Transmigration: I Became The Daughter of a Family of Villains - Chapter 440 - What Happened to Helping?

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Chapter 440: What Happened to Helping?

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There was no personal information tied to this account, but it made comments and even provoked public debate.

They found the IP address, but it was for an Internet cafe.

The surveillance cameras around the area also didn’t find anything unusual.

However, there was a tunnel in one corner of the Internet cafe!

Thus, they could basically confirm a suspect: that fool yet genius, Feng Qingmiao, who had once blocked a knife for them.

They had deliberately chosen Little Sister’s room while the press conference was being held.

Since photos of the so-called kidnapping had been leaked, that definitely meant that the person had already been in Little Sister’s room before.

Perhaps he was living underneath it?

If he knew that they were about to settle all public debate, and that he may not be able to achieve his goal, whatever it was, would he be unable to help making an appearance himself?

Little Sister’s room was deliberately left alone; only a snake in a cotton jacket hid under the bed.

When that person appeared to save Qi Yan, Snake An tailed them.

Seeing them split up, it didn’t take a genius to guess that Qi Yan was going to the press conference. Snake An followed Feng Qingmiao closely.

She followed him all over the place.

Finally, she saw that there wasn’t much time left.

Lu An simply attacked.

She strangled him and was about to threaten him, but unexpectedly, she suddenly switched back to her own body.

She switched back!

Perhaps Feng Qingmiao’s consciousness had been impacted, and when his mind was in a mess, his control loosened?

Lu An didn’t have time to dwell on it. She immediately resolved the problem at hand.

On the other side, after Feng Qingmiao grabbed the snake and tossed it aside, Ling Chuan’s men immediately surrounded him.



A certain person who didn’t know that the soul in the snake had been switched out immediately checked its body worriedly as he carefully held it in his arms.

A certain snake smiled and opened its mouth, but in the end, it didn’t even dare stick out its tongue.


Guess who I am?

Suddenly, a person attacked them head-on!!


When Lu An came over with her brothers after the press conference, Ling Chuan was already lying in a pool of blood.

His white shirt was stained red, and there was blood on his face, his body…

There was blood everywhere!

His little nephew, Ling Mo, was next to him. He glanced at Lu An with eyes full of resentment.

That beautiful woman was already crying anxiously on the side. Her hands trembled and she spoke incoherently.

Lu An was dumbfounded.

She swallowed hard and stared with wide eyes at the snake that slowly crawled out from under Ling Chuan.


The snake looked like it was about to die. Lu An reached out to pick it up.


Ling Mo shouted angrily and glared at her with extreme disgust.

Even though he was still limping, he carefully got his little uncle into the ambulance.

In the hospital, Ling Chuan was sent to the ICU.

Ling Mo was waiting outside with Shen Liang, who had come over immediately. Lu An and her brothers also rushed over right away.

“What are you doing here?

“You’re not welcome here!”

Ling Mo immediately stood in front of Lu An, his eyes full of hostility. Lu An was really puzzled.

On the side, Shen Liang rubbed his nose guiltily. He was about to coax Ling Mo, when he heard…

His future sister-in-law retorted bluntly, “Who do you think you are?

“If you say no, then it’s no? Why should I listen to you?”

Lu An was speechless. If he wasn’t still recovering, she would definitely treat this bad habit of his.

She had already let him be earlier.

She walked around him with a cold face.

Shen Liang was dumbfounded. “…”

The demon youth naturally became even more furious!

“You…” Ling Mo gritted his teeth and wanted to hit her. Seeing that she was a girl, Ling Mo restrained himself.

However, even if he didn’t restrain himself, Big Brother and Second Brother had already grabbed him by the collar and threw him to the side.

At the same time, they warned him, “Little kid, don’t spout nonsense if you don’t know anything. You’ll suffer if you malign a good person, understand?”


The little demon was about to die of anger. He had been fearless since he was young, but this time, it seemed…


“In any case, don’t even think about being with my little uncle. I don’t agree to it! I absolutely don’t!!”

Ling Mo didn’t care. He simply said these harsh words as he made his stance clear.

Before Lu An could say anything, her brothers had already retorted, “If you can stop your little uncle from pestering our little sister, we’ll call you big brother in the future. What do you think?”

“You, you…” They clearly didn’t look much older than him.

Ling Mo, who was alone and didn’t know how to talk back, flushed with anger.

He snuck a pitiful and helpless look at Shen Liang.

He was clearly waiting for him to save the day.

Shen Liang immediately felt guilty!

When had the little demon ever asked for help? He always started fighting and using force when he couldn’t win.

Could it be that he actually knew how to ask others for help now?

No matter what, he naturally had to help!

Shen Liang said, “Erm, Ah Mo, sometimes, you really have to recognize the truth. Don’t just listen to one side of the story. Otherwise, you’ll be embarrassed later, and the one injured!”

“W- what?”

What happened to helping him?

Shen Liang indicated that this was helping him. Wasn’t stopping him in time before he was beaten up by the Lu family the best way to help him?

The little kid was about to explode with anger!!!

Just then, a nurse came out and reminded them to keep their voices down.

The group had no choice but to keep quiet.

The little girl, Lu An, kept staring at the operating room, her heart clenching!

He would be fine, he would be fine, he would definitely be fine!

She clenched her fists and her eyes turned red.

Her brothers patted her shoulder comfortingly.

After some time, the light turned off and the door opened!

“Doctor, doctor, how was it?”

A group of people immediately rushed forward.

The man on the bed had a pale face. He had been changed into a blue hospital gown. His eyes were shut and he was silent, which made one’s heart ache.

“His life is no longer in danger, but as for when he will wake up, or if he wakes up at all, that will depend on the patient’s willpower.”

The doctor spoke with a regretful expression. He had never seen such strange injuries before.

It was too strange.

The little girl on the side silently touched her Brother Xiao Chuan’s cold wrist with red eyes.

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