the surgery patients were very strict. Zheng Ren did not have any intention of doing these trivial things at all.

It was much better to let the Professor and Su Yun do it.

However, the problem was still the number of patients. Thousands of surgeries and postoperative follow-up would become a big problem as the number of surgeries increased.

Winning the Nobel Prize was not something that could be achieved with just skill or passion.

Zheng Ren saw that there was nothing much going on in the department and was ready to find Little Yiren to go out for lunch.

In the past few days, Zheng Ren, the chief of all the relevant departments in the hospital, had visited them. Most of them were just being polite. Zheng Ren felt that it was not impossible to point at these chief of staff get them to bow their heads.

It was not easy to get to this point.

He took out his phone and was about to send Xie Yiren a WeChat message when a call suddenly came in. It was from Su Yun.

Zheng Ren immediately picked up.

“Boss, pick-up in a second!” Su Yun said. “The Pediatric Emergency Department. Hurry up!”

“What’s wrong?”