Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 775 - Like He Had Gone Crazy

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Chapter 775: Like He Had Gone Crazy

However, she did not dare ask her eldest uncle exactly why they had fallen out. Fifth Uncle would not tell her either, but Fourth Uncle had hinted at something. It seemed to be because of Auntie Yu.

She had thought that she would wait for her father to come back or for Fifth Uncle to call and tell her that everything was well before sleeping. Who knew that in the midst of coaxing Xiaoqi to sleep, before Xiaoqi could fall asleep, she had fallen asleep first.

When Huo Ci returned, it was already the wee hours of the morning. After washing up, he had just gone to bed when he heard the brat knocking frantically on the door. As she knocked, she cried, “Father! Father, are you home? Xiaoqi has a fever. Father, are you there?”

Huo Ci opened the door. When he rushed over, he saw the little fella on the bed with a bright red face. He shouted a few times, but he could not wake him up. He turned around to look at Ling Sheng—who had been frightened out of her wits—and forced himself to calm down. “Put on your clothes! We’re going to the hospital immediately!”

Ling Sheng was truly terrified as she searched for her clothes in a flurry. This was the first time she had encountered such a situation. Xiaoqi suddenly started convulsing in her embrace and his body temperature was so boiling hot that it was scary. He did not answer no matter how she yelled as she fainted.

Huo Ci had already wrapped Xiaoqi up completely with a blanket. When he went out, it was snowing heavily outside, and the size of the snowflakes falling were like goose feathers. He looked at Ling Sheng severely. “I can’t drive because I drank alcohol. I’m afraid it’ll be too late to get a substitute driver. You will do the driving.”

Ling Sheng did not know what she was feeling. Her heart was hanging in the air, and her whole body was trembling from lingering fear. Both her eyes were red, and her voice was trembling. “Okay.”

Huo Ci did not dare to sit at the back. He carried Xiaoqi and sat in the front passenger seat. This was her first time driving, so he did not know what would happen. He was worried about leaving his life in the hands of a newbie.

Unexpectedly, she drove very well and steadily. At this moment, he was actually extremely glad that she had inherited his genes.

There was no doubt about Ling Sheng’s driving skills. In the past, when she had acted as a car racer, she had deliberately gone to a professional racer to learn how to drive for half a month.

The original owner of this body also had a driving license, but she had not driven on the road before and was not familiar with it. Ever since she transmigrated, she had always had a chauffeur and had not driven many times herself either.

No one realized that a black multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) was parked right in front of their condominium. Upon seeing their car drive away, they followed it stealthily.

It was the middle of the night; it would be New Year’s Eve after midnight. All the patients who could go home to celebrate the new year had gone home. No one would possibly stay in the hospital for the new year. It was very quiet everywhere.

While Huo Ci was in the car, he had already contacted the director and the best pediatrician. When they got out of the car, someone was already waiting at the hospital entrance and they were sent in right away.

There was also an ambulance parked in front of the hospital. It seemed to be in a hurry. All the doctors and nurses looked solemn and tense. Large patches of fresh blood could even be seen on the nurses’ hands and clothes.

When the two ambulance trucks brushed past each other, Huo Ci, who was talking to the director, had his eyes turn cold abruptly. He could clearly see the woman’s blood-covered face. In the instant his body stiffened suddenly, the ambulance had already sped towards the opposite direction.

“Mr. Huo.” The hospital director saw the man’s sudden stiff body and how his handsome face turned pale instantly—even his lips had turned grayish-white. There was no reply even when he called out to him. Hence, he shouted once more, “Mr. Huo!”

Afterward, he watched Huo Ci run in another direction like he had gone crazy. His footsteps staggered a little, and he seemed to have lost his soul suddenly.

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