The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness - Chapter 1130 - A Miniature White Cutie-Pie

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Chapter 1130: A Miniature White Cutie-Pie

Chen Xinyi helped Shi Yiqing up and followed Feng Tianlan’s every step, her voice choking as she sobbed, “I know, I won’t bring it up again in the future, so please can we still be friends?”

“No!” Feng Tianlan refused indifferently, but she did not walk too fast. After all, Chen Xinyi and Shi Yiqing were not bad guys. If they were left on their own, they might really die if they encountered danger again.

Chen Xinyi became even more aggrieved. Her eyes turned red. “I just want to be your friend.”

“That is not necessary.”

When Chen Xinyi heard this, tears fell down her cheeks. She knew that Master Shen did not need to return her affections. However, whenever she thought of how the Demon King continued to pester Master Shen even though he already had the Demon Princess Consort, she felt distraught. She wanted to drag Master Shen out of that mess to prevent him from being hurt.

“Thank you so much, Master Shen, for helping me again this time. If there is any need in the future, I will do my best to assist you.” Shi Yiqing looked at Chen Xinyi who was crying silently and sighed. This cousin of his was really the kind of girl who would not give up even if she was dragged down to the Yellow River.

“It’s not a big deal, don’t worry about it.” Feng Tianlan said coldly.

With tears rolling from her eyes, Chen Xinyi followed behind Feng Tianlan. She wanted to say something, but she felt that Master Shen might be annoyed with her again, so she decided not to speak at all and followed him silently.

“How is Moning of the United Mercenary Regiment?” Shi Yiqing asked, breaking the silence. The pill Feng Tianlan gave him took effect quickly. By now, his body was already gradually recovering and his voice was no longer weak.

Feng Tianlan stretched out her hands to tease White Cutie-Pie who was lying on her shoulder and looked at the tall trees in front of her. “Not bad so far. He is a capable person.”

It was just that Shi Moning, who seemed to be looking for abuse, was often turned on by Mei’er’s seduction, and then…

Hmm, although he was often tortured he seemed very happy. Is it possible that he had fallen in love with Mei’er?

“That is good, Moning is an illegitimate child. He may have been bullied a lot when he was outside, that is why after coming back, he was hostile towards everyone…” Shi Yiqing continued to talk about Shi Moning to avoid the awkward silence.

Feng Tianlan switched White Cutie-Pie’s position to her right shoulder and glanced at Shi Yiqing. From his words, she could tell that he loved Shi Moning, but that he also felt helpless.

“Meow~” White Cutie-Pie woke up at last, calling out softly, and rubbed its little furry head against Feng Tianlan’s neck, happily behaving like a baby. It felt so comfortable to cuddle and act like a baby with its Master at any time.

Hearing the meowing sound, Shi Yiqing looked at White Cutie-Pie. It looked just like a small white cat, lying lazily on her shoulders, whining softly. What a cute little creature. The cries it made sounded very familiar too.

“Master Shen, this cat’s cry is very similar to my friend’s tiger.”

If he remembered correctly, Feng Tianlan’s tiger sounded like this as well.

“Meow! Meow! Meow!” White Cutie-Pie protested, showing her teeth and staring hard at Shi Yiqing. I am a beast, not a cat or a tiger!

Seeing it with its fur all standing up, Shi Yiqing felt even more familiar with it. “They are really very similar! My friend’s tiger also disliked people calling it a tiger and would always meow like this too.”

He did not know why, but the more he looked at the cat in front of him, the more he felt that it was the miniature version of Feng Tianlan’s white tiger.

Feng Tianlan did not speak and continued to stroke White Cutie-Pie’s soft fur to quieten it down.

Because of the presence of White Cutie-Pie, other Spiritual Beasts did not dare to approach them. Following the map on the jade tile, they walked for two or three days until they saw the exit of Wanxiang Forest and stepped out…

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