Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 899 - It Must Be a Little Genius

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Chapter 899 It Must Be a Little Genius

The first one, Qin Muye really had no clue.

But the next day, Qin Muye tried to think about it.

If it wasn’t Zhu Shiyao, but someone else.

If it was someone else with a good personality, a kind person and not a demon, their professional ability might not be comparable to Ming Yeqing, but they were still an outstanding student of Beijing University.

Such a girl, taking the initiative to pursue Ming Yeqing.

Qin Muye’s heart suddenly seemed to be blocked.

Qin Muye picked up her phone and hesitantly opened the chatbox with Tan Mo.

She couldn’t find anyone to discuss it with


If she wanted to, she knew that she definitely wouldn’t be able to think of anything.

Her heart was too chaotic right now.

She needed someone to help her analyze it and give her a hint from the side.

With such a candidate, Qin Muye could only think of Tan Mo.

Qin Muye finally began to type, write, delete, and finally edited the final version and sent it to Tan Mo.

Tan Mo was waiting for Qin Muye to contact her.

She guessed that Qin Mu Ye would look for her tonight.

Because in tonight’s murder mystery game, Ming Yeqing’s strength was really a little fierce.

Ming Yeqing’s performance was so obvious, and there was even a sudden 180-degree change.

Qin Muye was definitely going to be dumbfounded.

However, when Tan Mo saw the message from Qin Muye, she was still shocked.

It was she who had underestimated Ming Yeqing

Who would have thought that Ming Yeqing was even more fierce than she thought?

Who would have thought that Ming Yeqing who only flirted for one day today, would confess on the same night?

The progress was so fast that even Tan Mo could not react in time.

Tan Mo’s mouth was wide open in shock.

Wei Zhiqian also saw it.

It was not that he deliberately peeked.

But Tan Mo was in his arms.

As long as he lowered his head, he would naturally see it.

Wei Zhiqian was not surprised by this.

It was all because Ming Yeqing had pointed out Wei Zhiqian’s intentions towards Tan Mo at that time, causing Wei Zhiqian to still have blind faith in Ming Yeqing.

He felt that Ming Yeqing must be a little genius in terms of love.

This must be Ming Yeqing’s tactic!

Tan Mo first asked Qin Muye, “Are you in the dormitory now? Is it inconvenient to speak through voice?”

Qin Muye: “I can put on my headphones to listen to your voice, but it’s not very convenient for me to speak. My roommates are all here.”

Tan Mo: “Alright, then you put on your headphones, I’ll speak through voice, you can type your messages to me. There’s no need to rush.”

In fact, even if Qin Muye used her phone, her typing speed was very fast.

Qin Muye had installed a perforated board where the bed was against the wall.

There were all kinds of things that she could get on the bed. If she needed them, she could get them easily, including her headphones.

The wireless headphones were hung on the hook on the perforated board.

Qin Muye took off the headphones box, opened it, took out the headphones inside, and put them on her ears.

She said to Tan Mo, “I’ve put on the headphones.”

Tan Mo then said, “Let’s analyze it one by one. Ah-Qing likes you, but you’re not sure how you feel about Ah-Qing right now.”

Qin Muye: “Mm.”

Tan Mo then said, “Then have you ever thought that the reason you’re so conflicted right now is actually that you already like Ah-Qing in your heart?”

“If you don’t like him and just treat him as your best friend, why would you be conflicted?” Tan Mo said slowly, “If you say that it’s because you don’t want to hurt his heart, but Muye, you know that the principle between the two of us has always been that sometimes, being soft-hearted is the most ruthless.”

“I know you. If you don’t like Ah-Qing, it’s precisely because he’s our best friend that you’ll reject him even more explicitly and not give him any hope. You would hope that he can quickly let go of his feelings for you and pursue a relationship that can give him a response, instead of not accepting or rejecting him and just hanging on to him like this. You say you don’t like him, but you won’t let him go either and imprison up his heart?”

“You won’t do that,” Tan Mo said, “Think about it. If your male friend says that he likes you. Don’t mention that Ah-Qing has such a good relationship with you. Just say that in your class, if a boy who has a good relationship with you confessed to you, would you not tell him clearly because you’re afraid of hurting his heart?”.

Qin Muye was silent for a moment.

Tan Mo said again, “Muye, answer me according to your heart.”

Qin Muye said, “I won’t…”

Tan Mo smiled. This was a good start.

Tan Mo said, “Then you might as well think about it again. You don’t need to think of a specific person. You don’t need to have a specific picture in your mind. You only need to think that in the future, Ah-Qing will fall in love and get married, and that person is not you.”

“No matter how good your friends are, in the future, you have to avoid suspicion and keep less contact with him,” Tan Mo said, “Because no matter what, a girlfriend and a wife would not like a boyfriend or husband to have such a good relationship with another person, another whom they have known since young. A person who was once such an important part of his life and unrelated to him.”

“Moreover, it’s someone he had liked before. You know him so well. You even know him better than Ah-Qing’s girlfriend and wife. You appear by his side and talk and laugh with him. You often can’t grasp the distance between each other. Do you think his girlfriend and future wife will be willing?”

“For his sake, you have to keep a distance from him. You have to avoid meeting him and avoid suspicion,” Tan Mo said.

“Don’t you feel uncomfortable thinking about this?” Tan Mo said, “Don’t you feel uncomfortable when you think about him being close to other girls, treating them well, and even hugging them? You don’t have to avoid suspicion, but he will avoid suspicion on his own accord.”

Qin Muye did not speak.

Tan Mo thought of the day when she had said the same thing to Qin Muye.

Seeing how uncomfortable Qin Muye looked, Tan Mo asked, “Muye, how do you feel now?”

Qin Muye covered her chest and turned to face the wall.

She wanted to hide herself and bury herself.

“Do you… feel a tightness in your heart and chest pain now?” Tan Mo asked tentatively.

“Yes.” Qin Muye’s fingers trembled as she typed out a word and sent it over.

Tan Mo sighed, but she had already started, so she could only continue, “Then, think about it, if there’s a girl who keeps pestering Ah-Qing. That person isn’t Zhu Shiyao, it’s someone else. Moreover, she didn’t do anything wrong, she just likes Ah-Qing. Perhaps, because Ah-Qing treated you well, she would also be hostile towards you. But this is also normal. After all, this is a love rival!”

“You and Ah-Qing are so close. It is normal for others to be wary of you,” Tan Mo said. “In short, will you be unhappy when you see


“Will you not like the other party appearing beside Ah Qing? As long as she appears, she will be an eyesore?”

Qin Muye carefully typed and asked, “Even though Zhu Shiyao isn’t a good person to begin with, when I see her beside Ah-Qing, I also find her an eyesore. Could it be… it’s not just because I think she’s not good?”

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