Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 776 - Emergency Blood Donation

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Chapter 776: Emergency Blood Donation

The director frowned strangely, not knowing what was wrong with him. He thought of the ambulance that had just driven past them. Could it be someone Mr. Huo knew?

Ling Sheng did not notice anything until the doctor and nurse pushed Xiaoqi in for a checkup. She bit her lips, her eyes red from anxiety, and her hands were clenched tightly from fear and anxiety.

Even though Xiaoqi was conscious again and the doctors and nurses had all comforted her that he would be fine, he was still worried.

Perhaps this was the panic and fear that all mothers would feel at this moment. When she regained her senses, she realized that her father had disappeared.

Huo Ci stood at the entrance of the emergency room and felt his body turn ice-cold all over. It was as though he was standing at the entrance of hell. He wanted to go over, but his body seemed to be frozen in place. He could not take a step forward.

The emergency room’s door was open, and the doctors and nurses were gone. There was only a figure covered in a white cloth on the emergency bed.

It had only been a few seconds from the door to the bed. Every step he took felt like he was walking on a knife’s edge. It was so painful that he was suffocating, convulsing, and bleeding.

His eyes were red as he stood by the side in a daze. He reached out to lift the cloth covering her, but he stopped in midair timidly. Tears streamed down his face uncontrollably.

How could she leave so irresponsibly? How could she leave him alone? How could she be so selfish as to let him live in this cold world with hatred and guilt?

If she died, who should he hate?

She loved to be beautiful so much. How could she leave this world in such an ugly and cruel appearance?

At the door, several people suddenly rushed in. There were men, women, the elderly, and young people, as well as two nurses following them. When the loud mournful cries rang out, Huo Ci turned around blankly. He saw a few people pounce straight toward the hospital bed, crying and yelling in pain.

“Father, how can you be so heartless?! How can you bear to abandon our whole family and go to the other side alone?”

“Old Husband, what’s wrong? Look at me! Look at me! Open your eyes, Husband. How can you leave me alone?”

“Grandpa! Grandpa, don’t go!”

Huo Ci saw that when the old woman lifted the white cloth, an old man’s wrinkled face was revealed. He heaved a sigh of relief, but his body seemed to have lost its strength and was on the verge of collapsing.

The middle-aged man, who had entered with the rest of them, dashed toward him with red eyes and a raised fist. “You must be the one who knocked my father down! I’ll beat you to death!”

Huo Ci grabbed the man’s fist, his handsome face cold as he said in a low voice, “Sorry, I got the wrong person. My condolences.”

It was not her!

He had made a mistake!

How could an evil woman like her, who was selfish and greedy, die so easily!

The man was stunned for a moment before he saw Huo Ci’s face clearly. “You’re Huo Ci. You ran over my father. We’re not done with this matter!”

When the family, who was crying beside him, heard the two words ‘ran over’, fury overwhelmed their hearts, especially that of the old lady. She slammed her head into Huo Ci and cried angrily, “You murderer! Return my husband’s life!”

Huo Ci reached out to grasp the old lady’s arm. He was feeling anxious to find r. Faced with the deceased’s family, who had lost control of their emotions, he tried his best to remain calm. “You’ve got the wrong person. I’m not the culprit.”

The nurse had not expected to meet Huo Ci here either. Movie King Huo. Upon seeing that the patient’s family was about to start a fight with him, she hurried forward to dissuade them. “Sir, Mr. Huo wasn’t the one who ran him over. The culprit who brought your father here was taken away by the traffic police. He’ll be back soon.”

The man looked at Huo Ci. “It’s really not him? Then what is he doing here?”

Huo Ci said very calmly, “I recognized the wrong person. My friend is also in the emergency room.”

The man had nearly hit him. He let go in embarrassment and muttered, “How can you mistake the wrong person for something like this?”

The nurse testified for Huo Ci that he was not the culprit. Only then did the victim’s family let him go and cry even more sadly.

Huo Ci went out to ask where the lady who had just been sent in for emergency treatment was when a nurse dashed out of the emergency room and stopped him. “You’re the patient’s family, right? The patient has lost too much blood. There’s not enough blood in the blood bank. Can your family donate blood in an emergency?”

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