The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao how dare you flirt with me - Chapter 1788

Chapter 1788: Chapter 1773


“okay, okay, okay. You’re the most handsome. There’s no need to deliberately like any girl, okay? ”

Cai Jingjing could not help but laugh out loud. She looked at him and said, “then let me ask you a question. Do you have an ideal type of girl that you like? You can at least ask this, right? I don’t believe that you don’t have such an ideal type of girl. ”

Hearing her question, Zhou Tao’s gaze suddenly fell straight on her body, making her feel a little uncomfortable.

“Why can’t I ask this question? Or did I poke a sore spot in you? ”

The latter half of his sentence was used in a teasing tone. His hand subconsciously grabbed the cup in his hand, but it still couldn’t hide his current mood.

“What you said. In the past, you had some contact with us. Don’t tell me you don’t know what kind of girl I like? ”

His inexplicable words made her heart palpitate for some reason.

“What you said, how would I know what kind of girl you like? Although I had some contact with you guys in the past, I really can’t figure out what you guys are thinking. ”

Zhou Tao didn’t say anything and just continued eating his breakfast.

Cai Jingjing was too embarrassed to ask again. What she said just now was indeed a little over the top. It was just a casual sentence, and it was just a spur of the moment for her.

After almost finishing her breakfast, she suddenly heard Zhou Tao say, “I don’t like that type of girl. If I like someone, I like her. I don’t mean what type I like. ”

Cai Jingjing:”…”

When she heard this, she was stunned for a moment. When she looked up, she saw his back.

“Then I don’t believe that you won’t appreciate a certain type of girl more. ” Cai Jingjing suddenly became interested and followed him. “Do you think that I’m pretty or Chen Xue is pretty? ”

Chen Xue was the class Belle of their class and belonged to the more seductive and charming type.

Actually, this girl was quite popular with those boys. At least her looks were more interesting.

Not to mention that they were all boys, even girls like them thought that Chen Xue was very pretty.

“It’s very simple and very pretty. Isn’t that publicly acknowledged? ” Zhou Tao said, “If you and she are not the same type, there’s no need to compare. ”

Was the latter half of his sentence comforting her She was actually a little happy to hear it today because no matter which girl, she would always hope that others would praise her beauty.

“Then if it were you, would you choose such a girlfriend? ”

“You’re asking. If it wasn’t because you’ve always had someone you like, I would almost think that you want to be my girlfriend. ”

Cai Jingjing was very surprised. “Why does it feel like the news of me liking that person has already spread throughout the entire school? ”

Anyone could tell, and this made her a little subconsciously afraid.

When Zhou Tao saw that she did not follow him, he turned around and saw that she was still standing where she was. He was still a little flustered and asked, “What are you doing? You’re still standing where you are. Didn’t you say that we were going to drink together? ”

“No, I was wondering if the entire school knew that I was chasing after him. ”

She was a little flustered as she went forward and reached out to pull down his clothes. There was still a little grievance on her face. “Oh my God, if that’s really the case, then wouldn’t I be very embarrassed? Everyone is looking at me as a joke, and I’m still foolishly throwing myself at him. ”

Zhou Tao thought that she suddenly didn’t want to drink again, but he didn’t expect it to be this. He laughed slowly.

“So there are times when you are afraid. When you chased him back then, you were so brave. I thought you would never be afraid. ”