Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 332 - Pursuing Tan Mo

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Chapter 332: Pursuing Tan Mo

“I said that that was not the case, and he did not believe me. He was insistent that I didn’t like him because I liked someone else,” Tan Mo said angrily. “But I purely do not like him. Just because I don’t like him, must the reason be that I like someone else?”

“This Wei Keli is too confident.” Tan Jinsheng looked like he was going to vomit from disgust.

The Tan family believed Tan Mo’s words.

It was also true that because Tan Mo had skipped grades, she had always interacted with people not of her age.

When she was at Jixia Academy, Tan Mo always was together with Ming Yeqing and Qin Muye.

Other than Wei Zhiqian, she was not seen to be close to the opposite gender.

When she started university, she was also under age.

The male students attending Beijing University who had morals would not make a pass at Tan Mo or do something that challenged their values.

Only Wei Zhiqian was still a little suspicious.

It was because he had heard Tan Mo say no, it was not him.

Tan Mo did not say that there was no one she liked, she said that the person was not Ming Yeqing.

It was not Ming Yeqing meant that there was someone else.

However, Wei Zhiqian did not press the matter.

It was impossible that Tan Mo would say who it was from her attitude.

If he asked again, he was also scared that he would anger Tan Mo.

Tan Mo’s 18th birthday passed in a considerably glamourous manner.

The Wei couple and the Qin couple were there and Han Zhuoli and the rest of Wei Zhiqian’s buddies were also there.

Director Hou and Director Liu, as well as President Mu and the three professors, were also present.

Anyway, the next day was Saturday, and there was nothing much happening.

Tan Wenci had booked four more villas at the resort for the guests to all stay and spend the weekend.

Director Liu and Director Hou were willing to stay and even took the initiative to approach President Mu and the three professors as they hoped to stay in the same villa as them.

They wanted to interact with Professor Guo and Professor Zhao.

Moreover, Director Hou also had the intention to film a drama that would involve much scientific content.

Since there was this opportunity, he wanted to ask Professor Yue if he could be their consultant.

Or it would also work if he had a student to introduce to them.

“Aren’t you on good terms with Tan Mo? You can ask her.” Professor Yue found it odd that they had Tan Mo as this ready resource, so why did they approach him?

“Ah?” Director Hou was stunned. “Tan Mo?”

“She is knowledgeable in this area too?” Director Liu was also stunned.

“You didn’t know? She is on my research team now also.” Professor Yue sounded regretful. “I only found out not too long ago. Previously, Tan Mo did not show her talents in this area, and I had always thought that she was strong only in the fields of history and language. Old Guo and Old Zhao also hid her talents and weren’t willing to tell me.”

“You are maligning us,” Professor Zhao explained. “We also did not know.”

“This little girl wouldn’t say it herself. You have to keep a close eye on her, and maybe she will expose herself,” Professor Guo said with a laugh. “In your field, didn’t she accidentally answer a question and reveal herself?”

Professor Yue ignored them and continued talking to Director Liu and Director Hou, “These two were not willing to let her go after their previous research ended. They immediately applied for new research and continued to retain Tan Mo. I have never seen them so hardworking before.”

Usually, every time they finished a stage of research, they would rest for a period of time.

Who knew that now they did not stop and immediately applied for new research.

With Professor Guo and Professor Zhao’s status, they did not need to wait when they applied for research funds as approval came especially fast.

These two wanted to make use of the time Tan Mo was still in the university to make her work for them more.

Otherwise, when Tan Mo graduates, they wouldn’t have the efficiency they have now.

“Because of them, I couldn’t take up too much of Tan Mo’s time when she joined my team. Tan Mo needs to be free, and when she remembers, then she goes to my research lab to have a look.” Professor Yue was clearly depressed about this.

“However, the good thing is that Tan Mo puts in effort and goes to my research lab once every day,” the professor said, touched.

It was just that the timing was not fixed.

She obviously made use of the time when she did not have classes, and squeezed in time to go to the lab. It was not easy on her.

“With her standards, she is not inferior to my students. You are close with Tan Mo. Why disregard that?” Professor Yue said with a smile.

“It is easy for you to say. Tan Mo is so busy.” Professor Guo was unwilling to add to her burdens.

Tan Mo had to be a history consultant, a scriptwriter, and now she had to be a science consultant?

“That is also true. It’s my oversight.” Professor Yue smiled. “When the time comes that you are ready for a student, then you can come and tell me, and I will arrange the time and see which student is free.”

Professor Guo had something to say again. “Then you have to get the right person. Don’t be like Old Zhao who sent a student over who was not of any help and instead slowed down progress, almost causing Director Liu to almost stop filming.”

Professor Zhao: “……”

Since when had he become the topic?

He didn’t say anything.

This machine gun, Old Guo, really shot randomly without differentiating between friend and foe.

Professor Yue paused and smiled, “That is also true. How about this? I will see if Ming Yeqing is free.”

“He also entered Beijing University with Tan Mo when he was 15, and he is good friends with Tan Mo. His character is definitely trustworthy,” Professor Yue said with a smile.

“Then I am very thankful,” Director Hou said with a surprised expression.

He’d only wanted to give it a try today and did not expect for the matter to be settled so smoothly.

They spent the weekend together.

They only left the resort on Monday.

Tan Mo, Qin Muye, and Ming Yeqing went back to school directly.

On Monday, Ming Yeqing and Tan Mo went to Professor Yue’s research lab together.

Everyone was calculating and experimenting as usual.

Cheng Xiuze ran over and pulled Ming Yeqing aside, “Yeqing, come.”

He pulled him a ways from Tan Mo.

“Upperclassman Cheng, what is it?” Ming Yeqing asked.

“I heard that on Friday, Tan Mo had her 18th birthday?” Cheng Xiuze asked softly.

“……” Ming Yeqing was shocked. “Upperclassman Cheng, you can’t be…”

“You had said early on that you are only good friends with Tan Mo. This still holds true, right? You really don’t have any intentions toward Tan Mo? If you only want to be her friend temporarily and want to be with her by using your relationship as friends, tell me truthfully,” Cheng Xiuze said quietly. He was very sincere. “Either I will retreat or we can compete fairly. Any way, we have talked things out and no matter the result it will not affect our relationship.”

“I really only treat Mo Mo as a good friend and as a younger sister,” Ming Yeqing said slowly. “I have someone I like.”

“Really?” Cheng Xiuze was happy.

“Really,” Ming Yeqing answered. “Like is like. Upperclassman Cheng, you are open with me, and it is also impossible for me to lie to you about this.”

“Then my mind is at ease.” Cheng Xiuze was relieved.

“Upperclassman Cheng, you are intending to…pursue Tan Mo?” Ming Yeqing asked.

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