Transmigration: I Became The Daughter of a Family of Villains - Chapter 441 - Who Is Lu An?

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Chapter 441: Who Is Lu An?

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“Tsk!” Hadn’t she been worried about him? She had been so nervous just now that she had been about to cry.

Now that Ling Chuan had been sent to the ward and needed someone to take care of him, she had disappeared without a trace. Hypocrite!


Ling Mo was very angry. He looked at Qiao Xinyi, who was taking care of his little uncle attentively, and his heart ached for her.

He really didn’t know how his little uncle was blind enough to fall for that person.

That sort of person!

The mighty CEO Ling followed her around all day and tried to cheer her up like an idiot. He even tossed his work aside, and was like this now also because of her!

He was like this!

Ling Mo clenched his fists. He really wanted to give that d*mn girl a good beating!

Speak of the devil.

Lu An took out a medicine box and packed some food.

Her Brother Xiao Chuan had yet to wake up.

Of course he wouldn’t wake up, because it was a special poison which she had only ever seen in the other worlds.

Lu An wanted to treat her Brother Xiao Chuan immediately, but was stopped by Ling Mo.

“You came and left just like that. Do you think this is a hotel?”

The child’s face was full of disdain as he despised her to the bone.


“Just because you can talk or block as you please, you think you’re the king?”

Lu An’s expression was dark as she retorted very bluntly.

She had had a good impression of him before, but didn’t expect him to be so unreasonable!

Lu An couldn’t be bothered with him. She pushed him aside and went to the bed where her Brother Xiao Chuan lay.

Qiao Xinyi stood up right away, and gave up her seat a little fearfully.

She stared at Lu An with bright eyes that seemed a little curious but also measuring.

“Thank you.”

Lu An didn’t think much of it. She thanked her very politely and asked, “Have you eaten? I brought a lot. If you don’t mind it, I can give you one.”

As Lu An spoke, she handed her a box.

“Oh, no need. Thank you!”

Qiao Xinyi raised her hand to refuse and swallowed hard.

Her clear eyes were still fixed dazedly on Lu An; who knew what she was thinking.

Or maybe she wasn’t thinking at all.

Lu An didn’t insist. After all, they weren’t close. She had only prepared extra out of courtesy; it was up to the other party to take it or not.

After putting down the medicine box and bags, Lu An sat next to the bed and reached out to take Ling Chuan’s pulse.

A certain child was already about to explode with anger!

Especially when she touched his little uncle’s wrist so intimately!

He immediately rushed forward, as if he had eaten explosives. “What are you doing?

“Are you taking advantage of him?”

His little uncle hated it the most when the opposite sex touched him under false pretenses!

Ling Mo looked like he wanted to pull Lu An away.

“Are you looking for a beating?”

This brat was crazy!

Lu An really couldn’t take it anymore. She turned around and gave him a fierce warning.

That dark and demonic gaze was even more ruthless than his little uncle’s!

At least, no matter how ruthless his little uncle was, he was never really serious!

Ling Mo swallowed secretly. He was unconvinced and wanted to do something, but Qiao Xinyi grabbed him nervously.

“Shh, let her try.”

The girl spoke in a low and husky voice, and gestured silently.

She had seen some videos of Lu An. She never believed anything that was spread online, since those things were basically what people deliberately wanted seen. However, Lu An’s medical skills were so well-received, so at least half of it had to be real, right?

No matter what, she just hoped that Ah Chuan would get better.

Ling Mo didn’t say anything else.

The two of them stood on the side.

One was a patient who was still wrapped in bandages, and the other was a frail beauty who seemed a little afraid; they looked like two people who had been bullied by Demon An.

A certain little girl couldn’t take it!

In the end, she took out the dinner she had specially made for them from her bag and handed it over. “Eat it if you want, or throw it away if you don’t want it. Anyway, it’s for you!”

“Oh, okay, thanks.”

Seeing the little girl’s impatient expression and how she didn’t even spare them a glance, Qiao Xinyi somehow felt that this girl truly didn’t seem to have any bad intentions?

Her hands were weak and even a little shaky, but she didn’t refuse anymore. She took the food with a smile.

However, she just placed it on the counter on the side; she was a little embarrassed to eat it.

Just then, Shen Liang came over.

“Xinyi, Ah Mo, it’s time to eat.”

Shen Liang placed the takeaway boxes on the counter next to the two of them. He immediately saw two cute food boxes!

He asked, “W- whose is this?”


Ling Mo gestured at Lu An with a cold face. He couldn’t be bothered to look at her. He took the takeaway boxes from Brother Shen and pulled Qiao Xinyi to the table.

In any case, standing around wouldn’t solve the problem.

They needed to eat to keep up their energy.

Shen Liang’s eyes nearly popped out!

He immediately hugged the two food boxes and asked Lu An, “Xiao’an, can I eat this?” He had always heard a certain person bragging about how good his little girl’s cooking was. Finally, it was his turn to try it!

It was his turn, right?

“Oh, sure, if they don’t want it.”

It had originally been for the two of them, and she had already given it to them. What they did with it next was up to them.

Lu An gave a simple reply and started to treat Ling Chuan.

On the other side, Shen Liang immediately checked with Ling Mo.

After confirming that Ling Chuan didn’t want it, he carried his treasure out immediately, as if afraid that they would go back on their word.

Ling Mo was in disbelief. Puzzled, he couldn’t help but follow Shen Liang out.

When Ling Mo came back, his face was flushed.

What a joke. How was that possible? That was that d*mn girl’s cooking?


Didn’t Brother Shen say that she could only rely on his little uncle, and that Little Uncle annoyed her all day long and was especially full of himself?

Ling Mo’s handsome face was tense; he was unwilling to accept the truth.

On the other side, Ling Chuan had already woken up.

“Brother Xiao Chuan?”

Lu An was so excited that she was about to go crazy!

Ling Mo and the others naturally came over when they heard the commotion.

They stared at him like he was a rare animal.

The man blinked a few times and opened his eyes.

He looked at Lu An with a dazed expression.

After looking at her for a long time, he asked in a deep voice, “Who are you?”

He then looked around. “Why am I here?”



Lu An was dumbfounded. What was going on?

He didn’t recognize her?

“Don’t you recognize me?

“I’m Lu An. Lu An, your…” Girlfriend!

The little girl couldn’t help but pout. Her eyes were a little pitiful as she stared at him.

Ling Chuan was even more stumped. “Lu An?

“Who is Lu An?”

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