Trump Card Warm Marriage - Chapter 1619

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Chapter 1619: Chapter 1618-life and death together


“Yes! ” Qin Feng replied and told Si Mufeng what happened. They only knew what happened when they separated, and the sandstorm had not arrived yet.

As for what happened between Si Zhanbei and the terrorists, no one knew.

Although Qin Feng said a lot, there were not many useful things. Because, after they left, a lot of things could happen to Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua.

For example, did they die in the hands of terrorists?

Even if they didn’t, how could they have survived when the sandstorm hit Now, they had searched for such a long time and couldn’t find anyone alive or dead. The two of them were definitely doomed.

Although everyone had this thought in their hearts, no one said it out loud. They still held a glimmer of hope that the two of them might still be alive or buried under the sand pile, waiting for them to save them.

“Qin Feng, draw a rough area and we’ll search again. ” Si Mufeng thought for a moment and said.

He hoped that this time, Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua would be as lucky as Sheng Fenghua last time and could hold out until they found them.

“Okay! ” Qin Feng took out a map of the desert without saying a word and circled an area. He said to Si Mufeng, “chief of Staff Si, according to my understanding of Zhan Bei, they should be moving in the direction of green city. ”

“Therefore, we searched the area within a radius of 15 miles. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything. However, we did find a few dead bodies of terrorists. ”

“where were the dead bodies of the terrorists found? ” Si Mufeng asked.

“In these places. ” Qin Feng pointed at the map. The places that the terrorists found were scattered, one in the east and one in the West. However, the distance was not too far, not more than one kilometer.

“How about this, we expand the area and use this point as the center to search the area within a radius of 20 kilometers. ”

“Alright, let’s split up. ”

Hence, Qin Feng brought a group of people while Si Mufeng brought a group of people to search the area. However, Jun Nianchen did not speak and did not follow Si Mufeng.

“Young Master Jun, aren’t you leaving? ” Si Mufeng saw that Jun Nianchen did not follow and could not help but stop in his tracks.

“I won’t go with you guys. I want to go to Mo Luo’s side to take a look. ”

“Go to Mo Luo? ” Si Mufeng was stunned and looked at Jun Nianchen. Although most of the terrorists on Mo Luo’s side had already been eliminated. But there might still be some who slipped through the net. What if something happened to Jun Nianchen?

“Yes, I want to go over and take a look, ” Jun Nianchen said seriously. Qin Feng and the others had said before that they didn’t find anything within a 15-mile radius. At that time, Jun Nianchen was wondering if they were looking in the wrong direction. Maybe the two of them were outside their designated area.

And outside of that, the most likely place was not far from Mo Luo.

So, he wanted to go and take a look.

“It’s very dangerous over there. Are you sure you want to go? ”

“It’s okay. I brought bodyguards. They will protect me, ” Jun Nianchen said indifferently. He was a businessman. Bodyguards followed him at all times.

Even if mo Luo was in danger, if he went there as a businessman, the other party should not do anything to him. Moreover, he was not a person who was completely unprepared.

“Alright, you be careful. ” Si Mufeng did not say anything else. After giving a few instructions, he left.

After Si Mufeng and the rest left, Jun Nianchen led his men towards Mo Luo’s direction. He searched along the way, hoping to find something.

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