Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion - Chapter 901 - I Suddenly Feel Like a Fool

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Chapter 901 I Suddenly Feel Like a Fool

Tan Mo could only try her best to ignore the pressure that Wei Zhiqian’s gaze gave her. She braced herself and sent a voice message to Qin Muye.

“I just… At that time, when I saw Brother Zhiqian, I would get nervous. I couldn’t look him in the eye. It was similar to… afraid that he would find out my feeling towards him. Something like that, I guess.”

“When I saw him, I would blush, I just…” Tan Mo wanted to say that she would feel hot all over her body, but now that Wei Zhiqian was here, she was too shy to say it out loud.

Moreover, she was not thinking of dirty things. At that time, she still didn’t understand these things.

Unlike now, she had become a veteran of lovemaking

“Even my ears are hot. I feel like I’m not myself anymore in front of Brother Zhiqian.” Tan Mo said softly.

Although she knew that Wei Zhiqian could hear her no matter how soft her voice was, she still subconsciously lowered her voice.

Wei Zhiqian lowered his head. Although he could only see the top of the little girl’s furry head, he could still picture it in his mind.

The little girl must have a crafty look on her face right now, and she seemed a little guilty.

Her big eyes must still be shining with a dazzling light.

“I was also stuttering when I talk. I want to get close to him, but I don’t dare to,” Tan Mo said in a low voice, “However, when Brother Zhiqian gets close to me, I’m secretly very happy. I want to be close to him all the time. I want to keep holding his hand and touch his arm like that.”

“As long as we’re together, I want to be close to him all the time.” Tan Mo said.

Gradually, he also ignored the fact that Wei Zhiqian was beside her.

“Also, I really like the smell of Brother Zhiqian’s body. I think it’s really good. No one can compare to it.” Tan Mo giggled.

The smell of perfume alone was not as good as when it was sprayed on Wei Zhiqian’s body.

Now that she was in Wei Zhiqian’s arms, what she smelled was not perfume. It was just the smell of Wei Zhiqian’s body shampoo after he took a shower.

It was the same kind of body shampoo that she used, but Tan Mo still thought it smelled great.

Wei Zhiqian used a body shampoo with wood fragrance. Tan Mo used to like the smell of flowers and fruits, and it smelled sweet. But now, she preferred to use Wei Zhiqian’s wood fragrance body shampoo.

To be exact, she liked to use the same fragrance as Wei Zhiqian.

No matter what shampoo Wei Zhiqian used, she liked it.

What she liked was that she had the same scent as Wei Zhiqian.

Tan Mo giggled and said, “I want to use the same scent as Brother Zhiqian. Whether it’s bath cream, shampoo, or perfume, when you use the same scent as your lover, you have a very intimate feeling.”

Qin Muye’s face turned redder as she listened, and her heart beating faster.

Tan Mo had said that she was 90% accurate.

She didn’t dare to look at Ming Yeqing in the eye as well. If she was close to him, her heart would beat faster.

But if she was far away from him, she would want to get close again.

When she was talking to Ming Yeqing, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. So nervous that she stuttered.

Moreover, just like Tan Mo had said, her ears would heat up, her face would heat up, and her whole body would be extremely hot.

Other than that, she had not yet thought of having the same fragrance as Ming Yeqing.

Everything else matched.

“Am I falling for him?” Qin Muye muttered to herself.

Even though Tan Mo did not hear Qin Muye’s muttering, she still said, “Of course, this is my personal feeling towards Brother Zhiqian, and it can’t be taken as a 100% correct answer. After all, everyone’s feelings are different.”

“It’s just a reference.” Tan Mo seemed to be able to guess Qin Muye’s thoughts as she added on, “But I feel that even if not everyone is exactly the same, there should be some similarity to some of the points I mentioned.”

Qin Muye fell silent and didn’t reply for a long time. She didn’t know what else to reply to.

After chatting with Tan Mo, Qin Muye felt even more confused.

Tan Mo described all the symptoms that she had.

Qin Muye thought with her heart thumping, if that was the case, she really liked Ming Yeqing.

This revelation was too much to her, and she was really caught off guard.

“Do you want to see Ah Qing tomorrow?” Tan Mo asked again.

Qin Muye thought of what Ming Yeqing said when they parted, so she said, “If Ah Qing is free tomorrow, I definitely want to see him. I’ve promised him, no matter what, I won’t avoid him.”

Tan Mo smiled when she heard that Ming Yeqing had clearly taken precautions.

“Alright, then when you meet Ah Qing again, pay close attention to your feelings. If you have any doubts, you can ask me anytime.” Tan Mo said.

Wei Zhiqian glanced at her.

This little girl, did she really like to be a caring sister?

It was getting late, so Qin Muye didn’t disturb Tan Mo.

Otherwise, if she took up too much of Tan Mo’s time, Wei Zhiqian would not be happy. In the future, she might not be able to hang out with Tan Mo at night.

She still had to pay attention to a “sustainable development”.

Qin Muye originally thought that it would be good enough to see Ming Yeqing once a day since he was very busy. Usually, Ming Yeqing would look for her at night after she finished her work in the laboratory.

In addition, Ming Yeqing had just confessed to her. He said that he would give her time to think about it.

Therefore, Qin Muye felt that even if she could see Ming Yeqing today, it would at least be at night.

Unexpectedly, when Qin Muye was about to go to the cafeteria for breakfast in the morning, she saw Ming Yeqing standing outside the main door of her dormitory building

Ming Yeqing rushed straight towards the main door and kept looking around.

It was as if he was afraid of missing Qin Muye.

He didn’t even find a corner to wait. He just stood in the middle of the main door. He was very eye-catching.

People passing by all had to look at him curiously.

It was not uncommon for boys to wait outside the female dormitory building.

Usually, there were many boys waited for their girlfriends here, but they were all playing with their phones.

Moreover, they would not wait at the middle of the main door. They were all standing by the roadside.

Only Ming Yeqing was standing there, staring at the door, looking like a pervert.

The other guys who were waiting for their girlfriends saw it Ming Yeqing. They couldn’t help but think, what was so good about the female dormitory’s door, was it better than the phone?

Seeing Qin Muye come out, Ming Yeqing quickly waved his hand.

The moment Qin Muye saw him, her face burned up.

Her heart was beating faster and faster, and she seemed to be able to hear the thumping sound.

Under Ming Yeqing’s gaze, she seemed to not even know how to walk anymore.

When she went down the stairs, her left foot actually tripped over her right foot. She was about to fall.

However, Ming Yeqing happened to be at the bottom of the stairs.

He just happened to hold on to Qin Muye. Because of this, Qin Muye directly threw herself into Ming Yeqing’s arms.

Before she raised her head, Ming Yeqing’s low laughter came from above her head.

Qin Muye suddenly felt like a fool.

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