Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 900 - I’m Going to Say It

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Chapter 900 I’m Going to Say It

Tan Mo did not expect Qin Muye to be able to think it through so quickly.

However, when she thought about it, she felt that it was normal. Qin Muye had always been the type of person who would listen to opinions.

Most people might not be headstrong and opinionated, but it was true that they may not be able to listen to all opinions.

Many times, they would feel that they were right and that other people’s opinions were wrong. Usually, when they saw other people expressing their opinions, even if they did not say anything, if they had different opinions in their hearts, they would scoff at the other party’s opinion and feel that they were right.

Sometimes, when someone raised an objection to their own opinion in front of them, if they were unconvinced, they would raise an objection to the other party’s opinion again.

They would also feel that the other party’s suggestion was not as right as they thought.

What the other party said was not right at all.

Even if, to those who saw it clearly, the other party was actually right.

However, Qin Muye was different.

She had always known where her weakness was, and she was not shy about letting others know.

She did not hide it.

It was not because she was thick-skinned, but because she knew that it was only her weakness and there was no need for her to act tough.

She would listen to the opinions of others when she should.

If it was something that she wasn’t sure of, but she felt that what the other party said made sense, she would accept it wholeheartedly.

“I think so, but I think my opinion is useless. After all, I’m not you. You need to have your own feelings to be the most accurate,” Tan Mo said.

Qin Muye fell silent.

Actually… she already had the answer.

Tan Mo thought for a moment and decided to contribute himself. “Muye, then let’s change the candidate. Let’s not talk about Zhu Shiyao.”

It was too troublesome to use Zhu Shiyao to confirm.

Zhu Shiyao was not a good person to begin with.

Even if Zhu Shiyao did not pursue Ming Yeqing, it was impossible for Qin Muye to like her.

Using Zhu Shiyao as an analogy would affect Qin Muye’s judgment too much.

“Let’s talk about me.”Tan Mo said, “For example, I mean for example. If I was not with brother Zhiqian but with Ah-Qing, what would you do?”

Tan Mo had just finished speaking when she felt a dangerous aura coming from beside her. Turning around, she saw Wei Zhiqian’s serious expression, squinting at her.

“For example, it’s just an example.” Tan Mo’s desire to live exploded, and she quickly said, “I have never had any feelings for Ah-Qing that go beyond friendship.” Wei Zhiqian nodded. Regarding this point, of course, he naturally believed Tan Mo.

Moreover, Ming Yeqing had already expressed his stance long ago.

But hearing Tan Mo’s hypothesis, even if it was just a hypothesis, Wei Zhiqian could not help but imagine the image of Tan Mo and Ming Yeqing standing together, holding hands and having an especially good relationship.

Seeing that Wei Zhiqian’s expression was still very dangerous, Tan Mo tried even harder to explain, “Am I not doing this to help Muye identify her own heart?”

Wei Zhiqian only said one sentence, “It’s just this once, and don’t even make an assumption.”

Tan Mo hurriedly nodded, “I remember.”

Qin Muye still didn’t know that on the other side of the phone, Tan Mo had almost caused a conflict.

Even if it didn’t happen, it had already upset Wei Zhiqian’s jealousy.

Qin Muye carefully thought about it, trying her best to ignore Wei Zhiqian’s existence. Thinking about Tan Mo and Ming Yeqing being together…

Of course, she wouldn’t be angry with her good friend and would even give her blessings.

It was just a depressing feeling in her heart, but it wasn’t just a feeling of loss.

It was the feeling of losing the most important person.

Logically speaking, if her two best friends were together, although their relationship would be closer, they would still be her friends.

The relationship between their friends wouldn’t change, so she shouldn’t be sad.

She would even be happy and wish him well.

“I think…” Qin Muye said, “No matter who Ah-Qing is with, I will be sad. I… I never thought that one day, Ah-Qing would meet someone better than me. Someone who would be more important than me in his heart. And I can no longer get along with him like I am now. I even have to keep a distance from him.”

“We’ve probably known each other since we were young, we’ve known each other for too long, so I’ve never thought that one day he wouldn’t be by my side like now.” Qin Muye felt that she was too careless in the past.

She actually thought that Ming Yeqing would always be by her side like now, never to be separated.

“I think you already have the answer in your heart.” Tan Mo said.

“As for what Ah-Qing said, to think of what you hate about him.”Tan Mo smiled, “I feel that there shouldn’t be anything about him that you hate.”

“No.” Qin Muye answered truthfully, “I feel that there isn’t anything bad about him, everything is pretty good.”

Tan Mo took the opportunity to flatter Wei Zhiqian, “This is just like how I see Brother Zhiqian. I also see that he is good in everything, there isn’t anything bad about him.”

Wei Zhiqian glanced at the person in his arms.

At this moment, Tan Mo also raised her head and gave Wei Zhiqian a particularly flattering smile.

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

This girl’s intention to flatter him was too obvious.

It was obvious that she was worried that he would still hold a grudge, so she took the opportunity to coax him.

However, the method was too simple and direct, without even the slightest bit of concealment.

The intention was obvious as long as he had eyes.

But even though he knew her intention, he still fell for her trick.

But because of Tan Mo’s words, Qin Muye’s heart skipped a beat.

So, what Tan Mo meant was, she looked at Ming Yeqing, just like Tan Mo looked at Wei Zhiqian?

“Momo, how did you find out that you like brother Zhiqian?” Qin Muye asked.

She smacked her own head.

What a pig’s brain she had. Why didn’t she think of this earlier?

Wouldn’t it have been clear if she had asked Tan Mo about this earlier?

No matter what, Tan Mo was someone who had been through relationships before.

She was more experienced than her anyway.

“Ah, about that.” Tan Mo looked at Wei Zhiqian and blushed a little.

She had deliberately said nice things to coax Wei Zhiqian, but she was able to do so easily.

Now that she had to say what was on her mind in a serious manner, Tan Mo felt embarrassed.

Of course, although she had just coaxed Wei Zhiqian, she had also said what was on her mind.

She had not just said nice things to coax Wei Zhiqian.

Although she had coaxed him, she had only coaxed him, not lied to him.

Wei Zhiqian also saw Qin Muye’s problem and urged Tan Mo, “Hurry up and tell her.”

Tan Mo: “…”

“Look at how anxious Muye is. Hurry up and tell her.” Wei Zhiqian continued to urge her.

Tan Mo: “…”

She wanted to change the topic.

She wanted to tell Qin Muye secretly so that Wei Zhiqian wouldn’t hear her.

But soon after, Tan Mo remembered that Wei Zhiqian’s hearing was extraordinary.

It was useless no matter where she hid.

Under Wei Zhiqian’s gaze and verbal urging, Tan Mo could only give up. “If you want to tell her, tell her.”

She could only say it if he stopped!

She didn’t expect Wei Zhiqian to suddenly become a chatterbox.

Hearing this, Wei Zhiqian didn’t say anything else and waited quietly.

Tan Mo: “…”

However, Wei Zhiqian’s gaze was still very oppressive.

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