The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 833 - Forced the Fish to Rebel

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Chapter 833: Forced the Fish to Rebel

When the Illusionary Electric Eel saw the five swords flying toward it, its heart broke! It originally thought that it would be a very easy mission, but who knew that it would encounter a little pervert! ‘Sob sob, I quit. I just want to go home!

The Illusionary Electric Eel turned around and ran! If it did not run, its little life would be finished!

“Wait! Little loach, don’t you want to regain your freedom? Are you willing to be enslaved by others?” Yun Chujiu shouted from behind.

Although the Illusionary Electric Eel paused for a moment, it still continued to swim forward. This little pervert must be deceiving it. It could not be fooled. If it stopped, he would definitely kill it with a sword.

“Little loach, what I said is genuine! You signed an equal contract with that person, right?! As long as you listen to me, I promise to help you regain your freedom.”

The Illusionary Electric Eel was a little tempted. It had been forcibly contracted by someone. Its ideal home was the vast sea, and it was not a person’s spiritual pet at all. Moreover, that person’s spiritual power was slightly weaker than its own. Then again, this little girl might be lying to it. No, it could not be fooled.

“Oh, little loach, is that all you have? Do you want to be a cowardly spiritual pet for the rest of your life? Think about the vast sea, and think about the life of an overlord. Don’t you dare to take a small risk?” In order to show her sincerity, Yun Chujiu put away the five immortal swords.

Yun Chujiu’s words stimulated something in its body. Yes, it was also once an overlord. Could it just muddle through life? A lifetime of servitude? No, it would not! It wanted to go back to the vast sea. It wanted to live a life again!

The electric eel turned its head and swam toward Yun Chujiu. It stopped 100 feet away from her. Apparently, it wanted to hear Yun Chujiu’s plan.

“Those people aren’t good at swimming. You can just capsize their boat. Although you can’t kill your master, you can kill the others. Those people will be left in your hands. We’re responsible for killing your master. As long as he dies, the contract will naturally be canceled.

“Even if we can’t kill him, you can still forcefully cancel the contract while he is distracted to deal with us. Although it may cause some damage to your primordial spirit, you will be free in the future. It’s worth it to pay such a price.”

“Moreover, if you trust me, I promise you that I will help you refine a spirit replenishing pill to help you restore your primordial spirit. Whether you want to be a spirit pet without dignity or a free overlord, is up to you.

“If you agree with my opinion, then lift up your broken whisker. If you don’t agree… Hehe! Then I won’t be polite! I haven’t eaten braised eel in a long time!” Yun Chujiu said as she summoned the five fairy swords again and played with the water.

The Illusionary Electric Eel was so angry that it almost fainted. ‘This little pervert! How was this a choice for me? It’s clearly forcing me into it! Ah, ptooey! It was forcing me to rebel!’

The Illusionary Electric Eel thought for a moment. The little pervert was right. The worst outcome was that a part of its primordial spirit would be damaged. Even if the little pervert did not help it refine the tonic pill, it could cultivate for hundreds of years and be as good as new. No matter what, it was better than being ordered around like a dog! ‘Forget it, I’ll go all out!’

When the Illusionary Electric Eel thought of this, it raised one of its whiskers, indicating that it agreed with Yun Chujiu’s suggestion.

Yu Hai and the others were completely dumbfounded!

Damn, what was going on?

Their sect master had tricked a Tier 13 Illusionary Electric Eel into rebelling? Damn! This was too awesome!

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