The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness - Chapter 1129 - Feng Tianlan Saved The Beauty Again

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Chapter 1129: Feng Tianlan Saved The Beauty Again

Upon hearing this familiar voice, Chen Xinyi opened her eyes. When she saw the face she had missed for a long time and thought about how she had been rescued by him again, she immediately sobbed aloud aggrievedly, “Master Shen…wuu…I knew it! You are my benefactor again.”

Every time she was in danger, Master Shen would appear just in time. This time as well, he seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

“You are seeking death!” When the four men saw Feng Tianlan, they yelled angrily and raised their swords to attack her.

Feng Tianlan lifted her phoenix eyes and as she raised her hands, green vines flew out instantly, slapping the men’s faces violently, like flying snakes. She quickly stepped out and kicked at the crotch of the nearest man to give them a taste of the martial arts move that prevents such perverts from bearing children!

“Ouch!” His terrible scream resembled a pig being killed.

When the rest saw this scene, they clenched their buttocks, feeling the pain in their own balls as if they were the ones being kicked instead.

“He’s really looking for death!” The salacious man who took the lead wiped his face hard and raised his hand. A huge ice tiger rushed towards her fiercely. The vivid ice tiger seemed to want to tear her apart.

Feng Tianlan looked up casually, raised her hand, and Fire Spiritual Force flew out. Instantly, a huge fire phoenix burst into the air, fluttering, spreading its wings. As it hugged the ice tiger, the tiger perished immediately.

The salacious man took a step back in shock and condensed Ice Spiritual Force in his hands, turning his flesh into an ice sword which he used to stab at Feng Tianlan quickly and ruthlessly. This would definitely kill her!

On the receiving end, Feng Tianlan merely lifted her eyes lightly. She did not even consider him a threat. Facing such a forceful frontal attack, she did not even take a step back. Instead, she looked directly at him coldly and curled up the corners of her lips slightly. She was very disdainful of his so-called most powerful trick.

“Master Shen!” Upon seeing that she was not dodging the attack, Chen Xinyi exclaimed. She even moved quickly and stood in front of Feng Tianlan to protect her.

With the extra figure suddenly appearing before her, Feng Tianlan did not even have the time to frown. She stretched out her hands, grabbed Chen Xinyi’s clothes, and threw her aside. Because she could not draw her sword in time, she raised her hand directly and condensed the Fire Spiritual Force in her palms to counter the attack.


Two powerful streams of spiritual forces collided. Feng Tianlan stood as steady as Mount Tai, without even faltering by one step. On the other hand, the salacious man flew into the air, spitting out a mouthful of blood. He fell straight to the ground dead with his eyes open.

Upon seeing how powerful Feng Tianlan was, the four other men screamed in fright and scrambled to run away.

“Go.” Feng Tianlan did not call White Cutie-Pie by name, fearing that Shi Yiqing would recognize her.

“Meow!” White Cutie-Pie yelled sharply and domineeringly, lifting up its sharp claws, and chased after the four of them. It was not long before all four of them died under its claws.

Feng Tianlan glanced at Shi Yiqing, took out a Grade 4 Quick Healing Pill, and knelt down to hand it to him. “Hurry up and eat this.”

“Thank…Thank you.” Shi Yiqing received the pill without ceremony and thanked her weakly. Then, he took the pill.

Feng Tianlan walked toward Chen Xinyi, who had been injured from being thrown aside by her. The corners of her mouth twitched as handed her the Quick Healing Pill and turned around to leave.

“Master Shen.” Chen Xinyi pulled Feng Tianlan’s sleeves and looked at her aggrievedly. The love and affection in her eyes had increased further now that she had been rescued by him yet again. She wanted to marry Master Shen now!

Feng Tianlan pulled her sleeves back from Chen Xinyi’s hands. She did not want her to misunderstand her intentions, so she said coldly, “I didn’t want to make a move, but I can’t stand watching men bullying women.”

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