The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 834 - The Illusionary Electric Eel That Had Been Turned

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Chapter 834: The Illusionary Electric Eel That Had Been Turned

Yun Chujiu nodded in satisfaction. “As the saying goes, a wise man submits to circumstances. Little loach, you will definitely have great development in the future!”

The Illusionary Electric Eel drooped its head and did not have any reaction. If it were anyone else, they would not be alive and kicking at this time. As a Tier 13 demon creature, it had actually been beaten up by a little pervert. It really had no honor left!

“Little loach, hurry up! While that bastard still hasn’t reacted, hurry up and flip the boat. We will act according to the plan!” Yun Chujiu waved her little claws, signaling the Illusionary Electric Eel to act quickly.

The Illusionary Electric Eel nodded, turned around, and quickly swam toward the boat where Fan Zhen was.

Fan Zhen and the others were also a little puzzled. Why did they still not see the bodies of those people float up after such a long time? Logically speaking, the battle should have been resolved a long time ago. Could it be that the Illusionary Electric Eel was still playing around with them?

Fan Zhen used his spiritual sense to urge the Illusionary Electric Eel.. When the Illusionary Electric Eel heard his tone that sounded like he was reprimanding a dog, it became even more impatient. Its determination to kill him became even firmer.

The Illusionary Electric Eel swam from the bottom of the water to the bottom of the boat. Although Fan Zhen and the others saw the water churning, they thought that the Illusionary Electric Eel was chasing after Yun Chujiu and the others, so they did not care.

The boat that Fan Zhen and the others were on was not big, and it did not have any defensive functions. How could it withstand the collision of the Illusionary Electric Eel? It immediately flipped over!

Those people were still gloating and pointing on the boat when they fell into the water unprepared. It was suddenly chaotic!

The scariest thing was that the moment they fell into the water, several electric currents shot toward them. They were not good at swimming, so after being hit by the electric currents, they panicked and wanted to open their mouths to call for help. Water immediately rushed into their mouths.

Fan Zhen was shocked. He was so angry that he used his spiritual sense to curse at the eel. “Are you crazy?! Those are our people!”

Fan Zhen thought that the Illusionary Electric Eel could not distinguish clearly for a moment, which was why it hurt the silver-masked emissaries. He did not expect that it had been turned around by this little pervert, Yun Chujiu.

It was as if Fan Zhen had not said anything as the Illusionary Electric Eel vented all the anger it had suffered from Yun Chujiu on the silver-masked emissary. Looking at the silver-masked men rolling their eyes from being electrocuted, its confidence was restored. Hmph! It seemed that its electric current attack was still as powerful as before! It was that kid who was too abnormal. It was not that its spiritual power had deteriorated!

Fan Zhen was so angry that he was about to use his spiritual sense to suppress the Illusionary Electric Eel when several small purple lightning bolts rushed toward him swiftly.

Fan Zhen saw the situation and did not care about the silver-masked men anymore. He quickly swam to the side, trying to avoid the purple lightning bolts. He did not expect that the lightning would actually turn around and charge toward him again.

Fan Zhen was extremely shocked. ‘This… How can Shi Ling’s energy attack turn around? Ah, Heavenly Lightning Root Spirit! Could it be… Could it be that this Shi Ling was a disguise by Yun Chujiu? She…actually escaped from the ancient sword tomb? How could this be possible?’

Fan Zhen looked fiercely at Yun Chujiu who was opposite him. This wretched girl had repeatedly ruined their plans. This time, no matter what, he had to kill her.

Fan Zhen released several wind blades to counteract the small purple lightning bolts. Then, he threw several more wind blades at Yun Chujiu.

Although the speed of the wind blades in the water would be reduced, Fan Zhen was still at the seventh level of the Spirit Emperor realm. Even if his speed was reduced, the power of the wind blades was about the same as that of the fifth level of the Spirit Emperor realm.

Yun Chujiu did not dare to be negligent. She quickly dodged and waved her hands. Several lightning bolts struck at Fan Zhen once again. The two of them tangled in a fight.

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