The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 1786

Chapter 1786: Chapter 1771 drinking


“after hearing so much from me, do you think that I’m very pretentious? ” Cai Jingjing tilted her head to look at her. Actually, many people would think that she was pretentious because they thought that she had a secret crush on someone, and that person just happened to not like him Was there a need to add so many scenes for her?

But only those who had experienced it would understand this feeling.

She was completely confused, confused, helpless, and unable to extricate herself.

She couldn’t help but think of him. Actually, it was a very painful thing to have a secret crush on someone.

“How can that be? How can you be so delicate? You’re not pretentious at all. ” Freewill completely interrupted her train of thought “Sister Jingjing, you should be thinking about how you can be happy instead of thinking about making that person happy. In this world, everyone is actually selfish. ”

Freewill patted her shoulder. “It’s rare for you to come out to watch the sunrise today. Don’t think about these messy things and don’t think about that person. Just be happy. ”

Cai Jingjing burst into laughter. In fact, he still felt quite uncomfortable, but seeing freewill enlighten him like this.. She didn’t say that she still had to put on a straight face. “thank you for comforting me. I’m much better than before. Go over there quickly. I’ll talk to someone else. ”

Of course, she couldn’t monopolize freewill and talk to him for so long. Gu Yinshu had looked at her with several eyes just now.

“okay, I’ll come back to find you later. ” Freewill smiled and ran to Gu Yinshu again.

“Yinshu, do you want some water? ”

“No, I’ll take you to breakfast later. ” Gu Yinshu reached out to catch her. “If you want some water now, I’ll go down and buy it for you. ”

Sui Xin shook his head. “I don’t want to drink water. I just want to ask you. You have to give me a chance to express myself, right? It seems like you’ve been taking care of me the whole time. ”

“What a fool. ” Gu Yinshu really didn’t know what to say. “Isn’t it natural for a boyfriend to take care of his girlfriend? ”

Freewill gave him a silly smile and bounced around beside him, looking very happy.

Chen Shuxin looked at freewill, who was completely like a child in front of Gu Yinshu, revealing such a lively side, which was very rare. She was dumbfounded.

What happened to being mature and steady, Miss Jiang.

“Why do you always look at freewill? If this goes on, I’ll really suspect that you’re a lesbian. ” Song Yan was grinning at the side, and his words obviously sounded jealous.

“F * Ck Off, you only know how to spout nonsense. If I’m interested in follow my heart and I’m a lesbian, do you think you’ll have anything to do with it? ” Chen Shuxin smiled and reached out to pinch his face.

Cai Jingjing, who was not far away, was already chatting with Zhou Tao. Cai Jingjing belonged to the quiet type of girl. Originally, she was not even close to a frivolous boy like Zhou Tao, but for some reason, the two of them had quite a pleasant chat.

“You’re in such a bad mood. Do you want to go for a drink later? ”

“I want to drink. ” Cai Jingjing was not the kind of old-fashioned student, so she did not seem to have much resistance to drinking.

At the moment, her mental state was not very good, and her mood was not very good. He felt that he was also very depressed sitting in the classroom.

Therefore, Zhou Tao’s suggestion made her feel that it was feasible.

“Okay, where do you think? Let’s go for a drink together. ”

“Aiyo, cool. Wherever you say we go for a drink, we’ll go for a drink. ”