Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 550 - Earn Glory for the University

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Chapter 550: Earn Glory for the University

“What makes you think we are the same?” Wei Zhiqian smiled. “I’m the one who was going to take over Weifeng Company. What would the company gain from sending me over to Nacheng?”

“But I don’t even know anything about how the company operates yet. What would the company gain from sending me over there?” Wei Keli asked after pausing for a second.

“That’s more the reason for you to go there. It’s because you don’t know anything yet that you should go gain some experience in a new city. You should learn from the start, from the basics. When you return to Weifeng Company after that, I can give you a higher position right away. Of course, only when you do well in Nacheng,” Wei Zhiqian explained. “Our company just started a business in Nacheng. It’s the best chance for you to start with the basics. It’s better than you coming into the headquarters right away, where everything is matured. You won’t be able to learn as much here as you will in Nacheng. Have you ever thought that if you start working here right away and couldn’t learn much, you won’t get the promotion you want in the future? Even if you are from the Wei family, we won’t promote you if you don’t meet the criteria. What would all the other employees think if we give you preferential treatment?”

Wei Keli grunted, thinking that Wei Zhiqian didn’t even ask whether if he wanted to go or not.

“Uncle! What you say doesn’t make any sense to me.”

When Wei Zhijian heard what his son said, he immediately sensed something would go wrong if he didn’t stop his son.

“Keli!” his father scolded, but he still wasn’t fast enough.

“Is it because you think that I’m trying to steal the position of the family master from you after hearing what Tan Mo had said?” Wei Keli asked without thinking twice. “Is that why you are sending me to Nacheng, so that I won’t be a hindrance to you?”

Both Wei Zhijian and Wei Zhiqian looked at each other speechlessly.

The younger brother was even more stunned than his older brother.

If Wei Keli were to say that the reason Wei Zhiqian had sent him to Nacheng was so that he could not get close to Tan Mo anymore, then Wei Zhiqian would’ve said that his nephew pretty much nailed it.

However, after hearing Wei Keli’s deduction, Wei Zhiqian almost couldn’t hold himself from laughing.

Wei Zhijian noticed the changes in his younger brother’s expression as if the latter had just heard a funny joke.

There wasn’t an ounce of anger on his face.

It was evident that Wei Zhiqian was treating Wei Keli as a complete joke now.

Wei Zhijian was completely depressed, but he could only let out a deep sigh.

If Wei Keli wasn’t his son, he would’ve laughed as well.

“Seriously. Just from how confident you are in thinking that is the case, that’s basically one more reason to send you to Nacheng.” Wei Zhiqian finally couldn’t his laughter in and turned to Wei Zhijian. “Brother, are you sure you don’t want to send him away to wake him up a little?”

After a moment of silence, Wei Zhijian still couldn’t do that to his son.

However, he thought that if Wei Keli wasn’t his son, he would’ve sent the young man to Nacheng without any second thought.

“But Nacheng is still so far away. Can’t you keep him here?” Wei Zhijian requested.

“There’s no open position for him here.” Wei Zhiqian rejected him immediately.

“Then, how about placing him under me?” the older brother asked.

“I think you clearly know that there’s no open position under you either.” Wei Zhiqian sighed as if he was trying to laugh.

Wei Zhijian couldn’t find any other reasons or ways to stop his son from being sent to another city.

“Only our business over in Nacheng is a fresh new one. If he wants to succeed and become someone important to Weifeng Company, then that city is the best choice. Wei Keli keeps thinking that he’s being sent over there because he’s a nobody, but that’s wrong. Do you really think a company would send a nobody to a city where they are trying to expand their business? Of course, we will be sending our best. Starting from an empty slate is the best training a person could ever hope for. When he comes back from there, no one would even oppose if I promoted him to a managerial position right away. If he works here from the start, do you think he has the heart to work from the lowest position? Even if he does, can he make sure that he’ll stand out from other people? Even if we want to promote him, he has to achieve something first, right? If he goes to Nacheng, no matter what his achievement is, he will still be considered as one of the people who helped us tap into the market over there. It’ll be easier for him when he comes back from there. Even if he doesn’t achieve anything over there, he will still be considered as someone who has brought benefits to the company. All in all, since Nacheng is far from here, many unexpected things will happen. We won’t know until he’s there.”

Wei Zhiqian had layered a lot of other meanings in his words.

Of course, everything he had said was just to coax Wei Zhijian and Wei Keli.

There was no way he was going to let Wei Keli benefit from another person’s hard work.

Wei Zhiqian’s words actually managed to move his older brother.

Wei Zhijian signaled his son with a glance before saying to Wei Zhiqian, “We’ll consider it.”

“Brother, aren’t you mistaking something?” Wei Zhiqian gently smiled. “You don’t have a choice. Let Wei Keli come here tomorrow morning to complete his internship registration. If he’s not here tomorrow, then he’ll never be able to step foot inside here ever again.”

The president of Weifeng Company wanted to let the father and son know that he wasn’t giving them any chance to discuss his decision.

He was issuing an order.

Suddenly, Zhou Jingan knocked on the door. Wei Zhiqian had ordered him to do that after Wei Zhijian and Wei Keli had been in his office for a certain period of time.

“Come in,” Wei Zhiqian said. When Zhou Jingan walked in, the president pretended to be interrupted. “What is it?”

“Sir, everyone is waiting for you in the meeting room,” Zhou Jingan said.

Wei Zhiqian turned to nod at his brother and nephew. “I still have a meeting to attend to. I believe we are done here.”

“Zhiqian!” Wei Zhijian still wanted to argue with his brother.

“I’m sure I made myself pretty clear, right?” Wei Zhiqian sighed. “If Wei Keli is not here by tomorrow noon to complete his internship registration with the company, then he doesn’t have to go to Nacheng. But it also means that he’ll never be employed by Weifeng Company. Jingan, see our guests out.”

Since Wei Zhiqian had to leave his office, there was no way he would leave the guests in there.

Zhou Jingan nodded at the two guests and smiled. “This way, please.”

“Uncle!” Wei Keli finally panicked.

“I believe that my brother is still reasonable,” Wei Zhiqian coldly said. “As for you, Wei Keli, do you want me to send the guards up here?”

“Let’s go,” Wei Zhijian grunted and dragged his son out of the president’s office.


Tan Mo still had no idea that Wei Keli had been arranged to be sent to Nacheng.

The next day, she was summoned to President Mu’s office.

She got summoned so many times in the past few years that she reflectively knew that whenever the president did that, there had to be something that he wanted her to help earn glory for the university.

Tan Mo headed to President Mu’s office right away.

However, when she got there, she realized that Professor Guo from the Department of Mathematics was there as well.

“Tan Mo. You’re here. Have a seat.” President Mu grinned.

“President Mu. Professor Guo. Professor Yao,” Tan Mo greeted..

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