Transmigrated into a Parvenu’s Ex-wife in the ‘90s - Chapter 461: "Ye Zhiqiang is getting remarried. Care to guess who he is marrying?" (3)

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Chapter 461: “Ye Zhiqiang is getting remarried. Care to guess who he is marrying?” (3)

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“Yes. Humans are so scary. That was the old grandmother’s own house. What did it have to do with any of them? None of the close family members showed up at the funeral just because the old grandmother donated her house. They didn’t care about anything else,” said Shu Yan with a sigh.

“It was one thing if they had no expectations at all. The old grandmother had no children so all of her nephews figured that they would have rights to it. Naturally they wouldn’t be very happy when they were told otherwise.” Hu Ruixue, too, lamented. “She looked so healthy the last time I saw her, and it looked like she had another 8 ~ 10 years left in her. Who would have thought that one fall would have taken her out? Humans are so fragile.”

The old grandmother was gone but they did not move back to Nanfu Mansion. Three bedrooms and two living rooms were enough in the past but seemed crowded with the addition of Xiao Bao.

The house was bigger, and the two children enjoyed the backyard as well, so they decided to stay.

With three children at home and Xiao Bao being so young, Shu Yan decided to keep Xiao Lan around. Naturally, her pay would be a little lower, also 400 yuan, same as Aunty’s, with 20 yuan per day for overtime pay. Xiao Lan wasn’t upset about that. With two people taking care of cooking and cleaning and two of the three children were older ones and did not need to be dropped off or picked up from school, all they needed to do was to take care of Xiao Bao. It was quite easy to take turns watching after him. The pay was pretty high already.

It was the new year again and their hometown had been phoning Shu Yan and Shu Li to go home for the New Year. It had been years since they’ve been back, so they decided to bring the children with.

Feng Zeyu brought with him a couple of bodyguards who didn’t need to go anywhere. They could help carry things and would be helpful just in case something happened.

Shu Jianyang came to pick them up in a minivan after they got off the plane.

“Why did you bring so much with you?” Shu Jianyang helped load the stuff into the car and he could barely fit everything inside.

“We have so many relatives back home and it adds up when we bring a little bit for everyone.” Shu Li placed two bags of stuff under her feet. Most of the stuff was hers.

“I told Second Sister to bring less but she wouldn’t listen to me.” Shu Yan, too, felt helpless. With the overall standard of living improving, one could buy everything at City Xi. There was no reason to bring so much with them. They could buy them here directly.

“That’s not the same. It meant more when I brought them back on the plane.” Shu Li felt that her philosophy was the correct one.

They had lunch over at Shu Jianyang’s place. His mansion was done being built but  the remodeling was not. They were still living in the house that he bought from Shu Yan.

“Did you know that Li Jiaojiao and Ye Zhiqiang had a divorce?” Li Miaomiao said to Shu Yan in a low voice when Shu Yan went to help out in the kitchen.

“No, I didn’t know. I hadn’t heard anything about them for a while. Why did they get a divorce?” Shu Yan was surprised. She really had no idea what had been going on with Ye Zhiqiang.

Last time Ye Zhiqiang turned his attention toward Tianbao, Feng Zeyu asked for his comrade in arms’ help and had Ye Zhiqiang’s mistress get pregnant. It was about time that the child was born. So the mistress was able to successfully displace the wife to become the new wife?

“You won’t even believe it. So lucky that you had divorced him. That man is such a scum.” Li Miaomiao covered up the pot and took a look outside. She made sure that Feng Zeyu wasn’t paying them any attention and said, “He had someone pretended to be some rich man to seduce Li Jiaojiao then caught her red handed and forced her into getting a divorce. By the time that Li Jiaojiao realized that the rich man was hired by Ye Zhiqiang, the divorce was already final and there was nothing that she could do about it anymore. Ye Zhiqiang found himself a new one in less than a month. Care to guess who that is?”

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