Trump Card Warm Marriage - Chapter 1618

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Chapter 1618: Chapter 1617 sharing life and death


At this moment, Si Mufeng could not help but wonder if SI Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua were still alive and were waiting for them to save them?

After all, Sheng Fenghua was still alive in the previous situation. This time, the situation was not too bad. Perhaps they were still alive.

With this in mind, Si Mufeng immediately asked for leave from his superior. He then contacted Jun Nianchen and asked him to save Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua with him.

The reason why he looked for Jun Nianchen was because he had a private plane and he had many capable people under him. His subordinates also had some experience in looking for people. During the last earthquake, Jun Nianchen had sent many of his subordinates with advanced detection equipment.

This time, he hoped that Jun Nianchen could help him find Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua.

If the two of them really had an accident because of the sandstorm, then it would be similar to the last earthquake or the situation of the mud.

One was buried in the ground, and the other was buried in the sand.

When Jun Nianchen heard that Sheng Fenghua was in trouble again, he ordered a private plane without saying anything. He brought the rescue tools and personnel and headed toward the desert.

After getting on the plane, Si Mufeng contacted Qin Feng and knew that they had already arrived at the desert. He asked them to wait there and wait for him to meet them.

Just as Qin Feng hung up the phone with Si Mufeng, a brother came over and said to him, “vice-captain, we have searched the surrounding ten miles, but we still haven’t found the boss and the others. What should we do? ”

“Keep Looking. If they’re alive, we want to see them. If they’re dead, we want to see their bodies. ” Qin Feng’s eyes were a little red. At this moment, he already had the worst-case scenario in mind. However, he still held onto a glimmer of hope. He hoped that Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua were still alive and were still waiting for them to rescue them.

“Yes! ”

Thus, the brothers continued their search. As the area expanded, they found a few terrorist corpses. However, they still didn’t find Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua, and there were no clues at all.

“What should we do? ” The brothers stopped and looked at Qin Feng. They had already searched a radius of 15 miles, but they still could not find them.

At this moment, their mood was getting heavier and heavier. If they could not find them, it meant that they were probably buried deep under the yellow sand, which meant that they had been killed.

“Let’s wait a little longer, someone will come in a while. They brought tools, maybe they can find something. ”

“someone else is coming, who? Is it someone sent by the higher-ups? ”

“No, it’s the third uncle of the boss. ”


“That’s right. ”

Knowing that Si Mufeng was coming, everyone stopped talking. Instead, they found a place to rest and waited for their arrival.

The waiting time was a little long. The brothers waited from day to night. Because they did not wear many clothes, they all felt a little cold.

“vice-captain, this is not the way to go on. The night will get colder and colder. If they are not here yet, we might as well go back first. ”

“No need, they’ve already arrived. ” Qin Feng said as he looked up towards the sky. The brothers followed his gaze and looked over. Sure enough, there was a bright spot in the sky that was approaching them.

Seeing the bright light, Qin Feng immediately found the signal and told Si Mufeng their location.

Seeing the signal sent by Qin Feng, the plane slowly landed and stopped in the desert.

The cabin door opened and Si Mufeng and Jun nianchen walked in first. Qin Feng looked at them and went forward to welcome them.

“Chief of Staff Si, Mr. Jun. ”

“Qin Feng, did you find anything? ”

“No! ”

Hearing this, Si Mufeng’s heart sank slightly. Then he looked at him and said, “tell us about the situation at that time. ”

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