Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 411 - Seducing 101

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Chapter 411: Seducing 101

Tan Mo almost couldn’t hold herself back from licking his fingers clean.

Thankfully, she managed to stop herself by biting the sour candy in her mouth. “Why would you bring sour candies with you?”

“I saw some on my way here, and I thought you would like them,” Wei Zhiqian explained.

However, it was a lie. The truth was that he bought the candy because of the dream he had the night before.

In the dream, when Tan Mo suddenly kissed him, he tasted the sweetness and sourness of lemon on her lips.

It was that which made him wonder if the lady liked lemon-flavored candy.

Even though it was a dream, Wei Zhiqian couldn’t help but think that was the case.

When he passed by a convenience store, he stopped his car and went in to get a package of sour candies.

Tan Mo licked the candy in her mouth as she sneaked a glance at Wei Zhiqian’s lips, thinking that they would taste like lemon as well.

“So, what should we do now?” Wei Zhiqian lifted the trowel and pretended that nothing had happened. “Should we dig some holes first?”

“Huh? Y-yeah.” Tan Mo regained her wits and quickly nodded. “The seeds that Uncle Liu has prepared have already sprouted. All we have to do is plant them in the soil.”

Wei Zhiqian nodded and started to dig a few holes with the trowel. Every time he dug, the blood veins on his arm would show.

Tan Mo saw that and couldn’t help but be amazed by how perfect a grown man’s arms looked.

Naturally, all her male classmates at Beijing University were grown men as well, but she never paid any attention to how their arms looked.

However, if she recalled correctly, her classmates’ arms weren’t as muscular as Wei Zhiqian’s was. In comparison, the formers’ looked weak.

They weren’t as manly as Wei Zhiqian’s arms.

After digging a hole out, Wei Zhiqian reached his hand in and asked, “Is this deep enough?”

Tan Mo quickly reacted and nodded. “Yes.”

However, the next thing she saw was a frown on the man’s face as if he was uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I shouldn’t have worn a button-down today.” Wei Zhiqian sighed as he raised his left hand to try and adjust his collars.

However, when he raised his left hand, he realized it was covered in dirt.

He threw the trowel that he was holding with his right hand to one side. Since his right hand did not come into direct contact with the soil, it was relatively clean. He only had some soil on his fingers.

“It sure is hard to move around in this.” Wei Zhiqian used his ring finger, which was clean, to gently pull on his collar. “It feels like someone is strangling me whenever I try to turn around.”

It took him a lot of effort to try and unbutton the first button on his shirt as he could only use his thumb and ring finger.

A few minutes had passed, and his forehead was now covered in sweat. Yet, he still couldn’t even unbutton one.

The man let out a sigh and requested, “Momo, can you help me unbutton two buttons?”

“Okay!” Tan Mo nodded without giving much thought and turned around to help him.

Since Wei Zhiqian was sitting to her side, she had to lean forward.

Their height difference was only more evident now that they were seated on the ground.

She reached her hands out to try and unbutton the shirt. As she needed both of her hands, her posture had gotten even more awkward than it already was.

Watching the lady struggle, Wei Zhiqian quickly leaned forward a little until their bodies were almost touching.

Tan Mo did not expect that the man would suddenly do that. She wasn’t prepared for it and was stunned by his action.

He was now so close to her that she could hear his breathing and smell his cologne. She could even detect the faint lemon aroma from his mouth.

Tan Mo’s heart began to race, and her breaths became uneven.

Throughout the whole process, she kept her head low and avoided his eyes, putting all her attention on removing the top two buttons on Wei Zhiqian’s shirt.

However, the more she focused on his button, the more she realized how attractive his skin was.

As Wei Zhiqian chewed on the candy, she could hear the hard candy breaking into pieces inside his mouth. She could even see his throat moving and the veins slightly showing when he chewed.

It was distracting Tan Mo from doing what she should.

When the man swallowed his saliva, she could see his Adam’s apple move. She had the sudden urge to touch it.

The scene was almost the same as the one she had in her dream.

The only difference was that she didn’t have the courage to kiss him in reality.

When Tan Mo unbuttoned Wei Zhiqian’s shirt, her fingers would touch his neck and collar bone from time to time.

The man lowered his head to look at her affectionately.

If Tan Mo were to raise her head now, she would’ve noticed that the way Wei Zhiqian was looking at her was exactly the same as he was in her dream.

When the two buttons were finally undone, she could now clearly see the man’s collar bone.

The moment she saw that, she could feel her body heating up.

“Thank you.” Wei Zhiqian suddenly got closer and lowered his head to whisper into her ear.

Tan Mo’s heart skipped a beat as she quickly shook his head. “You’re welcome… Wait, why are you being so polite?”

Wei Zhiqian laughed. She could smell the lemon aroma again.

Because Wei Zhiqian’s mouth was still close to her ear, she could feel his breath on the side of her face as he laughed.

Tan Mo’s ear shivered a little. Thankfully, she had decided to let her hair down that day, or else Wei Zhiqian would’ve noticed how red her ears were getting.

Since Wei Zhiqian had soil on his hands, he couldn’t move Tan Mo’s hair back even if he wanted to.

Tan Mo suddenly heard a woman exclaim, “They are so sexy! I want to slide down his collar bones!”

She was stunned for a second before raising her head to look at Wei Zhiqian.

She was so confused that she was staring at Wei Zhiqian blankly.

Even though Wei Zhiqian still had a smile on his face, he was letting out a deep sigh in his mind.

He had been offering the lady candy and asked her to help undo his buttons. He even whispered and laughed next to her ear.

These were all tricks that he had seen from an article online titled Seducing 101.

However, even after doing some of the tricks, nothing seemed to have happened.

If Wei Zhiqian’s hands were clean, he would’ve taken his phone out at that moment and looked for some other tricks.

Tan Mo suddenly asked, “Did you hear something just now?”

“What?” Wei Zhiqian asked.

“I mean, did you hear someone else talking beside us? Someone that’s not from this mansion?” Since Tan Mo had an insanely good memory, she could remember the voices of all the people either living or working in the mansion.

However, the voice she had heard a moment ago was from someone she didn’t recognize.

“No.” Wei Zhiqian shook his head and looked around. “Aren’t we the only two people here?”

There was no one from the mansion in the garden except for the two of them. That was also the reason Wei Zhiqian dared to seduce Tan Mo a little.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to take responsibility for his actions. Because Tan Mo still did not understand her feelings, he didn’t want anyone to misunderstand their relationship.

“Really? Maybe I’m just hallucinating…” Tan Mo pondered. “Forget it. We should plant the seeds now.”

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